A trillion words

Windows 95 at first run.pngIn 1995 my world seem to open with the acquisition of a Windows 1995 desktop computer. In-logging for the internet was an expensive and slow system by phoning in. For filling in forms and evaluations of the students for the schools and governement the governement arranged, a few years later, a cheaper system “full adsl” also providing a system that every so many hours changed the ip-address (for safety – against hackers).
Big problem arose soon, different schools also using different systems for their forms or papers (some using older systems of Office Word than I had, and later not having Microsoft “Works” which I had on a newer computer and which was much better than Microsoft “Word”, others also using an other computer language than MS-DOS with i-Mac Apple computer systems) At one moment I had to work in 3 Microsoft Office systems and was fed up by having to buy a new one after one school having a more recent Office program. (Luckily Microsoft arranged a good solution for me.)

Becoming acquainted with internet I found my way to the MSN Groups where very interesting discussions could unfold, but where at the same time lots of rubbish could find its way into the ether. After some years I noticed that even when certain websites or very good articles where marked as favourite, they verily could disappear like they had come. It soon proved that internet could be a very fleeting something.

Screenshot of the online home page of Microsoft Corporation.

Accounts and systems soon became changing and new accounts by new systems had to be made, having lots of old interesting groups and sites disappearing. Though I noticed certain very personal sites with very personal messages managed to survive transitions whilst more interesting thoughts and writings could not be found any more.

The new worldwide communication system showed its danger of growing more in a system where lots of personal sites would create fog in the search material. Certain texts became really hidden advertisements or were clearly set up to influence people one or the other way.

Working 56 hours a week I had not much time to loose on the internet. I love reading but also for that was not much time any more, the governement asking more and more administrative work from us, next to our teaching job. Sometimes it looked like they were more interested in figures and statistics instead of leaving us at our creative, educating and instructing tasks. I do agree the computer was a very handy tool to create all the necessary diagrams.

Noticing the great forest, where it could be possible not to see the trees any more I wanted to give interesting words an other opportunity to be read by interested people. For that reason I wanted to start a sort of readers digest on the internet, presenting people of interest their sites.

I created “From Guestwriters” and on the 26th of March 2014 I presented it to the public with “Guestwriters for you” giving everybody who has something serious to share, the opportunity to share it on that site. My sincere hope is that From Guestwriters could grow out to a lifestyle magazine where people could be able to find several writings by different authors who at their turn would not be afraid to show to the readers other related articles.  This way people should be able to link to other sites finding more information of what they are looking for.

I was also a little-bit disillusioned to see all the things we manifested for in 1968 seemed to become disguised by the multi-speech on the internet. For that reason From Guestwriters wants to shed a light on thoughts of ancient thinkers or philosophers, but also on new thinkers and opinionmakers, and show the importance of how we should take care of our surroundings, taking care of nature, education and formation.

It is my sincere hope more writers would like to step in to help spread the spirit of peace and of respect for our world. For that reason I call those who can write about nature, necessity of preservation, our way of living, historical facts and how we should take care we are letting the world evolve, etc. to help spread the word to become conscious about our task of making the world a better place to live.

By having a globalisation people should come to understand other cultures more so that they can see how there should be nothing against it them living in peace together, with respect for each other entity, with respect for each other’s individuality and diversity.

In all those trillion words which we can find on the internet we should be able to see the red thread which unites us human beings and which colour by our diversity, giving us more opportunities to grow and to find a more pleasant world to live in, instead of creating a world full of fear.


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Readiness to believe anything – ignorance and conviction

It is not perhaps without good reason
that we attribute to simple-mindedness a readiness to believe anything
and to ignorance the readiness to be convinced,
for I think I was once taught that a belief is like an impression stamped on our soul.

Michel de Montaigne
Portrait of Michel de Montaigne, circa unknown.jpg

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Looking at Lord of Montaigne – ancient and present words

When looking at words from the past, we often forget that they still can matter in the present day or in the future.

First edition copy of Michel de Montaigne's Essais (1580; Essays).Michel Eyquem de Montaigne or Lord of Montaigne may have been looked at as a self-indulgent person. One can wonder what would be wrong to appease oneself or to look for satiation by the things one can have around oneself. We should have more an appetite in those things we can reach and understand and should not always be frustrated by what we can not get.

Too often man forget to look at himself and to take himself like he is and how he has to belong to himself before he can find a good relationship with others.

De Montaigne did perhaps not care what others felt or did or how they related to him but cared more about what he was to himself. But he probably would agree we can best try to find as much possibilities and time to enjoy ourselves, because

“The pleasantest things in the world are pleasant thoughts, and the greatest art of life is to have as many of them as possible.” {Michel de Montaigne}

Not forgetting

“I conceive that pleasures are to be avoided if greater pains be the consequence, and pains to be coveted that will terminate in greater pleasures.”{Michel de Montaigne}

In the light of the cruelty that took place by the Calvinistic Reformation and by the Wars of Religion (1562–98) Montaigne chose to write about himself but at the same time gave words for us today to think about our own “Self

— “I am myself the matter of my book,”

he wrote  in his opening address to the reader. Today we can find thousands of writers who also are the matter of their blog or website. Curious to what others might think and how they may live, their writings can find lots of eyes.

We can only hope that from all those websites, blogs, private and social pages, there may be enough interesting words to feed us spiritually and to make us think as well like previous philosophers can still have our mind “boggling”.

It is not bad to take a look at those words from past times, like the ideas and sayings of

 one of the most significant philosophers of the French Renaissance, known for popularizing the essay as a literary genre.

We can only hope the millions of words from present bloggers may become filtered and that those who manage to come at certain possible truths concerning man and the human condition, may also survive the times.




Readiness to believe anything – ignorance and conviction


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From the old box ‘Drafts’ or forgotten articles: August 31, 2012

From the old box: “Forgotten articles”: August 31, 2012

“It is more of a job to interpret the interpretations than to interpret things,
and there are more books about books than about any other subject:
We do nothing but write glosses on each other.
The world is swarming with commentaries;  of authors there is a great scarcity.

It is not the chief and most reputed learning of our times
to learn to understand the learned?
Is this not the common and ultimate end of all studies?”

“It is an absolute perfection and virtually divine to know how to enjoy our being rightfully.
We seek other conditions because we do not understand the use of our own,
and go outside of ourselves because we do not know what it is like inside.
Yet there is no use our mounting on stilts,
for on stilts we must still walk on our legs.
And on the loftiest throne in the world we are still sitting only on our rump.”

Michel de Montaigne, “Of Experience”

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Vergeten artikels

Het is mij gekend dat ik al jaren een verstrooide professor ben. Daarom zei ik wel eens aan mijn leerlingen dat ik een

velkoolde plofessol


Voor ik op pensioen ging heb ik mijn dansarchief over gemaakt aan het Vlaams Theater Instituut. Dat maakt dat ik eigenlijk niets meer heb om opzoekingswerk over dans te maken. Toch merk ik dat ik op  een artikel heb willen schrijven over Mascha Peereboom Ter Weeme. Ik herinner mij niet meer wat de reden voor het artikel was. Het is één van de 26 artikelen die om de één of andere reden in de vergeethoek zijn geraakt en niet gepubliceerd zijn geworden.

In die artikelen is er wel tijd gegaan om ze te schrijven. Alsook raken zij toch nog punten aan welke ook vandaag nog een rol spelen. Daarom heb ik besloten deze “klad artikelen” toch nog te gaan publiceren en te zogen dat zij niet in een vergeetboek geraken. Het kan wie weet toch nog voor iemand interessant genoeg zijn om te lezen (hoop ik).

Dus vanaf nu zal u ook enkele artikelen kunnen vinden met als aanduiding “Uit de oude doos” of “Van de Vergeten te publiceren artikelen” of “From the draft box” of “From the Forgotten to publicise articles”.

Hopelijk mogen deze vergeten artikelen toch nog wat aandacht krijgen en iets bijdragen voor hen die het aanbelangt. Mits het verleden altijd een drager is voor de toekomst geloof ik dat het nog nuttig kan zijn om even dat verleden ook nog verder te laten zien. Men zou kunnen denken dat mensen leren van het verleden en het verleden vergeten om zo de dingen voortaan anders te doen, maar wat wij zien is juist doordat zij het verleden vergeten dat dit dan ook kan herhalen. Om juist vooruit te gaan mag men het verleden niet vergeten maar moet men het in ogenschouw nemen.

Het kan gerust zijn dat de liggende artikelen vervallen zijn of voor velen geen waarde hebben. Hoe men het draait of keert, met het vele geschrijf op de vele blogs of websites op het internet, de wereld draait toch steeds maar door en door. Of all die miljoenen woorden er iets kunnen aan toe voegen of iets veranderen, is een andere zaak.

Hopelijk kunnen de achtergebleven woorden toch nog enkele mensen aan het denken en handelen zetten. Men neme die vergeten of achtergebleven artikelen maar voor wat ze waard zijn. Voor hen die ze nog willen lezen, dank en veel leesplezier. Voor hen die er nog willen op reageren, doe gerust en laat er maar nieuwe ideeën of reacties uit voortvloeien. zo moeten woorden een aanzet zijn tot ons denken en handelen, elke dag van ons leven, eergisteren, gisteren, vandaag maar ook morgen en overmorgen, steeds een plank bij leggend voor een brug te  maken naar de toekomst.


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A view in the past via the Col de la Bonette giving time for reflection

Looking at what got me more quiet or not going deeper in American and other politics the last few months, I got distracted by a snuff in power and got to spend more words at him than originally planned.

In the Spring I got an inflamed small brain resulting not enough oxygen going to my brains. I now take some blood thinners though I still have the impression I have more difficulty to remember things than before. Last year was also a busy time in hospital for several inspections, though clearing me from cancer, letting me know that all those old anti-immune illnesses I have, did not want to abandon me by becoming older. No matter, I just have to live with them …. (increasing some medicine) ….

Forgetting things is not new. So I had noticed several articles I had forgotten to publish. I think, because I have spend time on it, it would not be bad to publish them after all those months, giving an insight of what happened then, and to take some moment to reflect now, after all those months.

Probably not much changed. – Yet –


Cime de la Bonette, viewed from the northern ascent from Jausiers. The Col de la Bonette is visible in the centre of the picture, before the road takes a loop up and around the Cime de la Bonette, before re-passing the col behind the ridge.

This year I had not prepared articles for the time I went abroad on holiday. For the first time we paid extra to have some basic internet, to have a connection with the outside world and to publish some articles at some religious sites. For the rest, I must admit, I took no notice of the political and economic world.

The road from Jausiers passes next to the Casernes de Restefond, an old military building.

At the places we visited it also gave the impression that if there would be war, nobody there would notice it, or would feel it, or would suffer from it. Except when we were on the Hautes Alpes, the department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in Southeastern France, (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur: departments of Alpes-Maritimes, Var, Vaucluse, Drôme + Hautes-Alpes) where on the top of the mountains we had magnificent views, but also saw lots of left overs of World War II. Just in time we did the trip from sea-level going up to the clouds along one of the highest roads in Europe: the main road D64 with numerous hairpins and tricky road surface reaching an altitude of 2802 m near the Col de la Bonette (2715 m) connecting the region of Barcelonnette to the Tinée and Vésubie valleys.

At 2700m altitude, around freezing temperature it seems that we have totally forgotten to take pictures where the position of the sun would have allowed it.
In any case we had wonderful views. For those who want hiking, provide enough warm clothing and provide your places to sleep well in advance. We had booked a nice place on the Pelgrim’s Road Via Alta Vista to Santiago de Compostela (or Camino de Santiago, Pilgrimage road to Compostela), a guest house situated in an old stable restored according to ecological specifications. For a one-night stand it was a little bit far away from the main road and our direction, but it is an ideal place to stay for a few days. We can recommend it to all those who want to escape the noise and business of this world.

At night when I went walking with the dog ice was forming on the road at 1075 m. The next morning we could see the snow at the places we had visited the day before. In winter it must be a lovely place to stay with such friendly host and hostess with interest in the quality of life and connection with nature.

Our 2018-trip went for a second time via Dijon to Lyon, this time giving time to the newer part of that nice city. Via Bourg-lès-Valence to Gréoux-les-Bains as base town to visit a.o the Gorges and Lac de Sainte-Croix (Lake of Sainte-Croix) this year going around the lake from the other site than last year.

Lac d’ Esperrons from Saint Croix

After our stay in Gréoux-les-Bains we went further to the south, to stay in Saint-Laurent-du-Var visiting the region around there, and once more enjoying the beauty of Nice.

Back up – homewards via the above mentioned Route des Hautes Alpes via Venterol to the picturesque city Strasbourg (Strassburg), capital of Bas-Rhin département, Grand Est région, eastern France, located close to the border with Germany in the historic region of Alsace.

Having taken time to see many places and to enjoy nature, now back in Leefdaal, looking at the new academic year 2018-2019 I find it time to bring all those drafts which are still waiting to have something done with it, to a place for reading, in the hope they are of some interest for some people.

All the interesting photo’s of previous voyages, which also could be of interest for others I also hope to give a place at my Instagram account. (There I got stuck in 1992, so I am a few more years behind than here on WordPress.)  I notice I should find a way for Grambler working again to post my photo’s.

My promise for this year is than to come more up to date with my postings. I really hope to catch up on the time.



A view in the past and a blusterer making me afraid to spend words on him


On the way to Moustiers Ste Marie

On the way to Moustiers Ste Marie – In the heart of Provence

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A view in the past and a blusterer making me afraid to spend words on him

In the academic year 2017-2018 I noticed in the past I had forgotten to publish several articles. The last few months I have been very busy with spiritual and religious work and did not use much time to do concentrate and react to the worldly matters. Certainly because in the United States of America such an incredible figure had come into power that he managed already to receive so much commentary, newspapers and blogs were filled with articles around that person, giving him more attention than he deserved.

For me it was already incredible that he could become a candidate for presidency, let alone him really getting the position of president of such a huge state. He even managing to stay on top after so many scandals and so many “idiocies” were revealed. Bill Clinton was set aside for lesser matters and I think the complex web of political scandals between 1972 and 1974 are peanuts opposite the Trump-affairs. Though strangely enough this “clown” is able to stay on for such a long time.

A typical attitude we got accustomed to see when Donald Trump had to reply to certain questions

The one who recovered from political defeat to be chosen again as the Republican Party’s candidate at the 1968 election, Richard Milhous Nixon, could win a landslide re-election and become the 37th President of the United States of America on January 20, 1969. But for him the existence of the secret White House tape recordings, sparking a major political and legal battle between the Congress and the President brought impeachment proceedings against Nixon. The work of this Committee was again the spotlight a quarter of a century later when Bill Clinton was impeached.

In the federal government of the United States, the House of Representatives which institutes the impeachment proceedings, they do not seem to be interested to look at the present “big actor in charge” and the Senate is also not interested (at the moment) to act as judge like it should do. Trump is so capable of turning everyone around his finger that few dare to take it against him, who calls himself “a smart person” and the “best president in years”.

Lots of people came to excuse the president or wanted to assure the press had again twisted words of the president.

When we learn that Trump has had a lifetime — 72 years — and access to America’s finest educational institutions (him being a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School us) we would think he would know about some basic elements and having the most basic information that a high school student should possess. We also would think he had enough people around him to provide him with enough background information and who would help him for the preparation of his texts.

Douglass, Frederick

Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey = Frederick Douglass c.a. 1850

How can it be that he as president of the United States even does not know the basics of his country’s history, him telling for example that Frederick Douglass, (eluding slave hunters by changing his original surname Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey to Douglass), the African American who was one of the most eminent human rights leaders of the 19th century was

“an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more.”

Throughout Reconstruction (1865–77), Douglas fought for full civil rights for freedmen and vigorously supported the women’s rights movement, all things Trump does not seem to believe in or willing to promote, and forgetting this abolition movement advocate died already in 1895.

He also claimed that Andrew Jackson, who died 16 years before the Civil War,

“was really angry that he saw what was happening in regard to the Civil War.”

Perhaps it is understandable when a person does not want to read books or long articles, like Trump let the media know that he doesn’t read books or even long articles.

“I never have,”

he proudly told a reporter in 2016.

“I’m always busy doing a lot.” As president, Trump’s intelligence briefings have been dumbed down, denuded of nuance, and larded with maps and pictures because he can’t be bothered to read a lot of words. He’d rather play golf.

The classified guidance, which was reviewed by Mother Jones, suggests that President Donald Trump’s daily national security briefing contains far less information than the daily reports presented by the intelligence community to past presidents — and about a quarter of the information President Barack Obama received. Trump is even convinced he does not need to receive the presidential intelligence briefing every day, suggesting that such briefings are repetitive and he is happy to rely on those around him on matters of intelligence and national security. {Exclusive: Classified Memo Tells Intelligence Analysts to Keep Trump’s Daily Brief Short + Trump: I don’t need daily briefings}

The memo sent to certain analysts within the intelligence community notes that the commander in chief’s daily briefing book typically contains reports on only three topics, typically no more than one page each. According to the guidance, Trump’s PDB also includes space for a short update, presumably on matters brought up in previous briefs. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees the process of producing the PDB, declined to comment on the memo. {Exclusive: Classified Memo Tells Intelligence Analysts to Keep Trump’s Daily Brief Short}

Several times he first praised people for their magnificent work, calling them”very good people” to call them later “fools” or “idiots” who “do not know what they are talking about” or “bad people” or “vicious people”.

President Donald Trump speaking at a campaign rally in Duluth, Minnesota, 2018 June 20

Trump’s campaign raised huge sums of money from his supporters via an email list built up during the 2016 campaign and to me it is incomprehensible still so many Americans are in favour of this man and are still willing to provide this braggart with money though he is rich enough to spend his own money for his own cause. On October the 6th, 2018 Trump could find already more than $100 million in fundraising for his 2020 re-election bid — an enormous haul for a president barely two years into his first term, according to new figures reported by his 2020 campaign. I wonder how this gasconade shall be able to shoot his arrows, not enough people recognising he is not at all honest but more a fibster. I am afraid I have to use such words to express what I only can see in him. Matter is how long are the American citizens willing to face this pseud and having other countries looking at this dangerous person for all nations.

Before the presidential election I did not want to spend too many words at the trump figure, thinking also he would never reach this high position. Often I also thought to face propaganda or to see not correct viewings or fake news. Now he is much longer in function than a reasonable person could hope for, I could not leave him unnoticed in my diary (or this blog) certainly when some incredible things did not seem to be fake news at all.



Having been too busy with writing for others, leaving my own place quiet for some time


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26 September a day for those who cannot hear

Not all people can speak, or hear others speaking.  For those who cannot hear sign languages might be a very interesting solution to communicate with each other. Better still would be when hearing people also would learn some basic sings.

Sign languages and their users

Policy-makers consider sign languages in the context of the rights of people with disabilities, or as a linguistic minority right. The United Nations has launched International Day of Sign Languages, to be celebrated for the first time on 23 September 2018.

So, perhaps late in the day I come to mention this. But it is something so important we may not miss out.

Sign languages (SL) are not modelled on spoken languages, yet are languages in their own right, with equally complex rules, grammatical structures and vocabulary that evolve and vary by region, social and age groups; convey meanings and emotions; create social and family bonds; and meet artistic and identity needs. It is a pity there is so much variation in it, instead of one particular sign for the many words in the different languages which mean the same.

A shame there is no universal Sign La,guage, and the EU has a large variety of SLs, including a French SL in France, (a different) French and Flemish SLs in Belgium, as well as, for example, Catalan and Galician ones besides the Spanish SL in Spain. The United Kingdom, the United States and Ireland do not use the same SL; Ireland uses its indigenous SL, while the US SL, having been introduced by the French, has a lot in common with the French SL.

Nevertheless, there is an international system called the International Sign, a sort of lingua franca used at international conferences and meetings where participants do not share a common SL. It does not have a fixed grammar or vocabulary and relies heavily on gestures and context.

The users

One in a thousand persons in the EU (approximately half a million deaf or hard-of-hearing persons) communicates in one of 31 national or regional sign language as their first language. SLs have many more users, since people without hearing problems use them to communicate with deaf family members or friends.

In September 2018, in a recital to an own initiative resolution, the EP recognised that sign languages, being an element of Europe’s linguistic diversity, need to be supported by language technology. ICT solutions could be helpful in providing sign language interpretation. ICT is also seen as a factor for accessibility to audiovisual media services, in a recital of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive due to be adopted in plenary in October.

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Facebook updates

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Have corrupt kleptocrats and international criminals to make America great

In the last two postings we looked at the dangerous situation of one man wanting to control everything in the United States of America whilst he wants to do his own thing in the way he loves to do things and does not mind when foul play is at risk as long as he may be the one to be corrupt.

Whitehouse, SheldonIn Europe sometimes we wonder if the American citizens are aware what goes on under the skin of their president. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) on July 27, 2017, near the end of one of the most compelling hearings yet on the Trump-Russia affair, offered an extraordinary insight. According to the American journalist and cultural critic Virginia Heffernan it shot through the proceedings like a comet.

“Corrupt kleptocrats and international criminals make themselves rich in criminality and corruption,”

he said.

“Then at some point they need the legitimate world in order to protect and account for their stolen proceeds.”

We might not be blind for the new bipolar world order Whitehouse sketched, in which the so-called legitimate world, which includes the United States, is not at war with, but rather deeply enmeshed in, the corrupt one, where governments are built on bribery, kleptocracy, electoral fraud, slush funds, legal plunder and nepotism.

All people living in their so called democratic state, should ask themselves in how far they are living in a real democratic state and how much the freedom of all is secured.

The last two decades we could see how the corrupt were allowed to steal the money from the ordinary working man and how many people with name and highly respected, could do whatever they wanted even when they went to commit their crimes and made that other people could be killed.

William F. Browder, the hedge funder turned global finance reformer, who was giving testimony on foreign-agent registry violations agreed

“The legitimate world, and America in particular, are failing in an absolute way,”

and looks at those who come to America or

“come here in the legitimate world with the rule of law, with the property rights, and with all the protections and keep their money.”

When even some one about is known he committed so many crimes, harassed and humiliated so many women,can become president and when he has told many more lies than Bill Clinton and people at the time of the Watergate matter, still can stay on as president, than it says a lot about the system and how it could come corrupted.

I am curious what shall bring down the Trump syndicate when all those cover-ups and calling names by Trump do not seem to do much to wake up enough Americans to protest to the present situation were the president even went against his own security and intelligence forces, telling the world that those were or are wrong and his Russian friend is right and should be followed and co-operated with.


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The so-called first daughter proves that “laundering” applies to more than money. She washes and gilds just about everything she touches. Consider her warehouses upon warehouses of petroleum-based separates, many of them sewn for poverty pay in sweatshops. When you call this schmatte smorgasboard the Ivanka Trump Collection it does brisk business — if not on Rodeo Drive, then in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.


When an organization exists not to build buildings but to brand them, its business is optics. And Ivanka has long window-dressed the Trump Organization’s deals. She was born to make the shoddy look cute, to legitimize corruption.

And if it’s the coverup and not the crime that will ultimately bring down the Trump syndicate, Ivanka may turn out to be the point person for its demise.

Ivanka Trump: Born to legitimize corruption and make the shoddy look cute




Does he really not know #1 Lies and money laundering

Does he really not know #2 Casinos and inner circles

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