Justififiable anger or just anarchism

Violence or an other way to win #2 Contradictors

In Violence or an other way to win I showed one side of the coin. But to my regret also I had already to show the thin battered bulged side of the coin with pictures of what happened in the University buildings in Brussels which were given as accommodation, for free. (Verontwaardigd over Indignados)

What is your opinion of the economical and political chaos?

We can look at the situation and either keep quiet or be one of those who whould like to react. And we should react. We cannot let it happen and act dumb. Those who shut their eyes to the current situation forget that they perhaps are not in such a bad position but that there are many fragile people in need of some support and that we are confronted with a situation which demands a drastic change.

A lot of people do not have a lot to do with each other, they do not care. But it is one of the problems of today that to many people did not care about the others and ethics.  In a few days time you shall be able to find my article Ability for a community to come back from a crisis in which I talk about the cause of this crises and the possible ways out. As I said in Kwetsbare mens in Europa van morgen #2 Te veel mensen gaan kapot aan deze samenleving we are living in a society at full speed of which we lost control.

The human values have been slid aside and must yield everything for the mandatory and necessary job.  There the performances are pondered and weighed up to an economic scale model.  To obtain a place in the system people do not have to sell themselves only once but must do this on a continued bases.  After proven themselves at school, once more they have to prove themselves on the job daily.

But in our contemporary society it seems many do not take it so serious about human values and ethics. Not many embrace honesty and honor as a principle. They do not feel strong about ethics and moral values.

But the strange thin is that we thought to have found people who wanted to fight under the standard colours of dignity. But when we see what those los Indignados did in certain places we do have to question some of their actions and some of those  people in that group of protesters against the abominable situation today.

Pile: The rubbish has been building up in Zuccotti Park for days now

Pile: The rubbish has been building up in Zuccotti Park for days - Photo Stefan Jeremiah

Occupy Wall Street protesters said that packs of brazen crooks within their ranks have been robbing their fellow demonstrators blind, making off with pricey cameras, phones and laptops — and even a hefty bundle of donated cash and food.

I thought to have found like-minded people who think we do need to have a healthy solid educational system and social health and welfare system, trying to be fair for everybody with full respect for their ideas and race. People who were willing to cross the borders of myopics. People not lacking foresight who are willing to go for others and not only think of their own.  Prepared to build up friendships and trying to help each other to get through this life.

Oh what was I wrong!

As in 1968 we could find people who did use this situation for their own fun. They wanted to be spoken of. For them the mean reason to come on the streets was and is not the good cause but it seem it is to kick up a row. For them the fuss is not the inequality between people, but their frustration for what they can not get. They are fed by jealousy and not by compassion and sympathy with the poor.
They are so pleased with themselves that they can use the fellow citizen to show their frustration for their wants. they become accessories to violence not for the good cause but for destroying the system and damaging the society more.

Occupy Wall Street is been used for the hype of it, to give honour to themselves when they talk with friends; wanting to show that they do belong to this world and to today. They do not want to be an outcast, and felt that if they would not join the movement others would perhaps think that they are not ‘cool’. Those palefaces their reasons are wrong. The motives underlying their behaviour gives that they also are going to do things which are not in accordance of the grounds of the really motivated aware people who want to come up for the fragile.

The main problem of the Occupy Wall Street Movement is the leaderless, formless movement. In the different countries people copycat the Occupy Movement but find themselves also confronted by the leaderless by nature is hard to control or predict actions and reactions. they often find themselves on a boat without captain were so many different people would love to be the man in charge. This purposely shapeless design has made it resistant to controls or responsibility, aspects that make it vulnerable to thugs who delighted in pushing the so-called general strike into violence. Such a rudderless boat brings the people adrift and attires a lot of hunting grounds. Grousers and cancerous characters are in line for their lucky strike of some gratuitous fun. So in many places we could find crazies coming in charge during final hours of the strikes.

The cutthroat competition at work which does not show any mercy has got people using this movement to let no one stand in their way. Their selfsatisfaction has to be breath. Now they get an opportunity to spit their venom. They vent their gall on everything what bothers them in a way that does not matter them. For them education, gender, identity, intercultural dialogue, media, security, and social innovation (to name but a few) can be stolen. It is just an opportunity now to make good fun and enjoy some hilarious situations.

It is not because we do face a corrupt system that we ourselves may justify a corrupt reaction. It is not because some people have no desire to negotiate that you can psuh it through their throat. It is not because the problem at the moment is that the EU seems, for many, to be based on fiction that we should act as in a computer-game and loose all political reality.

Also about the organisers I have questions. I did write several letters demanding explanation of certain actions and calamities, but I did not get One answer. This does me wonder if it are not a bunch of boys more interested in making a mess.  Some organisation who try to get as much people as possible kicking up. To make racket seems for some the first priority. And when you see some pictures you can see how some enjoy the rumpus.

A young guy who managed to buy out his old partners with money from the Bush Tax cuts and is lucky to keep my home after what Obama has done to the economy, collected a far from comprehensive but still shows over 75 incidents of sexual assault,  violence, vandalism,  anti-Semitism, extortion, perversion,  and lawlessness.

We cannot ignore that public relations damage is done to the Occupiers, by actions on both sides of the front, protesters and law endorsement forces. We should get the full picture  and get an honest look at this growing menace.

Blind Freddy can see: that European society is complex and diverse, and it is more appropriate to talk about ‘societies’ and ‘cultures’ in the plural, rather than the singular. All the people living in that mix-max should be aware that they are just a small ping-pong ball in the global game. Playing the infiltrator in one or the other party could bring not only damage to the infiltrated but also to the infiltrator. Bringing immodestly damage to the Movement with a good and right cause, shall undermine the whole system even further. It shall not be as moles who have undermined the lawn but more as the muskrat enjoyed playing in the embankments. And some of us still remember the disasrtious consequences of that, with the floods of the Low countries in 1953.

So those guys are playing with fire and forget what could happen to them as well when they dice with death.

There is no ‘One size fits all’ strategic plan, economic model or financial solution that can possibly be the most appropriate for all the countries in Europe, particularly those who are already members of the European Union.  The ongoing financial crisis in Greece (which is largely about banks not losing money, rather than austerity or poverty experienced by the people of Greece) has provided a very clear example of this. But also for the United States solutions are not that easy and people can find many members in their family or circle of friends pushed in an unbearable position.

A certain solidarity is really be necessary, and those who see the Occupy Movement as a chance to bring ‘amok’ forget that they could really go berserk by putting more drops of arsenic in their own food.

Whenever possible, the Blogger YourDaddy’s Politics traced the incidents back to the original news source, while he was as careful as possible, he says, when it came to duplicate postings, though he would guess there are a few in his list. There are also less than five examples that don’t involve what he would qualify as outright lawlessness but do help to expose the Occupiers for who and what they really are.

Finally, and this is the most important way in which the list is imperfect,  he most certainly wasn’t able to document everything. A perfect list would be much more alarming than the one he slapped together in just a few hours.

So please do have a look at this piece of ‘looking from above’:

Do find >  OccupyWallStreet: The Rap Sheet, So Far vs. #TeaParty = 0





  • Benjamin R. Barber: Occupy Wall Street – “We Are What Democracy Looks Like!” (huffingtonpost.com)
    Given how extraordinarily successful it has been both in its own terms and in its capacity to grab the attention of the media, Occupy Wall Street has been conveniently misunderstood by its supporters and detractors alike.
    The encampments around the country (and the world) embrace a panoply of causes, and contain tensions and fissure the protesters themselves acknowledge and even welcome. OWS has become a vessel into which people pour their own fears and aspirations, but that is a strength, not a weakness. You can’t build a movement on a single narrow demand, however compelling it may be. Which may be why the movement has been slow to produce a definitive document.
  • Quote of the Day: Is This the Era of Leaderlessness? (themoderatevoice.com)
    The tea party and the “Occupy Wall Street” movements evolved on different planets, even if members of both groups sport red-white-and-blue face paint, funny hats, and placards proclaiming their anger. Tea partyers tend to be older, antitax, and more Midwestern or Southern in origin. Occupiers are younger, in favor of higher taxes on the wealthy, and more urban and coastal.
  • Infographic: Who Is Occupy Wall Street? (fastcompany.com)
    occupywallst.org, created by founding volunteer Justine O’Tonnaigh, is the closest thing to an official website. Between September 18 and October 28, the site received 4.7 million unique visitors. Business intelligence analyst Harrison Schultz, who helped develop occupywallst.org, and Professor Hector R. Cordero-Guzman from the School of Public Affairs at Baruch College, have been surveying visitors to get a sense of who supports the movement.Their initial poll of 1,619 people on October 5 (first reported by Fast Company) challenged the stereotypes of supporters as mostly students, the unemployed, and Democrats. But it confirmed that the vast majority are white.
    with far more participants on the Internetthan in the parks, perhaps the Occupy Wall Street social movement is best measured by its virtual ranks. And while other sites, such as occupytogether.org, are growing, occupywallst.org is still the best known.Read more coverage of Occupy Wall Street
  • Is this the era of leaderlessness? (csmonitor.com)
    the tea party and OWS are in the same place in at least one important sense. Both have lost faith in established institutions. TPs are more down on Washington, D.C., than Wall Street. OWSers are more irked at big money than big government. But both are deeply skeptical of the stentorian voice that says “trust us, we know best.”
  • Occupy Wall Street — “We Are What Democracy Looks Like!(Huff Post)To understand what’s going on, look at what OWS is, not what it does. Start by taking seriously the ubiquitous signs asking “What does democracy look like?” and answering “WE are what democracy looks like!” Look at the process, which is a bold attempt to embody a “horizontal” paradigm of participatory engagement as an alternative to “vertical” big league moneyball democracy.
    The protesters assail not only Wall Street and capitalism, but also the hypocritical cynicism of politics as usual.
  • Violence is not a solution (adhithyablogs.wordpress.com)
    The 99% movement is growing at a very faster rate. But a few things might undermine the importance of this movement. The main thing is violence. Violence portrays the movements as anarchism. So never involve in violence. Non violence is the only way to get great victories. So continue fighting non violently and also know the fact that violence is illegal. Follow the law to avoid negative criticism.
  • Anti-Crisis anger calling out (marcusampe.wordpress.com)
    That homelessness can happen for more reasons than mental illness and that it can happen quickly have many persons got to know for them selves in the last few months or the last two years.  The bank-crisis brought many families on to the street. In the United States people lost their bank account.
    We not only have to face the consequences of severe climate change which are unavoidable. We also have to face the price of the penalty for 9/11 and the war against terror, plus for the result of us wanting to live above our means.
  • Sense or nonsense of “Human Fragility” (marcusampe.wordpress.com)
    It is not surprising that, when we see the economic and demographic evolution, we can here from all corners, bring with urgency the burdens of the fragility to cut for who pays. We have urgently to map out the possibilities and the solutions, as well on economic, political and legal territory.
  • “People all over the world, we are saying ‘Enough is enough’.” (voceroboliviano.wordpress.com)
  • Oakland, Occupy movement need to work together (sfgate.com)
    Occupy Oakland began the day with rallies that drew thousands, closed downtown streets and shut down one of the nation’s busiest ports temporarily. But the lasting image will be black-masked vandals setting fires, tossing rocks and smashing windows. Protest gave way to chaos.
  • Decolonize Wall Street Our Photo of the Week (indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com)
    Shortly after, the reader commented on an agitator, not a part of the protest, who began screaming at the protestors, eventually going after one and dashing into the park.  He was removed by the police.  The protestors resisted his efforts at starting a physical altercation, waving goodbye while he was escorted out of the park.
  • José Fernando López: Income Distribution and the Occupy Wall Street Movement (huffingtonpost.com)
    “The inequality, that is the central issue, even from the efficiency point of view”. It’s the terrible distribution of income that gives sense to the use of the 99% slogan, every day more widely adopted by the thousands of people that have decided to support the movement, and this is what gives it a universal character. This is where — unbeknownst and unintentionally — the report from the Congressional Budget Office has done nothing but provide new munitions to the Occupy Wall Street movement.
  • “9/11 truthers” are trying to co-opt the Occupy movement (americablog.com)
    The last thing the legitimate Occupy movement needs is to be connected to a bunch of wing-nuts. I suspect they already know that, and will act accordingly.
  • Enacting the impossible (room4truth.com)
    we are the world we live in and the principles of freedom and democracy are as realistic as much as we believe in it and simply start living it.
  • Republicans should not ignore Occupy Wall Street (tech.mit.edu)
    The Occupy Wall Street movement has been lambasted by Republicans nearly since its inception. This is not entirely unreasonable — interviews with some of the protesters have demonstrated an extensive lack of knowledge regarding what they’re protesting and why they’re protesting it.
    Occupy Wall Street is like most other protest movements that have gained sway on a national scale. They have a subset of individuals who are more than a little crazy, and they do not always have a coherent and unified set of demands, but they should never be ignored. Closing your eyes will not make the worsening economic injustices disappear, and as long as these conditions continue to deteriorate, there will be protesters.
  • Here Are Some Thoughts I Had For America! This Week In Pundit Pontifications (huffingtonpost.com)
    Occupy Wall Streeters continue to Occupy far too many of my thoughts, contributing nothing but sputter and clutter. Unlike the noble Somalian paupers, these wretches don’t seem to care about making anybody feel good about themselves. The people who do the work on Wall Street? Well, I know them. I work alongside them. We come together to provide many fabulous educational opportunities at America’s best for-profit colleges. These occupiers don’t seem to appreciate any of that!
  • Bloomberg Takes Careful Tack With Occupy Wall Street (huffingtonpost.com)
    “Increasingly you’re seeing that communities, businesses and residents in Lower Manhattan feel that they are the ones that are being occupied … and it’s really hurting small businesses and families,”
  • Occupy Wall Street – “We Are What Democracy Looks Like!” (alwaysquestionauthority.wordpress.com)
    The money that (with the complicity of the Supreme Court) has replaced votes (one for each of us) with dollars (one for the 99 and 99 for the one!) turning democracy into plutocracy.
  • Tot de 99% of de 53% behorende (marcusampe.wordpress.com)

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