In a few days time: Good morning America

Only a few days away and I shall have to say “until next year, my son. Enjoy the New Word.”

Next month, August 9, Quinten shall be going to the land where many dreams have come fulfilled. He is going to the continent that harbours an astounding collection of natural and cultural wonders, from teeming city streets to mountains, plains and forests covering vast swaths of the United States of America.

Touring the Apache Trail

In case not with the plane trying Touring the Apache Trail could be some fun

While we do have an Autumn weather Summer, with temperatures of 16° Celcius (61° F), with enough rain to fill many barrels, he is going to go to the dessert area of Mesa, with temperatures at the moment of 45° C (113° F), the third-largest city in Arizona and the nation’s 38th-largest city, just 15 miles east of Phoenix, covering 132 square miles, home to 439,041 as of 2010, reported by the Census Bureau, making its population larger than more recognizable cities such as Atlanta, Miami, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Cleveland.

After a lot of paper work and intensive examinations, plus some last brievings and 8 simulator sessions in the Diamond DA42: 5 IFR and 4 VFR courses, he should be ready to begin his great adventure, going into the American skies, preparing himself to go and fly the Avro and Airbus A330 next Summer.

He is going to the birthplace of Cities of Light like LA, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, Boston and New York City– each a brimming metropolis whose name alone conjures a million different notions of culture, cuisine and entertainment.

Glen Canyon Dam  Bridge - Page Arizona

Glen Canyon Dam Bridge – Page Arizona (Photo credit: Al_HikesAZ)

As dad, I am curious how he is going to settle on his own in this ‘tableland’ site which was settled in1878 by Mormons, who used the ancient Hohokam Indian canals for irrigation. My son jokes about my interest and ideas off those believers in an afterlife, who got their Temple build in 1927, and got a little bit in the shade until the last U.S.A. presidential Mormon candidate.

Seal of Maricopa County, Arizona

Seal of Maricopa County, Arizona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Maricopa county has naturally much more to offer than being the centre of the Mormons their activity.

It shall be interesting to see how the community, which first focused on an agricultural and fruit-growing region, developed from a Salt River reclamation project, developed its basic farm industry, diversifying it to include manufacturing, tourism and retail trade.

Aerospace plays a big role in Mesa’s economy, aided by its two airports, Falcon Field and Phoenix – Mesa Gateway Airport. More than 11 percent of Maricopa County’s aerospace employment is located adjacent to Falcon Field, were my son is going to fly, home of Boeing’s Apache Helicopter facility employing more than 4,000 people. Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, with three runways, is also poised to become an important regional travel center, with passenger service provided to more than a dozen destinations.

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wonder if their still exist Hohokam or “All Used Up” or “The Departed Ones”, or Akimel O’odham and Tohono O’odham peoples in Southern Arizona, in the neighbourhood, and what would be available still of artefacts and treasures of prehistoric archaeological Oasisamericatraditions.

Mesa Grande 2011-03-19 3804

Mesa Grande 2011-03-19 3804 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For sure the ‘Mesa Grande Ruin’, located in Mesa, Arizona, shall represent a large Hohokam village that was occupied both in the Preclassic and Classic periods, from approximately 200 to 1450 CE.  But it seems to have little archaeological work to offer, other than the mapping and stabilization projects conducted by the Southwest Archaeology Team (SWAT). [The SWAT’s indispensable volunteer work at the Mesa Grande Ruin began in the middle 1990s and continues today.]

My son shall have more opportunities to fly away from the ‘table’ (Mesa, being borrowed for Spanish and the Latin ‘mensa’ being ‘table’) There shall be the prospect to be able to visit the Valley of the Sun, the Sonoran Desert,  Besh-Ba-Gowah Archeological Park, the Grand Canyon, San Diego and Los Angeles, sun-bleached hillsides of the Great Plains, the lush rain forests of the Pacific Northwest,  and hopefully he shall be able to visit friends and family of us in New York, Newark and Toronto.

For sure the 35 aviation companies in the airport’s business corridor, were more than 5,000 people already work shall not miss his attention. So Embraer Executive Jets and
Cessna Aircraft Company may count on a visit from him.

A lovely view captured by Yannick De Bel from prom 18

The flights he shall be doing with the hired or his exercise plane from their home base in Falcon Field and not from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway which until recently was known as Williams Gateway, a former Air Force base that closed in 1993. Phoenix- Mesa Gateway’s
governing board voted for the new name a few years ago, after discussions for potential passenger service with several airlines. Officials say the name change is important to reflect the airport’s location.  “The Williams Gateway name was not familiar to most people from outside our area,” said Chris Brady, Mesa city manager. “Airlines want to make  booking very simple for customers.”

My first impression of the New World, when I was over there, for my creative work as a dancer choreographer, in the early 80s was not so positive. I had expected that they would have been far more advanced of us, but so many things seemed so conservative and impractical, or not gone forwards with the advancement of time.

I look forward to get to know more the American people of today, their way of thinking, their aspirations, the way of how they want to fulfil which dreams they still might have.
For this I liked already a little net-conversation on Obama:It’s my intention, if elected, to disarm America (Fact or Fiction?). From the television we get some distorted pictures. It sometimes can become ridiculous what we see on CNN or some other American channels. No wounder many jokes can be found on the YouTube channel about so called news presentations, were we can find Belgium,pointed out on a map, there where Switzerland is, etc.. Sometimes it is also ‘good fun’ to watch how they want to present a show of some incident, and how their stories are so different from what we hear on our television channels. But I do know that every country likes to have some censur to its population. Therefore it is so important to be able to watch foreign television stations as well and to get the news facts from different sources. It also can be interesting to hear the voice of the common people as well, because it are, in the end, the people who make the country. (Something many politicians seem to forget.)

I am curious how everything is organised, but espacially how people are helped at in the 220-bed Banner Children’s Hospital on the Banner Desert medical campus and the new
hospital in east Mesa: Mountain Vista Medical Center, plus the planned Vanguard
hospital at the Arizona Health and Technology Park. This 123-acre master-planned medical park will include hospitals, long-term care facilities, and offices in addition to the existing Arizona School of Health Sciences, Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral
Health, and the School of Osteopathic Medicine, according the official sources. This I would perhaps not hear from my son, who is not so much interested in social issues, but whoever knows from other people coming along my path. 🙂

Having kept my son healthy on homoeopathic and phythotherapeutic drugs I am curious in which way he shall be helped over there. I know that for certain cities this would not be any problem at all, but Mesa is not exactly a place of which we hear much. Though with its well-educated workforce and Mesa offering more than 20 million square feet of retail space – second only to the city of Phoenix for the most shopping opportunities in the
Valley, it should not be a problem.

Mesa whit its 352 active neighborhood groups, shall perhaps being able to offer some relaxation between his studies, enabling him again to play the piano and trombone in his new environment. (I do hope so.) He shall not be able to take his instruments from Belgium with him to Arizona.

English: Entrance to Williams Gateway Airport ...

English: Entrance to Williams Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona Mesa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We also wounder how he is going to be able to bicycle in the warm climate, but having seen that Mesa is a Bicycle Friendly Community, according to the League of American Bicylists, there could perhaps be a possibility to hire or to buy a bicycle, to be able to do his shopping and his transportation.

Looking forward to more news from the source and fro the real life experience, and am looking forward eagerly with my son for his big adventure over the ocean.
Of interest:

The Official website of the City Mesa, Arizona

Arizona Watchable Wildlife Tourism Association at

Mesa Visitors Info

2012 VG

Visitors Guide

Download a free copy of the 2012 Visitors Guide. More

Longbow Golf Course in Mesa - 15th

Photo Library


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  • Spirit Airlines adds service between Phoenix, Chicago (
    Spirit Airlines is adding nonstop service between the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport and Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport .
    “Spirit Airlines’ expansion to O’Hare is more proof that Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is now a major commercial airport,” said Phoenix-Mesa Airport Gateway Board Chairman and Mesa Mayor Scott Smith in a news release. “Mesa and the entire valley is ‘Chicago West’ in many ways and we are looking forward to people flying Spirit Airlines between both regions, especially during the holidays and spring training.”
  • Spirit Airlines to launch Mesa-Chicago flights (
    The seasonal service from Spirit (Nasdaq:SAVE) will run through April 24.
  • Airline adds service between Phoenix, Chicago (
    Spirit airlines senior sales director Michael Pewther tells the Arizona Republic that the training complex was on a major reason for additional service.The facility is expected to be completed in time for the 2014 spring training season.
  • Vehicle Incident – North-America – USA (
    Affected person(s): 75 ;  Damage level: Minor Damage level
  • Airline adds service between Phoenix, Chicago (
    The announcement comes less than a week after the city of Mesa broke ground on a $99 million spring training complex for the Chicago Cubs.

  • Airline adds service between Phoenix, Chicago (
  • Airline adds service between Phoenix, Chicago (
  • Construction worker killed at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (
    A construction worker was killed at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport on Saturday after being struck and pinned by a water tanker.
    The Mesa Police Department reported that Cesar Rodriguez Montoya , 58, was preparing to fuel up a water tanker at a construction site at the airport, and that he was standing next to his truck when the water tank struck him…
  • Spirit Airlines to launch Mesa-Chicago flights (
    Miramar, Florida based Spirit operates more than 200 daily flights to more than 50 destinations within the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • DC-10 lands in Arizona to fight wildfires (
    he U.S. Forest Service ordered a converted jumbo jet to Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport Monday night.”The Forest Service told us to get here as quickly as possible,” said former Marine Corps pilot Rick Hatton, who owns California-based 10 Tanker Air Carrier. The jet in Mesa is one of only two in the country.
    Its missions will likely change day to day, and it can be anywhere in the world within 24 hours.
  • Exclusive: “Baseball Babe” bandit possibly arrested (
    The FBI is looking for a woman suspected of robbing as many as four banks in Mesa since March. Police said a second bank was also robbed in Mesa on Thursday.
  • Vista Del Rio Cultural Resource Park (
    he Vista Del Rio Cultural Resource Park is a four acre archaeological site that preserves one of the few remaining undisturbed pieces of a 1,000 year old Hohokam village. The Hohokam people lived in the Phoenix and Tucson areas from A.D. 650 to 1450. The park is located at 7575 East Desert Arbor Street.
    This site is one of the largest prehistoric sites in the eastern Tucson Basin. A portion of the site was removed by construction to the west. Archaeological investigations were conducted to the north. This is the only parcel that was left undisturbed. It is reported that there are 15 pithouses, 12 pits, 2 thermal features and at least 4 cremations buried at this site.
  • A Day in Ruins (
    The area is littered with garbage, beer cans, spray paint cans, shotgun casings, an old mattress spring and even broken toys.  The ceilings are falling down and there are holes in the walls.  Despite this wreckage, or maybe because of it, I was fascinated by The Domes, by their underlying beauty and uniqueness.  The Domes were at one time someone’s dream, today they  were the catalyst for our creativity.
  • On Mormonism (
    Joanna Brooks, senior correspondent at Religion Dispatches, professor at San Diego State University and the author of The Book of Mormon Girl: A Memoir of an American Faith, gives a progressive, feminist look at the role of Mormonism in America as a Mormon in light of the recent Bloomberg Business Week cover.
    One of the reasons the LDS church do need that money for use in countries like Brazil, Africa is that the members here would not be able to fund construction of Temples and Chapels,
  • Mormons again gaining some attention (
    “There is a good chance that the main way a lot of leaders of the church will respond to the election of a Mormon to the presidency will be to stay as quiet and uninvolved in politics as possible and put as much daylight as possible between that president and the institutional church,” said Russell Arben Fox, a political scientist at Friends University in Wichita, Kan., and a Mormon writer. “They’re a global church and have responsibilities all around the world. For them to appear to be lining up behind a Mormon president and endorsing his policies would just be bad for the church.”
    Wat betreft Korte inhoud van lezingen: Bijgeloof en feesten
    de Mormonen (polygamie, de aard en zingeving
    van hun vredelievendheid, hun stichter, wat ze wel en niet
    mogen, Amerikaanse impact…)

  • Cubs’ Mesa spring training facility finally breaks ground (
    It’s a moment Mesa city leaders and nearby business owners have been anxiously awaiting. The $99 million Cubs spring training facility finally broke ground Wednesday.
  • Mormons for Obama Say Romney Doesn’t Represent Them (
    Mitt Romney is arguably the most high-profile Mormon in the United States right now, but a small group of Seattle-based bloggers are hoping to let people know that not all Mormons are the same – and they’re not all voting for Mitt Romney.
  • Welcome to Phoenix (
    Known as the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix is a thriving metropolis located in southern Arizona. With a population of more than 1.4 million people, the city is considered to be the sixth most populated city in the country.
  • Change in the Book of Mormon (
    Starting in 1981, the Mormon Church added an introduction to the Book of Mormon.
    In 2003, a DVD came out that devastated the claims of Mormonism that the “Lamanites,” a group that supposedly came to America from Jerusalem before Christ, “are the principal ancestors of the American Indians,” which had been part of the introduction to the Book of Mormon since 1981.
  • WAC Baseball Tournament 2012 Schedule: Hawaii Meets Fresno State, Nevada Takes On Louisiana Tech (
  • So Romney’s campaign is about Mormonism (
    The NYT reports that for prominent Mormons who are bankrolling Mitt Romney’s campaign, their support of Romney is about his being a Mormon, and more generally, about helping promote Mormonism in America and across the world. But this election isn’t about Romney’s Mormonism, really.
  • Mesa land sold to tire recycler CRM of America (
    A company that recycles used tires for new uses has bought 4.5 acres of land in Mesa.
    CRM of America LLC bought the bank-owned land in Mesa for $205,000. CRM has tire recycling plants in Los Angeles, New York and Mesa. The vacant land is located at the northeast corner of Pecos and Mountain roads near CRM’s plant.
  • Eating Arizona (
    When Arizona chefs talk about local food, it’s no fad. The relentless expanse of the Sonoran Desert has yielded edible treasures for centuries, while the sunshine and dry heat that attract Canadians like a magnet in winter produce tractor-trailer loads of fruit and vegetables straight from the farm.
  • Breeze (
    This is Phoenix Rising, the tallest mural in town, right in the heart of downtown Phoenix. Here you can get an idea of its scale.
  • Poll: Many Americans Don’t Like Black People or Mormons (
    Both the Mormon and the African-American communities still face prejudices in America. This information is striking considering how views on both communities have been shifting since Mitt Romney (a Mormon) and Barack Obama (African-American) ran in the presidential election back in 2008.
  • Could an Ancestral Diet Cure Pima Diabetes? (
    Pima Indians traditionally ate a diet of tepary beans, mesquite seeds, corn, grains, greens, and other high-fiber/low-fat foods.  The switch to a diet high in sugar, refined grains, and other highly processed convenience foods may well be responsible for the current high rates of obesity and diabetes.  Australian aborigines have the same problem.
  • Jt Ready Is Dead: Fascism and the Anarchist Response in Arizona, 2005-2012 (
    JT Ready is dead. And by his own hand. It took a while, but in the end JT took the free advice of his many anarchist adversaries and followed his leader into oblivion.
  • Hunting Wild Horses! (
    About five weeks ago, when Ray and Terrie were here, we took a ramble out to the Sans Xavier Mission and beyond….while riding through the wilderness on the Tonono O’odham Reservation, we saw 6-8 horses galloping in the dry river bed of the Santa Cruz.   Half jokingly, we commented on the “wild horses”…..they were beautiful and seemingly running free.
    The light was incredible!  The fractured sky, seen for miles and miles, offered endless possibilites.Every direction invited a photo.  We were both snapping away and got some beautiful scenery!
  • Do Mormons Experience the Same Prejudice as Blacks? – Blog: Flunking Sainthood (
    This week the Bloggernacle hills are alive with the sound of outrage about a white Mormon editor at Utah Valley magazine who claimed the handle “women of color” to describe the colorfully dressed but all-Caucasian females on her staff. What does this debacle tell us about Mormonism, race, and persecution?
  • Evangelical author sees a “Mormonizing of America” – Articles (
    Stephen Mansfield, an evangelical author who has written widely about the faith of politicians, turns his attention to Mormons in his latest book, “The Mormonizing of America.”
  • Ann Romney: ‘We’ve Given All You People Need to Know’ (
    As for Ann Romney’s claim that they give 10% of their income to the Mormon church every year, it should be pointed out that it’s mandatory for Mormons to tithe 10% of their income. It’s not “generosity” if it’s mandatory.
  • Walter Kirn’s Must-Read on Mormonism (
    If you read only one thing about Mormonism this election cycle, read Walter Kirn’s moving essay in The New Republic, “Confessions of an Ex-Mormon: A Personal History of America’s Most Misunderstood Religion.” Kirn, author of the novel-turned-film Up in the Air, TNR’s new national correspondent and a former Mormon convert, tells a story one never hears in the mainstream media today: why Mormonism matters to so many decent, seeking, striving Americans. He cuts through the mockery that has pervaded coverage of the LDS Church and addresses the faith in all its complexity.
  • Tone Deaf (
    Ann Romney: We’ve ‘Given All You People Need’.
    “You know, you should really look at where Mitt has led his life, and where he’s been financially,” the potential first lady said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “He’s a very generous person. We give 10 percent of our income to our church every year.
  • Bill Clinton on Mitt Romney (
    I remember when I was president I helped– secure the release of some Mormon missionaries who were in Peru and had been apprehended and imprisoned but their radical group, Sendero Luminoso, before it was eliminated. So I just can’t figure out why he doesn’t do it. I think it’s a mistake, I think he ought to do it. He ought to release a decade’s worth of tax returns.
  • Gay, Mormon and Happily Married (
    Josh and Laurel “Lolly” Weed seem to have it all — three beautiful kids, a wonderful home and a deep and unflinching devotion to their Mormon faith.
    But on their tenth wedding anniversary this summer, they decided it was time to unleash a secret so sensitive, so personal, they weren’t sure what the church’s reaction would be.

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4 Responses to In a few days time: Good morning America

  1. seapunk2 says:

    I’m happy to know he’ll be coming to see the ancient redwoods in Northern California. This is where I live. There is nothing like it on earth.
    As far as I know, the Tohono O’odham were once called Papago, and later changed the name back to Tohono O’odham. I don’t know the history of the name changes, except that the “true” name is the one used now.


  2. marcusampe says:

    Thanks for that information.

    Out of respect to the original natives, I do hope the ‘ex-European’ or white Americans shall someday make more work to respect the natives and to accept that their ancestors took in the land or conquered those who originally lived in those pastures.
    Giving more funds to do some archaeological research could be a sign of recognition and also of a sign of feeling it is part of the country and part of its own ancestry.

    Those ‘Red Indians’ also had so much knowledge, of which the people know living in the States should take care that it does not go lost. (Medicine, a.o.)


  3. Candace says:

    Arizona’s a beautiful state (with an annoying political climate). I’m sure he’ll see many beautiful things here. I, personally, am in Phoenix and don’t go to Mesa that often but the whole area is pretty much one big metropolis with quite a bit to do and much to see.


    • marcusampe says:

      Thanks. I love your photograph of the parting gift mural by Eric Cox,Old Man Phoenix, of the Spring of 2012 at Garfield Galleria but has now moved to a different location in Phoenix.


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