Alternative four letter words

“Impressions~ of what comes to my mind” posted by in Food for Thought, brought some interesting posting of photographer Russel Ray to the attention.

Russel Ray seems to have had a wise grandmother, like so many of our generation did. Often they were the light beacon of the house.

The writer was supposed to believe that he grew up in a poor family…. lower class…. He doesn’t really know whether or not that’s true, but it did affect his choice of professions. Originally he wanted to be a teacher, a history teacher, but when he discovered the average annual salaries of teachers in Texas, he did not like it so much anymore.

I, for sure, do think he has made a good choice to become a photographer and do hope several of his beautiful flower-photos shall find their way to books on gardening and flowers.

The photographer is an easygoing Southern boy born and raised in Texas. His paternal grandparents adopted him when he was a couple of months shy of 11. “I understand profanity…. four-letter words.” he says. Today not many persons look strange when somebody uses the four-letter-words, referring to sex or excrement which were formerly taboo.

Beautiful Light: 4 LETTER WORD MACHINE, 2009 (...

Beautiful Light: 4 LETTER WORD MACHINE, 2009 (D. A. Therrien) – Light installation suspended 65 metres in the air between the towers of Toronto City Hall, with the four 7 m2 alphanumeric quartz lamp arrays displaying codes, DNA sequences and elemental words. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most often the four-letter-words were connected with religious obscenities, referring to God in the corporeal sense was a way to scandalize people. To take the Lord’s name in vain was to go against explicit Biblical instructions. These were some of the more obscene concepts of the age, but today are the most mild swear words most people can think of. “God”, “hell”, “dam”, and, to some extent, “Jesus Christ” or “Christ”, are no big deal any-more. Awfully enough a lot of people use them to underline their sayings or just as a (nearly) meaningless shout. The “Peter Pan Generation” loved to use those four-letter-words with the idea that they were more important that way. It was like small children not wanting to get out of puberty. Not having grown up their brought up a new generation being used to hear a lot of such four-letter words and using them as well in their speech. Young parents are confronted now with their children being bullied and they do not like it but give their children the advice to react with vile language. Some of them agree that bullying is not okay, but they think they can fix it right back with actual violence and foul language. Instead of learning to communicate properly they have filled their dictionary with a lot of words which have lost their proper meaning and became weapons in a rivalry war, wanting to make sure that their place would be recognised by the person around them. Lots of them did not learn that abuse is never an excuse for ‘not knowing how to communicate’. Lots of them did not learn how to be protective about some one, and now they do not find the right way to protect their own children the right way. The vile words are their smoke screen. They had better learned the four letter word “hurt” and got to have known Aloe Vera, the smoothing cream of healing wonders.

In case it would be through that the the Pentagon has its own department devoted to re-working Hollywood movie scripts in return for free use of (taxpayer funded) military hardware and personnel (‘film liaison dept’ ) I would wounder what they wanted to fulfil with the scenario’s of the recent American movies which offer all those four-letter-words if it was nothing. The Pentagon publicly admit scripting movies like ‘Top Gun’ from top to bottom to use as recruitment propaganda (Vietnam had brought home the reality of war and they needed to reprogram a new generation to view war as heroic). In fact when ‘Top Gun’ was first released in the 80′s they actually put recruitment booths in the cinema foyers. It worked extremely well some Americans think. No doubt many teenagers signed up because they also felt ‘the need for speed’ and wanted to bed a girl like Kelly McGillis after landing their fighter jet. I wonder how many of these eager recruits eventually ended up dead, limbless, PTSD’d, homeless and alchoholic from the illegal wars in the middle east. Military propaganda works, and certain people in government are very handy to get the population where they want them to be.

For that reason some also think Walt Disney was used by the government to bring a certain world to life. abandonculture writes: “Disney propaganda and indoctrination of the youth is really no more a ‘conspiracy’ than corporate advertising is a ‘conspiracy’. We can all accept that TV adverts are scientifically crafted by psychologists to make us feel and behave a certain way, yet start talking about Disney / Hollywood doing the same thing to children and you will get called a loony!” “It would be extremely naive (to say the least) to think that Disney with its military industrial connections and funding was not also involved in propagandising to the masses (especially the young).” she continues: “The Disney formula for corrupting little kiddies and turning them into consumer monster whores is so blatant, yet few ever stop and think about it. These Disney child stars start out all cute, pink and sparkly building up a legion of obsessed fans. Moms love them because they think they are all wholesome and innocent. Little girls are encouraged to fill their lives with a zillion branded products until their bedrooms become like shrines to their Disney idols. Then, as soon as they all hit adolescence these Disney idols are forced to become skanky whores overnight, causing a whole army of little pink princess fans (and their little sisters) to do the same. From then on being a girl is defined in terms of material stuff (consumerism), whorish appearance and general pulling power over boys and little else.”

As a youngster (I think) she brings us to the knowledge (because we do not see those video clips) of some dangerous point: “These days music videos featuring the likes of Cyrus, Spears, Aguilera, GaGa, Beyonce etc routinely show girls being felt up, dehumanised, tortured, murdered, tied up, set on fire, used in or conducting occult/ satanic rituals…. and all to the soundtrack of danceable, catchy pop music…” But she can see herself that there is something wrong there: ” .. I mean come on! This is hard core cognitive dissonance – a psychological concept too sophisticated for most adults to understand, let alone teenagers and children! Do you actually think these girls make up the ideas for their own videos and stage shows? ” (abandonculture) (This surprises me of Disney Studio, because what I have in my recollection and the videos and dvd’s which I use for the small kids is something else and of sweeter smooth taste.)

Image representing The Walt Disney Company as ...

Image via CrunchBase

What we are able to notice is that we got a big imbalance of physical power in the parent-child relationship, and a big distortion of what are acceptable words and corrections. And lots of people are not enough aware of the “little view box” in the living room which can bring venom all the time like nothing. But some American writer also recognises: “Most parents would not allow a stranger to get exclusive access to their children’s minds for hours each day. Yet when we sit them in front of Disney, or a Hollywood movie or MTV that is exactly what we are doing. ” (abandonculture)

Russel Ray his granddad used some four-letter words as verbs, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, abbreviations, exclamations, questions, complete sentences, incomplete sentences, names of people….

But there we can see his wise old grandmother in the room. Strangely enough she let her husband use enough profanity for both of them. The young boy only heard his wise old grandmother use profanity once. She wouldn’t let him do something that he wanted to do. When the boy was furious and said, “God damn you.” she took him down with a good right that would make Muhammad Ali proud. Then she said softly, “Don’t damn me, damn you.” She,  who could have been a Master Gardener if such a thing had existed back in her days,  was only 5’1″ and he was a towering 6’3″.

The lesson he learnt kept hanging, because it was brought unto him in the right lovely manner, lots of parents today could find an example to follow.

“Every time you want to use profanity”, the writer warns, “stop and think of a better way to say what you want to say. There are over a million words in the English language, and there are dictionaries and thesauruses to help you in your struggle.”

Those English and American four letter words even did find their entrance in many other languages. “crap,” “damn,” ‘F…”, “foul”, “hell, ” “piss”, “poop”,  “puss“, “nuts”, “shag “, “shit“, ” toss“,   “twat” and other indecent  words with “cock”, “dick“, “noob”, “tart”,  “turd”, and “wank” entered the Dutch language like nothing. Though in Dutch there is the similar tradition with “three-letter words”, e.g. kut (“cunt”/”twat”) (ussed in books and television already in 1976 by the Flemish female writer Chris Emmerechts on a Dutch Commercial Television Summerprogram, but brought to popularity by television in 2005 in the Crime program Opsporing Verzocht about a stolen painting from Herman Brood) , pik and lul (“cock”/”dick”/”prick”). The French “mot de cinq lettres” (“the five-letter word”) merde (“shit”) is lesser used today by the Flemish younger generation then by the Walloon.

Some words may have been improper to use a few decennia ago, while today the vile word has become the “proper” word, while the older word has become the “not to use word”.

For some words it becomes even difficult today. A few years ago you were not to allow the five letterwords “niger” (neger) or “black” (zwarte) and you had to use “coloured” (kleurling), but today it is not quite clear; for certain nationalities the one word may be offensive, while for others it may just be the other word to use.

“Friend” and “Girlfriend” (vriend & vriendin) have also become such words which can have totally opposit meanings today. Some people use “friend” for everybody they know while we would use the different words: kennis = acquintance; makker =  pal, buddy, chum;  begeleider, persoonlijke hulp-begeleider/vergezeller = buddy; klasmakker/klasgenoot = classmate; maat, kameraad = mate; kameraad, strijdmakker = comrade, intimate associate; vergezellende maat,metgezel, lotgenoot, deelgenoot, strijdmakker, vennoot, genoot, (zaken)partner, = compannion; kamergenoot = comrade, room-mate; huisgenoot = companion; broeder = brother, fellow; gezel(lin) = mate; (gewone, kameraadschappelijke) vriend,  = (ordinary or common) friend;  vriendin =  ( a common female friend or )  girlfriend; goede vriend = good friend; lief = love, sweatheart, darling, girl(friend, one-and-only; lief (as a: minares) = mistress; dierbaar lief = dear, treasured, valued, precious;  de ene ware = one-and-only. Others use friend only for an intimate friend and girlfriend for someone which they have sex with. This last one not having to be the person of which they would be the partner of but also the person we previously would call “de bijzit” or “concubine” = concubine or mistress or in Belgium “lover”.

A brief history of four letter words” shows also some changes like: “Scumbag,” which sounds like the kind of hokey insult that would get you laughed at if you used it. When it was used in a New York Times, it got protests from some older readers, because once upon a time it meant “a used condom.”

Today “Rich” has for example also become a term of abuse. This four letter word started to become invective after the panic at the stock exchange and became more widespread when the indignados came to the forefront.  The “investor” became also taboo.

In Belgium, today it has not much use any more to say to some one who use vile language: “Es vir trium litterarum”  (meaning “you are a man of three letters”), because the extra letter was brought in from oversees (from the “New World”) to stay for a while. The English (American) four-letter words have become so popular and so frequently used that nobody takes offends against them any more. “Shit” has become such a word that it is commonly used to use as a stop word and to let the other person know that it is just rubbish or not good, or to say it just happens that way “shit happens”.

Some four-letter words are at first used to tease, but more often become a way to bully. The four-letter words “love” and “nice” having become strange words not to be used by the “cool” people of this world. Anger and vitriol seem to have become the manna of today.

Not so damaging words like “can’t” and “don’t” entered also into the vocabulary or in the thoughts of many youngsters. They also became a brand-mark of the present generations. After the “Trophy Kids“ who thought they could do everything we now get  a generation who think they can not do it. Their over exagerated foul language, smoking, burping or belching, or farting, did not get such attention any more like they had hoped and did not bring such a negative reaction at home or at school like they would have loved to get some more attention. While Generation Y got thrown from one side to the other and had it not so easy to find her own path, they and the next generation got looking for other ways to make their relationships work. But loving the four-letter words and all the violence on the computer screen, the virtual love world would not be transferred to the real life world by Generation Next or the Net Generation.

By the youngsters today, the English words became more  popularly used, with the idea that it makes them more important. In Vile language and behaviour plus little secrets I pointed already out to the guilty one. A big problem is the little box in the living-room were a permanent guest can utter words which we never would allow of a real life person. But many people hang with their lips on that little screen, which has become bigger with the years. They just follow the example of those horrible American television series which present nothing more than easy stuff, awful language and violence and sex. Sometimes we even wonder if the American networks are able to present something descent. We do not see many good American documentaries or television productions on the many channels in Flanders. Most of the stuff given on the 100+ channels is mostly of the same sort.

Morals are far away to look for.

About one-, two-, three-until ten- letter words: Ten Principles of Life comes to the most essential ten-letter word: Confidence – Trust it. Trust in one another, speaking the truth, keeping honest, full of respect of the other, having confidence that you are of a certain value and that the other has his or her value, but that we all nee each other to make something of this world, we shall be able to advance. Those who have enough confidence do not need vile language or profanity four-letter words.

Those four letter-words the photographer brings into the picture, I do hope he does not mind, I would like to share with you in the hope they shall be used more and in the hope that we shall hear them more than the most popular four-letter-word of this day: “f…” followed by “you”.

There are not many four letter words which bring fear onto some one, but one of the dirtiest words people come to fear is “debt”. Not for the “deepness” or the measure of deepness down or inwards. Also not for that what not many are looking for: the intensity or the innermost or intensest part. The “debt” that infuses fear, aversion and disgust is the shortness of money. “Dept” fills some one with dread. The shortage of money inspires fear. It implies irresponsibility and can make many people hide their faces in shame if it gets out of hand.

Though for certain words we still have to be careful not to be misinterpreted. Not everybody seems to understand “Love” the same way. Big problem that the younger generation uses this word often as an equivalent for a three letter word, though it has nothing to do with such physical actions. Therefore ‘love’ isn’t a term a lot of people generally do not use even with close friends. (Shame.)

Those who like to use those ugly words could perhaps find help in their struggle:

  1. Love
  2. Free
  3. Help
  4. Pray
  5. Give
  6. Work
  7. Good
  8. Best
  9. Save
  10. Hope
  11. Nice
  12. Kind
  13. Glad
  14. Live
  15. Life
  16. Glow
  17. Amen
  18. True
  19. Luck
  20. Gift
  21. Calm
  22. Holy
  23. Kiss
  24. Hugs
  25. and I would ad Heal to his list

People should learn to use the right words to give power and to speak in an unctious tone. The suave words are not easy to find in the dictionary of the youngsters today, but they can come back. People should be aware that words have power.  They change who you are, what you believe, how you feel.

Parents and teachers should be feeding the youngsters with the right words. They should give them the love-words and fire-words of consent. they should teach them that everybody can make the difference by making the right choice. the world has to replace negative words with positive words before the world got sucked down.

rain or shine

rain or shine (Photo credit: Jesslee Cuizon)

Therefore lets give hands to the four-letter-word “hope” and count that of all the forces that make for a better world, none is so indispensable, none so powerful, as this one tiny word which implies the cherishing of a desire of good with some expectation of fulfilment. You cannot have hope without having confidence to be hopeful. Without the desire with belief in the possibility of fulfilment we are only half alive. Putting the words of expectations in the mouth using them also not in fear but with anticipation that one hopes is grounded we can again work at a new generation which shall be able to hope, dream and think and work.

What will you choose?  What are your 4-letter words?  What do you choose to replace them with? How does it make you feel?

Read his article: I wanted to follow you but, uh, no.

and please do take some time to stroll through his webpages.


Please do find also more  about the use of the four-letter words in:

Vile language and behaviour plus little secrets

The Y generation in conflict with itself


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    When they are not overusing the word mom, my kids are overusing other words, namely 4 letter words.  Now I don’t profess to be the best mother but the way that some 4 letter words roll off my kids’ tongues makes me wonder where on the parenting road did I go wrong?
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    Sorry is more than just a word. Because how can just a simple word serve as a healing balm, a soothing essence for pain. You can’t even see it, yet the mere utterance of the word has the power to set everything aright.In my opinion, however, I feel the word has started to lose its essence. Some people just flaunt the word about because they can. They hurt people intentionally because they know that single word ‘sorry’ can mend even the most horrible of deeds. Some people hurt others, say ‘sorry’, only to hurt them again. After some time, the word loses its value. You even start to wonder, ” Is this person hurting me because he/she thinks ‘sorry’ is just going to make everything right again?”
  • Compliance isn’t always a four-letter word (
    I’ve found that the attitude towards compliance is generally very healthy, and seen as adding value.  This is different from the typical reaction I get in the US where many organizations see compliance as a “tax” and try to get away with doing the bare minimum.
  •  About one-, two-, three-until ten- letter words: Ten Principles of Life ( coming to the most essential ten-letter word: Confidence – Trust it. those who have enough confidence do not need vile language.
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    Have you ever caught how many of the Liberal / Democratic candidates and politicians sneer when they say “Rich”?  And have you wondered why Republicans fall in line with anything that looks like it will help anyone with capital to invest [some say, invest in political campaigns]?  Let me shed some light on this situation from my point of view…
  • Love isn’t just a four letter word (
    I fall in the camp of “It’s OK to be a little flirty and have crushes sometimes but I would never consider cheating on my boyfriend,” but I wonder if saying “I love you,” like this is crossing a boundary.
    Saying “I love you” to a friend is perfectly fine. If he says, “I’m in love with you,” then that’s a problem.
  • A brief history of four letter words [Secret History] (
    Golly! Zounds! Gadzooks! These are the kind of things Captain Marvel would say. Almost any other superhero would be too mature for such, childish silly words.
    As for things like pissing and shitting, which is what bitches, asses, and all other animals do, they’re old English words. …. These words, though not refined back then, have gotten both more abstract and a little more outré. This is an example of the way culture can continually reach for more delicacy.
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    interview with Jason Mraz at Marina Bay Sands, on the eve of his Tour Is A Four Letter Word show in Singapore. Jason talks about his green, healthy lifestyle, why music “is the most potent drug”, and ponders on what he’d be doing if he hadn’t become a musican.
  • Controlling The Four Letter Word…Debt (
    One of the dirtiest words people come to fear is debt.
    Living payment poor is a burdensome way of life, but you can pull yourself out of debt if you know how. Try these few tips at first and look back here for more in the future.
  • The 4 letter word ticket (
    If you or your children have a love for inappropriate 4 letter words, make sure you don’t travel to Massachusetts, at least not to Middlesbrough; a town just 50 miles south of Boston. But, if you dare venture, either clean it up or make sure to have loaded wallets, with cash money, like Texas tea (oil), because Mimi DuPhily, a member of the town’s beautification committee, is asking police to start counting words and calculating dollars to the tune of $20 a curse word.
  • Brainwashing Starts With This Two-Letter Word (
    ‘We’ is one of the most dangerous words in the English language, particularly when bandied about in Western representative democracy.It’s a term often used when a politician wants to thrust a burden or obligation onto everyone else’s shoulders, but without being too direct about it.
  • No longer a case of curse and be damned at work (
    When security guard Craig Symes told his manager to ”get f—ed” his employers felt they had strong grounds to sack him.But the company, Linfox Armaguard, instead found its policies on swearing at work come under scrutiny.

    In one of several cases of workers challenging their dismissal over the use of four-letter words, Mr Symes was reinstated last month because Fair Work Australia found bad language was commonly used in the security guard’s Brisbane workplace.
    Ultimately, Mr Connolly said it was a matter of employers being clear and consistent with their employees as to what language was and was not acceptable in the workplace. ”Everyone has the right to be treated with respect and dignity, be they employer or employee,” he said. ”The employer must accept that ultimately it’s their responsibility to set the environment of the workplace.”

    My Note: As a security officer the person, in all circumstances has to stay calm, and may never use abusive or aggressive language. In case he cannot control his tongue he should not be allowed to be on that job, which demand accurate reaction.
  • The Dirty Business of 4-Letter Words (
    I remember the first time I realized that words have power and that some words shouldn’t be said.  I was probably 3 years old and I was with  my mother going to the post office or the bank or some other errand and I referred to someone as a “freak.”  My mother lost her shit.
    I was just a 3 year old repeating what I had heard someone else say, so I had no intention of sparking a lecture.  But I have never forgotten it.  At that moment, I understood that words have power and that there are consequences for using them (of course, being as young as I was, the only real consequence I saw was getting in trouble with my mom, but whatever, that’s not the point.)
    Since those words weren’t bad to me anymore, I suddenly found myself with a whole new list of words that were bad and hated: salve, slacks, ointment, scrumptious, luscious, and slurp (among others.)
    ‘than’ is a word of comparison and that never turns out well.
    What if we replaced them with words like: Love. Enough. Trust. Heal. Rest. Peace. Kindness. Beautiful. Healthy. Worthy. Plenty. Truth. Strong. Loveable. Faith. Courage. Can. Progress. Wise. Unique.   How would that feel?  How would it feel to say those words?  How would it feel to hear those words? What would it be like to believe those words about our world, our family, ourselves?
  • A New Controversial 4 Letter Word (
    By definition, “busy” means “to be occupied”, but how occupied is really “busy” is a matter of subjectivity.
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    Hope – a four letter word and one filled with power – of course all words have power – or I wouldn’t be such a word watcher for my coaching clients –However I hear the word hope used poorly often enough to bring it up – so today – check in with your heart. Is it filled with hope, dreams and aspirations?
  • Thank Me For Punching You in the Face
  • Outrage as MP Advocates Violence to ‘Discipline’ Elderly Relatives (abandonculture)
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    the hatred and pettiness that resulted, when some Christians had a little of their monopolistic privilege taken away, should serve as an important reminder that how often someone goes to church, or who they pray to, provide no substantiation for how decently they behave to other people.
    +And it only takes a fairly simple rhetorical question to reveal that, when these people talk about the moral value of “prayer”, they’re really talking about their own Christian brand of faith. What if the “spiritual development” in question wasn’t deliberately geared toward Christianity?
  • The right to prayIn support of Jessica Ahlquist (
    There’s an assumption that Christians doing Jesusy things is never any kind of obstruction to anyone. That you should just get out of their way if they want to Jesus it up at any point. That explicit Jesusification should be expected as the standard, even in official state affairs, and it’s up to you to either move aside or keep quiet if you’re going to stray from this default setting.
    Some people have, in turn, taken objection to her actions, and they responded by threatening her with death, rape, and torture.
    Seriously. She’s a young girl who tried to get her school to stop doing something illegal. Counter-arguments would be one thing, but people have gone insane over this. She was recently described as an “evil little thingby an elected state representative. What the hell is wrong with you people?
    Any American can pray, silently or verbally, seven days a week, twenty four hours a day, in private as Jesus taught or in large public events as Mohammed instructed.

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16 Responses to Alternative four letter words

  1. I am floored and honored that I could write something to inspire a even greater piece of writing by someone else.

    A couple of decades ago I wanted to go back to school and get a doctorate in something like psychology. My dissertation would have been how popular music has corrupted the English language.

    Music used to be creative. Listen to “Battle of New Orleans” by Johnny Horton in 1959. YouTube video is here:

    Music used to tell a story. At about the 1:10 mark, the phrase would have ended with “hell” but Johnny left it out and let the listener fill it in. Such would not be the case today. In fact, “hell” is spread throughout music, even in the title (“Hell’s Bells” by AC/DC; “What the Hell” by Avril Lavigne, “What the Hell Are You Waiting For?” by Jay-Z and Linkiin Park).

    And love? How its beautiful meaning has been corrupted. I don’t know who used its corrupt version first, but “Ready For Love” by Bad Company (1974) and “Give Me All Your Lovin'” by ZZ Top (1983). ZZ Top is interesting because the song has the phrase “Give me all your lovin, all your hugs and kisses, too.”

    Alas, as someone more famous than me once said, “It is what it is. Deal with it.”

    Thanks for the great read this morning. What a way to start a new day and a new week.


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  4. seapunk2 says:

    Wow, there’s so much here, I hardly know where to begin. I’ll simply say, though, that I fully agree that television has been and continues to be main delivery point of all the toxicity (along with detachment of their parents)
    If you have time, please have a read here –


    • marcusampe says:

      The question to be posed to many viewers, especially those who waste lots of time to look at advertisements on certain television channels, if they really want to think. The government is quite pleased with the commercial television channels and all the reality programs they are offering. TV has become the “bread and games” from the Roman Empire of the Empire of Commerce today. Those in power would not like it that too many people would think to much and could be willing to react. Those who do not know certain things are never to go and complain or react on it.

      Not everything on television is bad (at least in West Europe) and there are several interesting programs to have people think seriously as well as to entertain them decently. Big problem is that work is often so demanding for many people that when they do come home, after the traffic jams, they prefer to fall in the easy chair and to watch not to demanding programs. Instead of finding leisure time in more interesting activities. As you rightly point out other activities or adventures they might find more rewarding and fulfilling. Lots of people certainly could do with some more movement, and would not find it necessary to prop them full with all sorts of sweets while watching the easy view programs full of adverts and whetting the appetite to eat and drink more.

      It’s a pity in our country (Belgium) you are not able to see many stars because of the light pollution. (Therefore we enjoy it so much more when we go abroad in Summertime to appreciate the beauty of the mountains and the sky)
      Please do continue writing such articles. I also do hope that more people shall be able to reach others and to make them aware that we have to go out more in nature and appreciate the creation, by becoming fully part of it. By “Living it”.


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