Apartheid or Apartness #6 Anno 2012

Previously we mentioned, in Apartheid or Apartness #5 Spiral of violence and destruction or of reconciliation and peace, that South-Africa had to choose a spiral and  WCC programmes tried with initiatives as The Decade to Overcome Violence (DOV) to strengthen existing efforts and networks for overcoming violence, as well as inspire the creation of new ones.

11. Anno 2012

File:Architects of apartheid.jpg

The original architects of the segretion system or 'argitekte van Apartheid'

Today we are still not yet at the end of Apartheid though on paper the legal system of racism has come to an end in 1994 but did not end unofficial forms of this social malaise. White South Africans were afraid blacks would be bent on revenge in the event that the country became a democracy, but it took not such terms. Though we have to be careful that slowly it is not going to turn around, having black people taking racist actions against whites. Also we still hear Nazi voices and Weerstander sayings which frighten democratic minds. Also it is their resistance against the evolution of a multiracial state that is sustaining racism in South Africa.


Eugene de Kock is a former colonel of the South African Police force during Apartheid in South Africa. Dubbed "Prime Evil" by the media, he was the commander of C1 unit (Vlakplaas) of the South African Police counter insurgency group, well known for killing dozens of anti-apartheid activists.

Some people still do have it very difficult with certain figures of the Apartheid regime and say like an angry woman outside the courthouse after Eugene De Kock was sentenced: “De Kock should have died while he was in his mother’s stomach. This man is cruel.” But today we can see blacks also doing such criminal acts without any remorse. We can ask the question if we also not see a rotten system that prevailed that allowed several blacks in charge to conduct their activities. That ‘renewed’ system enables them now to hide their crimes.

Many blacks are very disappointed today with their ‘brothers’ which they voted to power. Betrayal is a word we can hear a great deal the last days.

Much of it is to do with the expectations – perhaps unrealistic – the people at the bottom had of democracy. They believed it would deliver them from a fearful existence in squalid conditions – from living in metal shacks surrounded by appalling levels of crime and insecurity.

Apartheid: the Tyranny of Racism Made Law

Apartheid: the Tyranny of Racism Made Law - Image by United Nations Photo via Flickr

And while hundreds of thousands, millions according to the government, of families have been rehoused millions more have not. Many of those who have been given a roof over their heads are still living in appalling circumstances of overcrowding, zero or intermittent electricity and poor sanitation. The rest are victims of shocking unemployment rates – between 40 and 70 percent for men in some areas.

Their politicians, they believe, have failed them. There is a bling culture in South Africa of consumer goods, flashy cars, expensive houses that has infected much of the political class.

Obi Akwani, MGV Editor, says: “In the post-apartheid era, too many blacks in that country remain unemployed or under-employed; the racial perking order remains as it has always been with Blacks at the bottom obeying an unspoken requirement to defer to Whites on top.” He can see like the rest of the world that racism is still a present reality in South Africa.

According to him no one knows how it can be readily dealt with without causing the nation greater difficulties. “The government had thought that Black Empowerment — affirmative action programs that ensure a share of business and employment opportunities for traditionally disadvantaged blacks — would ultimately bring equity and a measure of equality to the country.” he says.

The South Africans should see that it is impossible to change everything from one day onto the other. Both parties should not only be patient, but they should try to put the hands together.

Negotiations to End Apartheid in South Africa

The way to win > End of Apartheid - Image via Wikipedia

Obi Akwani recognizes that Black Empowerment is not going to immediately redress culturally inured racist habits and practices that form the bedrock of enduring racism and Black disadvantages in that country. “Other brave measures are needed in place at the same time in order to chip away at the bedrock of racism in South Africa.” He warns both communities: black and whites.

African-American business people, academics and tourists have flooded South Africa since blacks “took over the country”. But a leading South African activist said that conditions for most of the South African population are worse today than under apartheid.

Thabo Mbeki speaks to the media at the Guest Ho...

Thabo Mbeki speaking to the media

According William Reed “Post-apartheid South Africa is an illustration that political and economic processes run on different tracks. There’s been political and cultural progress in South Africa since the end of apartheid, but half the population still lives below the poverty level and wealth remains divided along colour lines. Recent years have brought vast improvements in housing, water and electricity, as well as political stability and international support, but even President Thabo Mbeki admits that South Africa is “two nations” — one mostly white and well off, and one mostly black and poor.”

Today we can see how the black Africans do treason to their own ‘brothers’ ans teal from them. Those who came onto the top in the new power system misuse it to enrich themselves.

Omstreden Julius Malema

Julius Malema, the ex-President of the ANC Youth League, can be found building a more than a 1,5 million house.(?!?)*  This swaggering young politician is dogged by allegations about how he funds his lifestyle and how he can afford to build such a lavish new house on a private estate on an ANC salary. When cameramen approach the builders they are threatened, because it is not wanted the world sees that big new place, while other black Africans are living in those terrible townships. (Channel 4 doc. seen on VRT 2 Canvas Vranckx 21/1: Smeergeld in de sloppenwijk)

Official documents show most of the lucrative contracts since the 2010/ 2011 financial year had been awarded irregularly, fraudulently, without being advertised and through nepotism.

The beneficiaries were mostly associates and relatives of Premier Cassel Mathale and his ally, suspended ANC Youth League president Julius Malema.

The clique of business people had interests across all sectors of the economy – from health and education to construction, mining and consultancy – and were business partners.

Krishnan Guru Murthy being filmed by Director Alex Nott in Kliptown

Channel 4 & New Unreported World Krishnan Guru Murthy being filmed by Director Alex Nott in Kliptown

Diepsloot Township, Diepsloot, Gauteng Province

An informal township in Diepsloot, Gauteng Province, South Africa

When New Unreported World reporter Krishnan Guru-Murthy visits South Africa seventeen years after it was freed from apartheid, he finds a country in which violent protests against corruption and the lack of basic services mean its ambition to lead the continent as a prosperous democracy hangs in the balance. Guru-Murthy and producer Alex Nott visit one of the biggest and most dangerous of the 182 squatter camps in Johannesburg. What we can see in his documentary is not worthy such a modern town. We can also see Philippine who was at first happy she could leave the misery of Diepsloot behind her when she received the keys of a new house. But to her surprise it was taken in by an other couple. She suspects that a local official has corruptly sold the home that had already been assigned to her, but she has got nowhere with the authorities since then.

The documentary team hears about one local official helping people jump the housing queue for bribes. Posing as a desperate father looking for help getting his family out of a squatter camp, Golden rings Albert Setwyewye, a former ANC councillor now working for local government. He is told to meet Albert at a nearby shopping mall, and bring some money.

Unreported World sends an undercover reporter to meet Albert Setwyewye, who tells him that for 5,000 rand he can get him a state-subsidised house in a development called Cosmo City even though he doesn’t qualify for it and the waiting list closed in 2004.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy with journalist Golden did confront Albert about what he had offered our undercover reporter on camera in exchange for cash it was clear he was no Mr Big, but he did not change his face when he, after lying, he could not hide any more that he had bribed.

Trevor Manuel, the senior government minister in charge of the national planning commission, tells Guru-Murthy that there is too much corruption, investigations are poor and conviction rates are too low.

While he says that every instance of corruption is one too many, it’s clear to the team that a lack of concerted action is affecting national security. Since January last year there have been over 130 violent protests and the people’s patience is running out.


12. Post-scriptum

In the documentary “Mugabe and the White African” Mr. Freeth asks why being a white African should be any different than being a white American or a white Australian. Mike Hale in his film review points out that it is a good sound bite, but a moment’s reflection tells you that the comparison doesn’t hold water: the courses of colonialism and racial strife were radically different in America and Australia than they were in Africa. > Discrimination in Black Country

A rural area in Ciskei, one of the apartheid e...

Image via Wikipedia

The new South Africa needs to reprieve itself from the racist past and do so quickly. It is high time to strip itself of the racist past. The people have to open themselves rapidly and put themselves entirely to build a healthy economic welfare state with the different entities in equitable union.


Note: Obi O. Akwani is the editor of IMDiversity’s Minorities’ Global Village and the author of Winning over Racism and the novel, March of Ages. He is a Nigerian Canadian. He lives in Cornwall, Ontario Canada. Find his opinion in: Racism Alive and Well in South Africa


Preceding article: Apartheid or Apartness #5 Spiral of violence and destruction or of reconciliation and peace

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  12. *Malema on Twitter about the question: Why won’t you just move on already? It’s been almost 18 years since the death of apartheid and it’s a-holes/d/c/{insert all forms of demeaning terms you can think of} like you that set us back and won’t let us unite.
    Fellow white people, don’t confuse forgiveness with forgetfulness. There is still a lot of imbalances, inequalities and deep wounds that were caused by 100’s of years that won’t heal in a mere 2 decades. Blacks resent you. Why? For if their parents had had same opportunities as you then we’d be on equal playing fields. You had a 100 year head start in everything and expect us to just accept that this “race” this is fair when you are still ahead of us by 100’s of years?We forgave you but we have not forgotten or healed yet. Accept it. Work with us. Yeah, we’ll still try to guilt you into doing things but that’s the price you pay. Issue closed!
    Any word on your farming venture or R16m house?
    I take it you saw the quantity surveyor’s documents. Ha? You have proof of the figure ne? Like thumb sucking statistics and numbers and get all excited over them? You must just chill. Jy moet bopha!As for the farming… no comment!
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  • The writer of ANC Celebrates 100 Years…And The Tyranny Of ‘Acknowledgement Politics’ In South Africa (A Nation Still Uncomfortable In Its African Skin) (nakedchiefs.com) sees  a frightening side to South Africa. His second reason about conflicts about its Africanness is according to me more the first one, namely an apartheid trauma which they use as an excuse and means to throw rotten potatoes to each other. Lots of black people do forget that there were also whites who supported the liberation of Apartheid. Though the blacks have a bizarre and complex need for international acceptance, especially from the west, born out of the peculiarities of apartheid oppression, and the global stardom that was conferred upon Mandela by the world, they do not seem to understand they have all the power in themselves to make of one of the most rich countries of the world, also the best one to live in. But as long as the black people are going to stay dishonest and misuse even their black brothers, South Africa is a long way of peace. Today it looks more that it is dangerously growing to a Wild West Country under an Authoritarian State which if it is not careful is going to become a Banana Republic like so many other African countries.
  • To 100 years of the ANC, Africa’s oldest liberation movement (leftfootforward.org) I would say: Though the ANC indubitably provided the organisation, mobilisation and leadership in the Apartheids struggle it seem to have lost hold off the members in its association, which happened also already in earlier times. But now it seems they have allowed more thieves in it ranks to misuse their own black African brothers.
    some black Africans do not want to see that their region could be a healthy peaceful space were many different people could live in.
    The biggest test for ANC and leaders of the renewed Nation of South-Africa shall be to get rid of the corruption which is now more destructing and ruining the country instead of building it up.
  • South Africa’s ANC party celebrates 100 years (thegrio.com)
    The ANC’s reputation is being tarnished by a never-ending deluge of corruption scandals, some involving politicians who sacrificed during the fight against apartheid and now feel entitled to luxury cars and financial payback.It’s created disillusionment, especially for those who volunteered to serve as freedom fighters at a time when many of the ANC’s leaders were imprisoned for their activism.

    Cachalia, who has been a friend of Mandela for 60 years, says she wonders what he would make of the ANC’s evolution.

    “I sometimes feel very disillusioned these days, but I suppose we live in hope,” she says.

  • P.G.Ravikumar wrote in a comment in The Hindu: ANC movement deserved more accolades and recognition than Gandhi’s movement on two counts. In India, people were not oppressed and shunned by the British. Gandhi and his team could look at the British in their eyes and make a statement of their own. The people were not separated from the based on their colour and totally deprived of basic needs and wants.The photographs published in the Hindu, of schoolchildren,getting shot at, by the brutal police, way back in the early seventies stands vivid in our memory. We were only reminded of the term Cattle class, for those oppressed blacks who were forced to live in small tents outside the city limits. Bafana Bafana is not merely a name for the south African football team, but a standing testimony to the brutality of the regime and the struggle of one man against the mighty.Only suburbs of Johannesburg will answer whether apartheid is fully gone now in S.Africa.
  • In South Africa DASO Controversial Nude Interracial Ad Campaign | The Gay Version (oblogdeeoblogda.wordpress.com) we can clearly see that South Africa has still to go a long way in accepting differences in people. That a black woman embraced by a white man can call up such a controversy means a lot about how there is still segregation.
    The campaign by the Democratic Alliance Student Organisation (DASO) featuring a topless white man and black woman embracing can bring the topic a huge step further confronting the conservative Calvinist minds.
    Do not understand me wrong, I do not want a future of all gay men and women embracing each other. But fundamentalists and too conservative ideas are not healthy for a community. The only thing is ‘how far can we go?’, ‘ how much can be tolerated?’ and ‘how much do we want that we become conditioned’?
    With increasing dissatisfaction toward the party of Madibe, President Nelson Mandela, the ANC’s current failed leadership in the form of Jacob Zuma, which has been disastrous on almost every level – in the delivery of basic services to all South Africans (water, electricity, housing, food), the fight against rampant crime, and in the need to protect LGBTI people against hateful sexuality violence, This DASO campaign might be just what the doctor ordered or it could send the opposition party running for cover!
  • African National CongressAfrican National Congress celebrates its 100th year anniversary (noeltshiani.wordpress.com)
    It is, thus, essential for all nations across Africa to aspire toward the development of democratic, effective, and 21st Century political institutions that can partner with the private sector stakeholders in order to build sustainable, growing economies throughout the African Hemisphere (not only now, but also in the many months and years to come).
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  • Some may think religion is the cause of all problems. But on the question  Does Religion promote Racism? (knowthestraightpath.wordpress.com) we can only say that it are mostly some conservatives or fundamentalists which promote a human thinking which has not much to do with the idea which is realy promoted in the scriptures they say they use. In the Holy Scriptures (Torah, Bible, Quran) no where is hatred to the creations of the only One God promoted. The creator, a God of Law and Order, is a God of Love, who does not like that there is any harm done to any of His created beings (plant, animal or human). Racism is opposite to what God wants from His beings. The Reformed, Calvinist and Adventist Churches who promote racism have fallen for a false doctrine. Every good believer in the Only One God should put heterodoxy at the side. It is an error to believe we can use slaves as they were used from the 16th century onwards and even today in our modern world.
  • Remembering The Dream…Part II: The Breaking of Apartheid (nicoleswinson.wordpress.com)Remembering The Dream…Part III: “White Only”…One of the most profound personifications of “THE DREAM” was the breaking of the stronghold of hate and injustice that gripped South Africa. Have you Heard From Johannesburg, is an outstanding documentary that seeks to give a VOICE to the many that fought for the BREAKING OF APARTHEID…“Have You Heard From Johannesburg is seven documentary stories, produced and directed by Connie Field, chronicling the history of the global anti-apartheid movement that took on South Africa’s entrenched apartheid regime and its international supporters who considered South Africa an ally in the Cold War.”
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    India, Saudi Arabia and China are the first purchasers of land in Africa.
    capitalism again show its savagery, violence, recklessness, inhumanity, … Their representatives, leaders, entrepreneurs to cry out for peace, while performing these policies of appropriation of foreign bread-only show that this system leads to the annihilation of mankind. In times of crisis like the present, sustain the rate of profit is not repaired at no cost.
  • ANC at 100: Thousands attend celebration rally (espressostalinist.wordpress.com)
    While the ANC is hailed as Africa’s oldest and most famous liberation movement, its reputation is being tarnished by corruption scandals, political infighting and reports of officials leading flashy lifestyles – and many South Africans believe the party has not done enough to improve the lives of the poor.
  • MLK Day: the Lessons of Pacifism & the Civil Rights Movement (theredphoenixapl.org)
    While it is ostensibly celebrated to promote the Civil Rights Movement, one wonders why MLK, among all other more active and progressive civil rights leaders, was chosen to receive a federal holiday. The answer lies in history: Martin Luther King Jr. would not have been successful in his bid for civil rights for black people if groups like the Black Panthers and individuals such as Malcolm X did not remind America of the alternative of pacifism.
    Poverty among African-Americans was widespread and education was hard to come by.
    Federal enforcement such as the FBI was called upon to enforce the anti-segregation laws, but it was extremely rare that they actually did their jobs. The film Mississippi Burning for example, while giving an appropriate portrayal of such racist murder, also gives an optimistic picture of the willingness of the state to enforce its own supposed laws.
    In order to bring about true revolutionary change, we cannot rely on those in power, that is, those who create the conditions of bigotry, violence, racism and colonialism to overnight change their minds and either side with us, or give up their power. That does not happen, never has and never will. American slavery didn’t end through peaceful protest—it took a Civil War. Foreign occupation never ends peacefully, either in Africa, Palestine, Vietnam, Korea or Iraq. Fascism did not end through peaceful protest either. The desires of oppressed people to fight back must be supported, and more than that, encouraged.
  • Long walk since freedom (longwalksincefreedom.blogspot.com)
    stabbed, strangled, murders and attacks


    That’s what a white c**nt looks like after we f**ked him up

  • Moord met de Bijbel in de hand anno 1621 en anno 2011 tegelijkertijd je zakken vullen met “maatschappelijke ondernemen in de welzijnssector/ggz instellingen en opvang dak en thuislozen dankzij Rijksoverheid en hun wanbeleid (anaconda15.wordpress.com)
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  • Boer Genocide Photo’s by Kalahari Annie (Adriana Stuijt) + Adriana Stuijt’s photos

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