Which back voters in the US wants to see

With American Presidential elections coming closer as always we can see the smearing campaigns getting stronger. It may give the impression the New World seems to like a strange system whereby power before the election can determine a lot and money can make or brake some one, by putting out the dirty laundry.

With unemployment seemingly stuck above eight per cent American voters’ concern over the future of their country should make them think harder. We as they also have to wonder how it could come so far that even Judeo Christian principles or values have become the target of the speak of the day. In case the 60 per cent who say the US is ‘on the wrong track have good reason to be right, which they have, they should even be more aware of the impact heir vote can make. But on the other hand you also may question why they do not see that Obama is trying to get them on the right track already for months, but had so much wind against him that by this sandstorm many did not see the light he put up. To get the train on the right track again Obama did perhaps not choose to be the most popular guy, but he tried to give the 32 per cent, who say the country is going ‘in the right direction’, a valuable future where they could see the reason and the outcome of those stringent measures.

Days after the mass shootings in Colorado, guns shifted to the forefront of the presidential campaign as President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney engaged in their most extensive discussions on the issue since the tragedy.

Obama, in a speech to an African-American group Wednesday in New Orleans, embraced some degree of additional restrictions on guns. He acknowledged that not enough had been done to prevent weapons from getting into the hands of criminals and pledged to work with lawmakers from both parties to move forward on the matter.

Romney said in a television interview that changing the nation’s laws would not prevent gun-related tragedies. But he mistakenly said many weapons used by the shooting suspect in Aurora, Colo., were obtained illegally, despite the fact that authorities allege that the firearms used to kill 12 people and injure dozens more were purchased legally.

During remarks Wednesday night to the National Urban League, Obama acknowledged a national pattern of calling for tougher gun restrictions in the wake of violent crimes but not following through.

“Too often, those efforts are defeated by politics and by lobbying and eventually by the pull of our collective attention elsewhere,” he said.

Obama called for stepped-up background checks for people who want to purchase guns and restrictions to keep mentally imbalanced individuals from buying weapons. Those steps, he said, “shouldn’t be controversial. They should be common sense.”

Still, Obama is unlikely to make a robust push for new gun control legislation while mired in a deadlocked campaign centred squarely on the economy.
Foto: Like and share this if you've got the President's back.

For Barack Obama the most important meeting of the day may be to be with his children, because he could use some easy talk after all the debate and the battle he has to do to convince others of the necessity of taking measures which may not sound so sympathetic but are necessary to bring the country further in the future in good health with a sound economy.Foto: The most important meeting of the day.

Sometimes it need courage to do unfavourable things and to pass unpopular law, but it is more important to make the best choice to secure a better future, having the long term in mind instead of just looking for tomorrow until sunset.

Foto: Obamacare includes the largest-ever health care tax cut for the middle class. Share the truth about health reform by sharing this image with your friends.  (via Obama Truth Team)

President Obama’s administration announced a new policy that will give legal status to young, law-abiding immigrants, including students and members of the military.

This momentous decision is a critical first step to addressing millions of young immigrants who have grown up in the United States. Having been born there, living in the country for many years, having worked there and contributed taxes, they should be able to find everything become regulated so that they can be considered as a full American. But before the government does that it should really check very well if all the conditions are all right, and that they really have become part of the American way of life, knowing the language and agreeing with the way of life.

At NALEO President Obama said: “As long as I have the privilege of being your President, I will be alongside you fighting for the country that we, together, dream of.”

The danger in the American system to be able to get votes and campaigning, is that a lot has to do with funding and having enough money. Those who do not have any money to start campaigning are already lost from the start. Once gone in the running, enough funds have to be found and it stays a battle to get enough money to make sure that the voice can be heard everywhere.

Romney and Republicans outraised the

Foto: The news today: Romney and Republicans outraised us in June—and that's not even including money to pro-Romney super PACs. We're building our campaign the right way—with small donations from grassroots supporters like you. Help close the gap by chipping in $3 now: http://OFA.BO/uvDKgP

Figures in press articles do not agree with figures given by the camps: Was it 100 millions spend in attack ads or did Obama’s campaign spent an estimated $49.6 million while Romney’s has spent $19.6 million?

Barack Obama camp in June — and that’s not even including money to pro-Romney super PACs. Obama and his followaers say they are building their campaign the right way — with small donations from grassroots supporters like they can find a lot everywhere.

For the Americans it does not seem only to be important who is helped to get enough funds for bringing out his ideas. they should think if insourcing jobs back to America or outsourcing them overseas shall have to be the choice. By making one person silent they could come to the silencing of a lot of American workers, the ‘lower’ man.

On the other hand giving even more money to the person who has already a lot of money and likes to give even more money and possibilities to those who have already a lot to say in industry, could not only make that person the power to get the seat in Washington, giving his example to the World Market, spreading the idea of getting more power for the money market and growing industry, looking for the cheapest place on earth to be able to use those people, no matter their living conditions, and no matter the price for them or their environment.

Everywhere people can vote they should consider all the pro’s and cons. They should look at the whole picture. Not only looking for the short term, having to generate a lot of money for a few, but looking for a future where everybody can be guaranteed a good living standard in a nice healthy environment.

To be able to get an affordable care and economic security, everybody has to be willing to contribute. It is that solidarity which should bring a people together and give them a sense of going together for the same goal, feeling that no matter which race, colour of skin, culture or religion, they are respected and accepted in the community and part of the same country where they want to sojourn.

In such country should be transparency a norm for all, and the man in charge shall have to give the good example. His way of living, his way of behaving, shall have to be conform the values and moral the country shall be striving to.

In the U.S.A. already a lot of Christians blame Obama that he agreed to the marriage between the same sexes. But what are they going to find about the allowance to have sex with more than one partner, which is already common goods in a lot of industrialised capitalist countries. Lawyers also should be pleased with the solution of allowing marriages with more than one woman, because that would save a lot of money in divorce disputes for many people. Several women shall fall in this proposition to accept an other woman, because they shall find financial security, having all the advantages of a married live, but having also more freedom to walk around as a free woman, doing as she wishes, because her husband can have an other woman for the moments she is not available. Polygamy being accepted is in the line of the same sex marriages allowance. The voters should be aware of that. Romney in any case shall have enough voices behind him to agree with such a proposition.

In case the Americans think Romney comes clean and that they do not have to fear the Mormon background, they perhaps could look at this and dig deeper in his previous ways of handling matters of economy, social and family life.

Foto: Mitt Romney is showing an unparalleled disdain for transparency. Take a look at five ways Romney isn't coming clean with the American people, and then share this with your friends.

Do the people just want to have securities until sundown or do they prefer strong measures which shall bring them further than the next sunrise?


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Mitt Romneyblasted President Barack Obama in a speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Romney said that Obama has “diminished American leadership” in the world,  and blamed Obama for potentially significant defense cuts passed by Congress as part of the debt ceiling compromise. Vice President Joe Biden launched a stinging rebuttal, calling Romney’s speech a “litany of untruths.”

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Tax dislike ‘can be turned around’-study


  • US voters bitter after negative campaign (bigpondnews.com)
    The recent run of negative ads in the US presidential race may be backfiring on both President Barack Obama and his Republican adversary Mitt Romney.According to a new poll on Tuesday, four in ten voters have a negative opinion of former Massachusetts governor Romney, according to the NBC/Wall Street Journal survey — only slightly fewer than the 43 per cent who view President Obama negatively.

    According to Republican pollster Bill McInturff, who conducted the survey with Democrat Peter Hart, it is unprecedented ‘in the modern era’ to ‘have two candidates who are in deep, double-digit negatives.’

  • Latino support for President Obama holds steady (firstread.msnbc.msn.com)
    President Barack Obama remains broadly popular with Hispanics, a key voting bloc in this fall’s election, according to new data from the NBC-Wall Street Journal-Telemundo poll.
  • Obama attacks on taxes and Bain hit Romney ratings – Reuters (reuters.com)
    After weeks of accusations from Obama and his allies that Romney cut U.S. jobs and sent them overseas while he headed Bain, 36 percent of registered voters said the issue had made them see Romney less favorably, compared to 18 percent who said they were now more favorable toward the former governor of Massachusetts.Among independents, 26 percent regarded him less favorably and 13 percent more favorably after hearing about his business tenure.
  • ‘Anglo-Saxon’ comment hangs over Romney in Britain (rawstory.com)
    British newspaper The Daily Telegraph said it had interviewed two Romney advisers who said their man would be better than President Barack Obama at reinforcing the special bond between the United States and Britain.“We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special,” an unnamed adviser told the Telegraph. “The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have.”

    The British paper also quoted an adviser saying Obama “is a left-winger” who “doesn’t value the NATO alliance as much. He’s very comfortable with American decline and the traditional alliances don’t mean as much to him.”

  • Obama Tells Urban League Gun Restrictions Should Be ‘Common Sense’ (huffingtonpost.com)
    President Barack Obama called for “common sense” gun restrictions in the aftermath of last week’s mass killing in Aurora, Colo., in a speech to a major civil rights group Wednesday evening.Addressing the National Urban League’s annual conference in New Orleans, the president said he supported the right to own firearms, but called on Congress to restrict the purchase of assault weapons. Obama pressed for background checks to prevent mentally unbalanced people from buying guns. He said such regulations “shouldn’t be controversial. They should be common sense.”
  • Obama wants Vick to slide (profootballtalk.nbcsports.com)
    Vick has promised to protect himself this year, and protecting himself includes knowing when, while running away from the sidelines, to jump, thrust his feet forward, and hit the ground with his shins then his thighs and just sssssslide.
  • Alleged ‘Anglo-Saxon’ remark riles both campaigns (channel6newsonline.com)
    As Mitt Romney landed Wednesday morning in London to launch a three-country overseas trip, an anonymous quote in a British newspapers caused a kerfuffle on both sides of the pond.A British newspaper quoted an unnamed Romney adviser as saying that President Barack Obama’s White House did not sufficiently appreciate the shared “Anglo-Saxon” heritage of the United States and the United Kingdom.
    Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu said the president needed to “learn how to be an American,” a comment he later apologized for. Romney has repeatedly said on the campaign trail over the past week and a half that Obama was leading the nation down a “foreign” path, one that “changes America,” he said in Pennsylvania last week.
  • Obama Says Romney “Twisted” His Words By Quoting His Actual Words (Video) (thedaleygator.wordpress.com)
    Last week while campaigning Mitt Romney used Barack Obama’s exact words – “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” – to attack the President Obama at his campaign stops.
  • Poll: Bain Attacks Spell Trouble For Romney (huffingtonpost.com)
    Sustained attacks by President Barack Obama’s campaign on Republican rival Mitt Romney’s business history and refusal to release more tax records appear to be working, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Tuesday.More than a third of voters who are registered to a party or as an independent said in the online survey that what they had heard about Romney’s taxes and his time at Bain Capital private equity firm had given them a less favorable impression of the Republican candidate.

    And particularly worrying for Romney is that a large slice of independent voters — whom he needs to win the Nov. 6 election — are also buying into the Obama campaign’s portrayal of him as a ruthless businessman who may be hiding something in his taxes.
    Americans also showed signs of displeasure about a candidate’s taxes becoming such an important part of the national dialogue. More than half of registered voters — 55 percent — said the debate about Romney’s tax returns was a waste of time, while 45 percent said it was an important part of the campaign.

    But independents, by a margin of 54 to 46, saw Romney’s taxes as important in the fight for the White House.

  • Voters Are Curious About Romney’s Tax Returns (elections.firedoglake.com)
    … Romney refusing to release more than one year of tax returns has managed to penetrate beyond the beltway conversation. It appears the narrative that Romney is actually hiding something has managed to get sufficient traction and made people curious.
  • Media Coordinates Romney Attack Based on Unsourced ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Quote (johnmalcolm.me)
    Obama’s desperate Media Palace Guards don’t want to talk about the flood of bad economic news we’ve been hit with this week, and they surely don’t want to talk about Obama’s revealing “you didn’t build that” comment for another day. So, ever in search of a new distraction-narrative, what we are now witnessing before our very eyes is the media ginning up a coordinated attack against Romney based on an unsourced quote that the Romney campaign has already denied.
  • Poll: Ugly campaign polarizing candidate’s favorability (politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com)
    One recent example of the negative back-and-forth: television and web ads are now being run featuring charges of campaign cronyism.+ Poll: Most Americans ‘frustrated’ with 2012 race
  • Oh Brother. Obama Says Romney “Twisted My Words” By Quoting His Actual Words (thegatewaypundit.com)
    Last week while campaigning Mitt Romney used Barack Obama’s exact words – “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” – to attack President Obama at his campaign stops.
    Romney read the exact quote from a card.
    “Earlier today Gov. Romney was at it again, knowingly twisting my words around to suggest that I don’t value small businesses,” he said, referring to his opponent’s comments at a campaign event in Southern California that morning. “In politics we all tolerate a certain amount of spin. I understand these are the games that get played in political campaigns. But when folks omit entire sentences of what I said — they start splicing and dicing — you may have gone a little over the edge.”
  • Bogus NBC/WSJ Poll Oversamples Dems (rushlimbaugh.com)
    Everybody knows that NBC’s in the tank for Obama and so forth and the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, this is not doing the Wall Street Journal any good, credibility-wise.  They had to have an 11-point spread in Democrats versus Republicans in their sample in order to get Obama a six-point lead.  There’s no way that that’s gonna reflect the turnout.  There aren’t gonna be 11% more Democrats voting than Republicans in November.
    That said, in a presidential election where you have the Republican base increeeeeeedibly energized to vote against Barack Obama — [and] you have the Democratic base slightly less energized but still energized to vote for Barack Obama — I just don’t see people not turning out.
  • International Audition: Romney Faces High Stakes (abcnews.go.com)
    Romney, whose decades in private business gave him ample exposure to international affairs, hopes to prove that he is no novice on foreign policy. At the same time he’ll be highlighting a key part of his resume — the successful Salt Lake City Olympics he managed — with a visit to the opening days of the London Games. He’s also planned a series of meetings — and photo events — with political leaders in the three countries he’s visiting in hopes of projecting an image of leadership.His itinerary is limited to a few tightly controlled appearances in countries that are close allies of the United States, suggesting that Romney knows there are risks as well as potential benefits to his trip.
  • On Israel, Romney sees opening against Obama – CBS News (cbsnews.com)
    In this handout from the Israeli GPO, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Mitt Romney (L) in the Prime Minister’s residence on January 13, 2011 in Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Obama campaign pushes back on ‘burn rate’ criticism (washingtonpost.com)
    In the wake of a report that the Obama campaign’s burn rate – the amount of money they are spending per month on the race – has raised concerns among some within the party, the president’s campaign manager insisted that every penny is being well spent.
  • Election 2012: The War Over Women Voters Heats Up In Ohio (huffingtonpost.com)
    The war over women is on.
    The Obama and Romney campaigns both reached out Tuesday to women voters, the key voter demographic that likely will decide this battleground state, and thus the outcome of the presidential election.
  • Most Voters Say US Should Help Israel in Attack on Iran (raptureimminent.wordpress.com)
    A majority of 51 percent of likely U.S. voters say their country should help Israel if it attacks Iran, according to a Rasmussen poll.
  • Ohio Women Disappointed With Obama, Distrustful Of Romney (huffingtonpost.com)
    At a picnic table on the first day of the Ohio State Fair Wednesday, the daily political melee on Twitter, TV and in the inboxes of the political elite was distant and irrelevant.
    Bain Capital … Obama’s “you didn’t build that” comment … tax returns.
  • Where is Obama’s promised minimum-wage hike? (blogs.reuters.com)
    During the 2008 campaign, presidential candidate Barack Obama made a pledge to raise the minimum wage to $9.50 per hour by 2011. Promises like this one inspired a generation of young voters, excited long-neglected progressive voters and gave hope to millions of his supporters across the country.
  • Poll Shows Some Voters Want More on Romney Taxes, Bain Tenure – Bloomberg (bloomberg.com)
    More than a third of U.S. voters want to know more about Mitt Romney ‘s tenure at the private equity firm Bain Capital LLC and how much he paid in taxes, according to a poll released today.
  • Ad campaign blasts eligibility question at voters (wnd.com)
    voters likely aren’t going to escape the questions over Obama’s eligibility under the U.S. Constitution’s requirements that someone must be a “natural born citizen” to qualify this year.
    “The fact is, if we don’t know who Barack Obama is, we shouldn’t even have him as a candidate for president,” the ad explains. “Let’s disqualify Obama before the Democratic National Convention.”
    On the show, he said Romney should demand to see Obama’s records in return for meeting Democrat demands to release his tax records. Trump said Obama probably is more scared of releasing his own documentation than he is of releasing all the information about the Fast and Furious gun scandal perpetrated by his administration.
  • On the show, he said Romney should demand to see Obama’s records in return for meeting Democrat demands to release his tax records. Trump said Obama probably is more scared of releasing his own documentation than he is of releasing all the information about the Fast and Furious gun scandal perpetrated by his administration.
  • New poll shows Romney edging Obama in Michigan (hotair.com)
    The RCP average for polls in Michigan over the last six weeks shows an average gap of just 1.7 points — and Obama at 45.5%.  That’s very low for an incumbent Democratic President, especially one in a union-heavy state like Michigan.  In 2012, Obama’s average in Michigan state polls has never been higher than 51 points, and hasn’t been above the “magic” 50% level needed for incumbents since May 11th — more than two months ago.
    If independents play a larger role in this election, and the economy continues to decline, Obama could wind up losing Michigan — and that would be a death knell to his re-election hopes.  Regardless, it’s now clear that Obama will have to campaign hard in Michigan just to play defense, and that will mean shifting resources from states like Ohio and Virginia that Republicans have to win back this year to beat him.
  • More Than $100 Million in Attack Ads Fails to Move Voters (bloomberg.com)
    After spending more than $100 million airing mostly negative ads in the last three months, President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney and their allies haven’t been able to move the public-opinion needle in the states most likely to determine the general election.

    In seven battleground states the candidates are either statistically tied or Obama holds a slight advantage, polls show. The deadlock comes as the campaign moves into a more critical phase that includes the presumptive Republican nominee’s foreign trip and running-mate selection and the two national conventions in late August and early September.
    Obama’s campaign spent an estimated $49.6 million to run ads in those seven states during the past 90 days, while Romney’s has spent $19.6 million. Crossroads GPS, Americans for Prosperity and Restore Our Future, three outside groups backing Romney, spent $29 million in those seven battleground states during the past 90 days. Priorities USA Action, founded by former Obama aides, spent $4.6 million in those states during that period, according to CMAG data.

  • Charlotte-area small business owners tell Obama: Yes we did (charlotteobserver.com)
    “We’re paying property taxes, fuel taxes,” Tucker said. “How much more taxes do you want us to pay? I had forty-something employees, now I have twenty-three.”+
    n an email to an Observer reporter, Jamie Crain, a spokeswoman for the North Carolina Democratic Party, called the “We Did Build This” campaign events Wednesday a “desperate attempt to change the topic from his failing record as Governor of Massachusetts, his ‘business experience’ outsourcing American jobs overseas and his continued refusal to be transparent with voters and release his tax returns. If Mitt Romney applied Romney Economics to the nation like he did in Massachusetts, it would hurt North Carolina’s small businesses and stifle their growth.”

  • Black voters key to NC presidential race (newsobserver.com)
    There is discontent about the economy – unemployment in North Carolina’s black community is 19 percent. And many African-Americans disagreed with the president’s support for same-sex marriage. But while Obama’s support among white voters has eroded in North Carolina since he narrowly carried the state in 2008, his backing among African-Americans has remained strong. That is a major reason why Obama remains locked in a tight race with Republican Mitt Romney in the state.

    In black churches across the state this weekend, the Obama campaign will launch its congregation captains program to find people willing to organize their congregations through phone banks in homes or small meetings.

    “There is no question that the African-American vote is critical to the president’s re-election and for us to win North Carolina,” said U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield, D-Wilson, a key ally of the president. “The African-American vote was a major piece of the president’s win in ’08. Our challenge now is to repeat the enthusiasm and repeat the turnout we experienced in ’08.”

    Stirred by the historic nature of the Obama candidacy, black turnout increased in the Tar Heel state by 127,000 votes from 2004 to the 2008 presidential elections. It provided the difference in a state that Obama carried by only 14,177 votes.


Obama’s campaign spent an estimated $49.6 million to run ads in those seven states during the past 90 days, while Romney’s has spent $19.6 million

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