Shopping at Pixmania

People with not much money are eager to look for places where they can find the goods cheaper than somewhere else.

Knowing that customers look for the cheapest merchandise, some firms make handy use to lure the bargain prize lookers into their basket.

Pixmania og brugeranmeldelser

Pixmania og brugeranmeldelser (Photo credit: andjohan)

Pixmania is such a pirate on the market, who promises a lot but do not come up to expectation. they also are not honest about their so called bargain offers when you would buy a packetdeal. They advertise percentages, but when you would count all the products separate or put them in your basket as separate buys, you would only get a small difference (in our case just one Euro instead of the promised 13%) The prices of their pro site are eventually more expensive than the prices they offer on their regular site.

Primer pedido a Pixmania!

Primer pedido a Pixmania! (Photo credit: Asier Martinez)

At some places you can find Pixmania is a European company selling European goods, but looking at the quality we have more the impression it are cheap Chinese lesser quality products and fakes.

More than once we have tried this company, but had also more than once problems with the goods.

It is only when people encounter problems they are going to look how they can solve the problems and what happened to others with the same problem. By Pixmania you shall be able to notice that a huge amount of people got problems with this ‘French’ company.

First there is the promise to deliver the products in 2 or three days, you better make of it 2, 3 or more weeks.

Even a 24 hour delivery, for which you have to pay more takes more than one week to deliver.

You can find for example a blogger who ordered on the 5th October 2005 and paid for a 24 hour delivery but not yet received anything on the 18th October. A Jim will Fix it had promised to arrange it but oe week later, on the 25th October, the customer had still not received an update from Pixmania. On the 8th November, 34 days after the customer placed his order with Pixmania, his product still was not been shipped! According to their website the product that he purchased was currently in stock.

Customers are Ignoring You

Customers are Ignoring You (Photo credit: ronploof)

Several customers who had complaints tried to phone, and where held on the line for 20 to 60 minutes, while filling the pocket of Pixmania, with extra phone money. (35 p/minute or 0,45€ /min) When you phone them up and press the button to indicate that you’ve already purchased you are sent on a merry-go-round automated system where it’s impossible to get speaking to a real person. I must confess that after 45 minutes I got fed up with it and put down the phone, not having been able to speak a real life person.

Those who got somebody at the phone had the same impression as me and say e.g.: “The guy at the end of the phone was unbelievably curt and obnoxious from the moment he answered the phone.”

They also recommend to use the from on the internet.
When you contact Pixmania via their website contact form often people do not get a reply. But when they asked for their refund and they replied from a ‘noreply’ email address saying ‘check with my credit card company!!’. Now customers cannot send the same contact form again – their website says they’ve already used that contact form!! The internet reveals this is a common reply and tactic by them.

People who try to buy something are not encountered with this connection problem, because if you press 1 for “sales” you are immediately connected to a sales person. But as you know the sales person can’t help you and starts to connect you again with the merry go round.

We noticed also that many got the excuse that their packet got lost or that DPD delivery service returned it to Paris. one of our packets was also first returned to Pixmania because of incomplete data.

One of their stupid regulations for being able to send the packet back is that you should control it for damage when it is delivered. So you should open it in presence of the postman and check every product in the pack if it is not damaged or working properly. can you imagine if every deliverer should have to wait by every customer until he or she has checked the whole packet?

After all those year, and after they promised me by a previous problem, that they will send the papers and instructions for return in the packet, still no return papers are available in the post-packet. No instructions for the customer how to return the products when he is dissatisfied with them. In case you have a printer you can download them from the website, if you were able to find the appropriate, difficult to find, document. (In the mean time the clock is running and you are loosing lots of time to be in time to return the goods.)

It has to be returned in the same, undamaged packet, but how can it be undamaged when it was damaged or when to be able to open it you had to tear it at certain places?

When it is only one or two items from a package-deal, it has to be send back in a huge box, costing return postage, which you as customer strangely enough have to pay for yourself once more. (For me, the closest post-office is 5.6 km from my home. The delivering company is about 19 km from my living quarters) In case you do not send it registered, you have the chance that Pixmania says you never returned it to them. So to make sure they can not deny you sending it back it will cost you again some bit.

For those who send the pack back to Pixmania this does not give a guarantee they will recognise that it got back to them. Because some complaints show that when people asked their credit card company to get their money back the Credit Card company let them know they can not reimburse the money because Pixmania told them they did not receive the goods back.

Shopping on the web is with Pixmania asking for nothing but problems. Their customer service, if it exists at all, is terrible (not existing) and can as such being considered the worst customer service.

Once they have you, there is no chance of any decency or support. Many customers have given up on them. I also have tried to communicate in good understanding and with respect, but I do not get respect back. Like many other dissatisfied customers I am not calling,faxing them or returning the product again as I refuse to spend a single penny more on this co. I will put this one down to experience and consider it due warning to never buy from them again. Please others, learn from my expense rather than your own not to buy anything from Pixmania !!

This company is just not honest and should be taken off the market.

PIXMANIA HQ in Paris including phone number.

Siège Social Fotovista Pixmania 43/47 avenue de la Grande Armée 75016 Paris France Tel: 0145013535 Fax: 01 56 61 45 54


1. French and Belgian readers be careful with Carrefour as well:

For those living in the Benelux and Frnace I would like to warn them also to be very carefull in case they want to buy something by Carrefour on the internet.

Dixons Retail plc, one of Europe’s largest specialist electrical retailing and services companies, announced namely on 2011, June the 30 th, that Pixmania has signed an agreement with Carrefour to develop its non-food internet offer.

Steve Rosenblum, President of PIXmania commented:
“We are delighted to sign this agreement with Carrefour that recognises the strength of Pixmania’s e-merchant operating platform. We are proud to partner with Carrefour by participating in the implementation of one of the most advanced multi-channel strategies in Europe. E-merchant is a strong, customer-focused platform, and ideal to support Carrefour’s non-food multichannel strategy.”

Lars Olofsson, Carrefour’s CEO, stated: “This new partnership marks a major step in the development of Carrefour’s multi-channel strategy. Our alliance with Pixmania, one of the leaders in e-commerce with operations in 26 countries and covering over 20 product universes, will enable us to offer our customers enriched non-food product lines, primarily in electronic appliances, photo, video and sound, as well as a flexible multi-channel shopping experience between our stores and the internet at the European level.”

Under this agreement, Pixmania, one of Europe’s leading pure play multi-specialist etailers, will deliver a multichannel website in a number of European countries for Carrefour’s non-food offer, utlilising its market-leading ‘E-merchant’ platform.

In case Carrefour counts on the services of Pixmania for theri customers, Carrefour customers should be warned as well for the miserable services of Pixmania.

2. English readers be careful:

Dixons bought Pixmania and “That will throw the cat among the Warehouse Express & Jessop’s pigeons!” > “It’ll probably mean that Pixmania’s level of customer care and service will end up like all the rest of the Dixons group………a depressing thought for a Wednesday afternoon” + “In my experience Pixmania’s service levels are already like Dixons. I wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole, unlike Warehouse Express who I’ve found to be very good.” + “I thought Pixmania were the french company that ripped a load of people off by way of warranty? ” >> See: Dixons buy Pixmania

Pixmania connection with Dixons and Curry.

Pixmania is a pan-European e-commerce retailer. It is present in 26 countries and boasts 7 million clients in Europe. Besides the possibility to shop online the clients can shop and pick up their products directly from Pixmania showrooms (Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Toulouse, Rennes, Brussels, Milan, Torino, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and Porto).

pixmania blu ray player €1.05

pixmania blu ray player €1.05 (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Pixmania says to offer services, which it does not, at Dixons and Currys.
e-merchant is the e-commerce platform and services offer of the Pixmania Group (part of Dixons Retail).
Since 2000, Pixmania Group has been building a technical infrastructure and gathering a pool of e-commerce knowledge which makes it a leading expert in multi-channel retail in 26 countries. But they managed to do this by their dishonest practices.

Currys is the UK’s largest electrical retailer. Currys Digital is the rebranded name for Dixons retail outlets in the UK (excluding Ireland and the Dixons Travel stores operating in UK airports). Currys Digital is branded as a specialist division of Currys aimed at technology-focused consumers with a product range including cameras, personal computers, audio and video equipment.

Dixons Retail on the 23rd of June 2011 reported whopping losses of £224m for fiscal 2011, after absorbing one-off charges for shutting up shop in Spain and goodwill write-downs of its Greek and online operations. If they are not careful they shall have to face even bigger losses when the public at last will come so fed up with the Pixmania practices that they shall bring this company before court. Those who bought shares of Dixons, be alert and please do take notice of what the company is doing with its customers. (Please, in case you sell your shares do invest them in other consumer goods,because I must confess these shops are included in my Consumer Funds as well, and we better keep the prize of those funds high. The Stock-market has gone down enough already.)

Dixons may have wishful thinking and hopes of outperforming their markets and gaining share, but taking in Pixmania could turn against them.

3. Readers from Belgium and other countries than France:

As we ourselves also experienced, certain products bought by Pixmania can not be registered in the country where the customer is living, because the goods come from an other country. So because of that you also can not get any service for the bought product in your country, by the manufacturer of the goods (in case it is really manufactured by that company it says on the packet!).


My previous writings about Pixmania, after some previous bad experiences:

Pixmania onwaardig webverkoper

Er zijn er die Liever lastige klanten hebben dan gelukkige


Please do read just a fraction of reactions by dissatisfied buyers:

My Pixmania Experience

Pixmania sucks, lies and doesn´t give your money back

Pixmania Refund Problems

Rant time!

The Worlds Biggest Dropshipping

Warning: Pixmania sucks

Dixons – Currys – Pixmania … they are one



In Dutch:

K’heb zo wat mijn twijfels over de service en de beloftes bij pixmania.

Enkele reactie sprokkels:
als ge er niet zelf achterzit kunt ge fluiten naar uw geld. ge moet echt dreigen met advocaat / politie.
niet-tevrede-geld-terug of rembours zijn gewoon niet van toepassing
Bestel nog maar is omdat het goedkoper is, 2de keer denk je toch dat je het juist regelen.
Kiala heeft niet doorgekregen van gegevens voor het pakket. Dus waarschijnlijk zijn ze mijn 2de pakket ook maar is kwijt.
Tip: betaal 100 euro meer voor goede service dan dage bij zo’n slecht bedrijf besteld. Dat mag wel is falliet gaan.
Bij zo grote bedrijven is de regel meestal “als ge gelukt hebt zijn ge er goedkoop vanaf, als ge pech hebt zult ge het u eeuwig betreuren”.
ze hebben geen enkele moeite gedaan om mij verder te helpen.


  • ‘ payment order detail’ themed emails serving SpyEye crimeware (
    Security researchers from “Stop Malvertising Spam & Scams“, have intercepted a currently circulating malicious email campaign, that’s impersonating GestPay, and is spreading using ‘ payment order detail‘ subjects.
  • I Went Shopping At Best Buy (
    It’s not often that I want to share a shopping experience. Usually most of my day to day shopping experiences are, well…pretty run of the mill. People are there, doing their job, getting me what I need, but not looking to ensure that myself, or anyone else is wow’d by their day at the store.
  • Questions Of Cash: We can’t survive on our pension thanks to QE and a change in the law (
    Q. I bought a Panasonic HDC-SD90 high-definition camcorder from on 26 November. The website showed that from 1 October 2011 to 14 January 2012 this model was eligible for £50 cashback from Panasonic. I submitted my claim to Panasonic on 2 December. On 24 December, Panasonic replied that because the model I purchased was not from UK stock, the cashback offer was not available to me. Panasonic said to pursue the matter with Pixmania. But when I contacted Pixmania, I was told to contact Panasonic. I wrote again to Pixmania explaining that Panasonic had rejected my claim. Pixmania said it would contact Panasonic, but I have not heard anything more. NF, Ipswich.A. Pixmania operates its website from France, but is now part of the Dixons Group. A spokeswoman for Dixons says: “The information [the reader] provided is correct, the cashback offer was advertised on our website and should have been applicable. Sadly the refund was refused by Panasonic as the item was purchased outside the UK, in this case via Panasonic France.
  • Apple names European exec to head retail (
    Analysts give Browett credit for improving customer service at Dixons, but his tenure hasn’t seen much in the way of financial success, as it’s been undercut by the recession and subsequent belt-tightening in Europe.Dixons’ sales have risen only 8% in the last five years, and profits are down sharply. The shares have lost more than 90% of their value in that time. They fell a further 7.6% in London trading Tuesday after news of Browett’s departure.”Our retail stores are all about customer service, and John shares that commitment like no one else we’ve met,” Cook said in a statement Tuesday.Before Dixons, Browett held several positions at the British retailer Tesco PLCand headed its web site operations.Dixons named Sebastian James as Group CEO and Katie Bickerstaffe to the newly created role of CEO-U.K. and Ireland.
  • Dixons’ Browett Plans Rollout of Pixmania Stores Across Europe (
    Pixmania’s new smaller stores, whose slogan is the “one- stop shop for great deals,” will have a limited range of items and will be serviced with daily deliveries from its Paris warehouse so customers can order online and collect the following day.
  • DSG snaps up Pixmania (
    Fotovista’s operations also include online digital photo services, a photographic operation in France and specialist studio and portrait photography services in France and Belgium.
    In the year to the end of March 2005 Fotovista generated consolidated sales of €354.1m and an underlying profit before interest and tax of €6.2m.

  • Proactive Customer Support (
    You realize you have a problem. You get frustrated. When you get frustrated enough, you send someone an email or pick up a phone and call.
  • What information needs to be on a business website? (
    something Pixmania could also learn: “As a minimum, you need to give your contact details. Provide an email address or contact form, a phone number and a fax number if you have one. Include your address too, even if customers are unlikely to write or visit.”
    “check whether your business website has got the right content by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes for a moment. If your website includes all the information they need – presented in a way that they’ll find interesting – you’re doing a pretty good job.” and that is just what Pixmania is doing not.
  • Experts Say Lowering Bills And Fees Just A Phone Call Away (
    “Be a great customer. A great customer is one who has been with a company for a fair number of years and pays their bill on or before the due date and pays the full balance,”
    To be honest, I do not think Pixmania shall receive a lot of “great customers”

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