Preparing the road trip avoiding congestion

Traffic congestion is an issue that virtually every driver has to contend with at some point in their life.” says Harold Goddijn CEO of TomTom.

Harold Goddijn TomTom banner

Since 2008, TomTom has been offering portable navigation devices (PND) with an in-built
cellular modem and SIM that use the cellular network to connect to TomTom’s internet service that provides up-to-date traffic congestion information. TomTom’s connected PNDs are marketed as ‘Live’ devices and the traffic information service is marketed under the brand ‘HD Traffic’.
The ‘HD’ in HD Traffic stands for high definition, meaning that the traffic information is more accurate in space and time than traditional services – HD Traffic covers highways, major roads and local roads and the congestion status is updated more frequently.

Everybody knows about the congestions and is often trapped in immobility, while the car should have given him mobility. Not only grey, but also green hair people do get by biting on their fingers, sticking out fingers, calling dirty words, etc.

Public transport seems then also not a solution. In Belgium that is already worthless. When people do want to get from one point to an other, not enough connections with buses, trams and trains are provided. Trains have the advantaged, with trams, that they drive in their own bedding, so they smoothly can continue theri way without obstacles. But they do not seem to be able to be on time. Keeping to the timetables is a problem for all public transport, mostly because not enough conditions are taken into account when making up the timetable.

Traffic congestion has become a problem in lots of countries and could already have a minor solution if people would think more about the environment and others. the selfishness, blocking crossings, not willing to show courtesy, are adding that every one thinks is master of the road.

Traffic jams are costing the community a lot. Next to the factors of production the producers have to face extra costs for transport at an unfixed rate, because time varies a lot and the price of petrol is also very changeable. The pile ups affects millions of people all over the world and have serious effects on drivers at personal, business and societal levels.
In the world of business, traffic congestion is responsible for the loss of billions in productivity. Its impact on the environment, in terms of additional CO2 emissions and increased fuel consumption, is huge.

Traffic research still cannot fully predict under which conditions a “traffic jam” (as opposed to heavy, but smoothly flowing traffic) may suddenly occur. It has been found that individual incidents (such as accidents or even a single car braking heavily in a previously smooth flow) and the bad Belgian weather conditions may cause ripple effects (a cascading failure) which then spread out and create a sustained traffic jam when, otherwise, normal flow might have continued for some time longer.

Traffic congestion, Brasília D.F. (Plano Pilot...

Traffic congestion Brasília D.F. (Plano Piloto), Brazil - Image via Wikipedia

Those congestions ad to the danger of motor vehicle collisions which lead to death and disability as well as financial costs to both society and the individuals involved. Driver behavior, visual and auditory acuity, decision-making ability, and reaction speed make up for the possibility to bring other people and themselves in danger. Though most crashes seem to be related to involve speed too fast for the conditions. And the severity of a crash depends on the vehicle speed change at impact.

People should become much more aware of the conditions and should take those into account.

TomTom wants to help to bring a first awareness.

The people who have already a GPS using HD Traffic™ enabled devices had already the advantaged to react to sudden traffic situations. They received a signal on their GPS and could make a detour around traffic congestion which could typically reduce their average journey times by up to 15%.

TomTom is already working with governments, institutions, businesses and individuals on a number of initiatives all over the world. These include innovative traffic trials and pilots to test new approaches and ideas. They also want to create a public web space where people can contribute comments and ideas for tackling congestion. This public forum will become a place for constructive discussion and debate.

Today they are willing to offer a first solution for everybody who would not mind preparing his road trip.

“TomTom is but one organisation in a large ecosystem of governments, institutions, businesses and individuals. Only together can we find the answer to managing traffic in the future. TomTom aims to bring together the key players looking at the impact of traffic congestion on our world, so that we can work together to find solutions to manage it. ” they say.

The good thing is that TomTom is not so selfish as many people are. They want to make their technology available on leading mobile platforms and aim to have millions of people using TomTom’s HD Traffic navigation system via smartphones and at home on their computer.

“TomTom’s HD Traffic navigation system must be made available to as many people as possible around the world. It must be available on multiple platforms. Our aim is to break down all barriers, to allow people everywhere to drive using TomTom’s HD Traffic navigation system, however they choose to do it.” TomTom says in its Manifesto.

TomTom has proven with her GPSsystems already to reduce the journey times for individual TomTom drivers by up to 15%. “In the future, when 10% of drivers use TomTom’s HD Traffic™ navigation system there will be a ‘collective effect,’ and we aim to reduce journey times for everyone by up to 5% where there is traffic.” says Harold Goddijn.

So now every one can go onto the internet and plan his or her route in advance. By taking onto account the traffic and looking for alternative routes every driver can contribute to traffic reduction to some extent by using the TomTom HD Traffic information to plan their journey around a time when their route is least congested.

Informed users are not contributing to the congestion, because they take a detour which shortens the delay suffered by uninformed drivers who still travel on the congested roads.

TomTom wants to follow the advice Anne Frank wrote in her diary that ‘nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world’

Working together, we all could try to get lesser vehicles on one part of the road and safe on exhausts and annoyance.

Why HD Traffic?

  • Highest jam accuracy
  • Highest refreshment frequency
  • Highest km coverage
Find the Planner of your route: HD Traffic® now available for everyone via TomTom Routeplanner

Informed users are not contributing to the congestion, because they take a detour which shortens the delay suffered by uninformed drivers who still travel on the congested roads.

  • Navigating Australian Traffic Congestion Just Got Easier (
    “Until recently car navigation systems were a closed environment, containing all the road and Points of Interest (POI) information on their local drives,” says GeoSmartGeneral Manager, Phil Allen. “Today the new trend is connected devices which can support GeoSmart’s live traffic feed. GeoSmart’s data is also designed to support Smartphone apps and other web applications.”Having built their first solutions in New Zealand, GeoSmart developed systems to allow it to receive quality journalistic information from a variety of official sources, validate and interpret it, confirm the locations and then be able to transmit the data to a range of car navigation brands and devices.
  • TomTom offers navigation app for the iPad (
    At the Holiday Spectacular event this week in New York City, the Consumer Reports’ GPS team was struck by an Apple iPad showcasing TomTom’s navigation app. The large display was crisp, controls easy to use, and the unusual scale was striking. But do we really need a tablet-sized portable navigator?
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    … the phenomenon of induced demand – or the “if you build it, they will come” effect. In short, fancy new roads encourage people to drive more miles, as well as seeding new sprawl-style development that shifts new users onto them.
    If a major road is making a city a less livable and vital place that it would otherwise be, in many cases everyone benefits when politicians have the vision and guts to tear it down.
  • What does Traffic Congestion Cost us? (
    Todd Litman’s analysis of congestion costs and how this analysis can be used to select the most effective way of reducing congestion.
  • State Study Shows Congestion Pricing Works (
    we can simultaneous reduce wasted time for drivers and riders and raise much needed revenue for transportation projects. Win-win, really.
  • Beijing Plans Congestion Fees to Ease Traffic ( Plans Congestion Fees to Ease Traffic
    China overtook the Unites States in 2009 as the world’s largest auto market. The rapid growth of car ownership has caused traffic nightmares in major Chinese cities, with Beijing expected to have 7 million vehicles on the road by 2012.Beijing plans to impose congestion fees on autos using certain roads and to encourage residents to buy alternative-energy cars in a drive to ease chronic traffic jams and cut pollution.
  • Traffic jams and road rage could be eased by tougher driving tests, MPs claim( driving tests tougher could help ease traffic jams clogging up roads across Britain, MPs claim.
    Members of the Commons Transport Committee say warning road users about impending congestion through real-time information systems could also be a cost-effective way to cut congestion.
  • Midtown In Motion Could Eliminate NYC Traffic Jams (
    Midtown in Motion, a $1.6 million real-time traffic management system from NYC’s Department of Transportation, prevents gridlock with a network of sensors and cameras that allows operators to adjust traffic signal patterns on the fly.
  • Postcode Anywhere Uses UK TomToms to Launch Superior Route Optimisation Service (
    “The Speed Profiles data is collected by millions of TomTom customers across the world. More than two trillion community-contributed, anonymous GPS measurements have been taken to create and match roads against speed profiles. Using this data, waypoints can be re-ordered to give a ‘best-fit’ between road distance and achievable speed.
  • Door collectief rijden anderen helpen
    By collective driving helping others.

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