Bridge builder Obama

Throughout his 2008 presidential campaign and term in office, questions have been raised regarding Barack Obama’s family background, economic philosophy and fundamental political ideology.


According to some Americanssince his election, Obama has zealously pursued the most stunning power grab in modern history, not only through unthinkable federal spending and takeovers of entire industries like automotive and banking and in-progress takeovers of health care and energy, but by creating a virtual shadow government of “czars” within the executive branch. Others say Obama sold himself to America as the multi-cultural ideal, a man who stood above politics. Many are blinded by certain groups who do not want that there would be a hand in their pocket taking money to help less fortunate people. All social measures, which are in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene Jew, who lived about two thousand years ago, are for those rightwings smelling to Marxism and communism. Lots of Americans even think that social attitude and the care of liberty for all sorts of people is breaking with the thought and intentions of the Pilgrim-Fathers.

With his family by his side, Barack Obama is s...

With his family by his side, Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th president of the United States by Chief Justice of the United States John G. Roberts, Jr. in Washington, D.C., Jan. 20, 2009. More than 5,000 men and women in uniform are providing military ceremonial support to the presidential inauguration, a tradition dating back to George Washington’s 1789 inauguration. VIRIN: 090120-F-3961R-919 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Coloured people and mixed faith

Obama wanted to lay bridges and connect the living-quarters of the coloured people with the white ones. Negroes, East Asian, South Asian and Latino should all have the same possibilities and same rights as the natives and the white (ancient) immigrants.

Being coloured, he knew of the difficulties some people could have to find schooling and work possibilities.  He also was aware that being mixed is different for all of us and that we all have different experiences, different attitudes, different alliances, different world views.

Having a mix of all sorts of cultures, people with different religions, Obama wanted that everybody could respect each others different views. For this he was probably not aware of the conservative ranks of some parties. For Obama organisations and committees should cross bridges and borders to come and meet the other partners. But then he overlooked the the crafty and the obstinate. For some he also did not understand the danger of actions which could be undertaken by somebody when he was considered different than the person himself felt.

The degree to which you look …

Previous balletdancer and now Psychotherapist biracial: Black and White (African American and Ashkenazi Jewish) Lisa W. Rosenberg knows how a person can be thrown from one side to the other. She writes: “the degree to which you “look black” affects your experience of being biracial.  For example, if you appear white—to whites and others—you may go through life feeling angry and misunderstood, even as you unwittingly reap certain privileges.  You might go out of your way to prove your blackness to others, becoming more Afro-centric than you might otherwise be.” She has seen this in colleagues, friends and psychotherapy clients alike.   “If you appear black—to whites, to other blacks—if your mixed-ness is invisible, you might feel defensive about your dual heritage being constantly overlooked.  You might bend over backwards to avoid having black stereotypes pinned on you.”

To let you feel bad

As a biracial Jew – a ballerina turned shrink – a recovered anorexic and  bulimic responsible for feeding her family – dual identity is part of Lisa’s life and central to her writing, she perhaps recognises some things which could keep Obama out of his sleep.

For sure she noted that ther were enough people who blocked Obama’s continued efforts to boost the economy. “They signed the Norquist Pledge, tying their own hands, even as they knew—they had to know—that all cuts, no taxes would only dig us into a deeper, more divided hole.” she writes in ‘The Would-be Master of Compromise‘  and continues: “They knew that if they worked with you, if things improved, you would look good and their one-term dreams would go up in smoke.  It was more important to make you look bad than to help save the country.” and that is really what many people tried to do the last few moths. Whatever you may think of they tried to get their answer ready to proof that it was all wrong or that it was against the founding fathers their ideas.

Don Q

Every time Obama had to fight the windmills like The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha. Literally and figuratively President Obama had to push Congress to extend the wind energy production tax credit to invest in America’s wind industry and help create clean energy jobs that will strengthen the United States economic and energy future. Mitt Romney, however, is opposed to the wind energy tax credit, preferring to let it expire while maintaining $4 billion in taxpayer subsidies to the oil and gas industry. And according to my mind he has not many green issues, taking care of our so precious nature.

Convention and Challenge

2,286 delegates and 2,125 alternate delegates from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and five U.S. territories gather together to nominate the next president of the United States at the 40th Republican National Convention, found that history was been made in Tampa Louisiana at the 40th Republican National Convention.

John McCain holding Bush's head.

John McCain holding Bush’s head. (Photo credit: Jesuspower)

Sen. John McCain, Obama’s presidential rival in 2008, said at the Republican convention in Tampa : “For four years, we’ve drifted away from our proudest traditions of global leadership. We’ve let the challenges we face, both at home and abroad, become harder to solve.” He faulted Obama for cuts to projected defense spending, a timetable for withdrawing U.S. forces from Afghanistan and an unwillingness to use more U.S. military force to stop the months of bloodshed in Syria. McCain drew the loudest applause when he criticized the government over suspected national security leaks.

Condoleezza Rice, Bush’s secretary of state, seemed afraid that out of America the world was not going to trust the United States any more. “From Israel to Poland to the Philippines to Colombia and across the world — they must know that we are reliable and consistent and determined. … Our military capability and technological advantage will be safe in Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan‘s hands.” she brought into the defence of the republican canditates.

Lack of evidence

Romney insisted Wednesday that Obama has been less than forceful, but he forgets that he may perhaps play the strong boy who is going to solve everything, he did not come over the border with the solutions or the right cyphers. Wall Street Journal is not blind for smelly talks and writes: “A new study released Wednesday suggests that Mitt Romney’s tax plan would benefit the rich and hurt the poor and middle class, no matter how current blanks in the plan are filled in.” And ads “Romney has said he would offset the loss of personal income tax revenue (estimated at $360 billion a year by the Tax Policy Center) by reducing tax deductions and credits. And he has said he would do this while making sure that those at the top keep paying the ‘same share of the tax burden they’re paying now’ … Romney has failed to produce evidence that what he promises is possible. And we judge that the weight of evidence and expert opinion is clear—it’s not possible.”

“For the past four years, President Obama has allowed our leadership to diminish,” the Republican presidential candidate told the American Legion in a speech in Indianapolis. “In dealings with other nations, he has given trust where it is not earned, insult where it is not deserved and apology where it is not due.”

Responsibility and need of time

When Obama went the first time to become the first Negro at the highest post of the Unites States he was humble enough to fear the responsibility he had to carry for many Americans at the side lines. Many battles were waiting for him.

He knew that it would become important to give the many poor people work, but also safety when they were at work or when they would fall ill.  To get more people at work Obama saw the small businesses as the engines of the American economy. He wanted to see that they could create two out of every three new jobs in his country.

The president wanted to build many bridges between the workers and employers, giving the employers incentives to invest more in the future. To support small businesses, 18 tax cuts were signed and though the banks created a financial crisis Obama managed to support a record volume of small business loans last year, and more than 150,000 loans since he took office, allowing business owners to expand and hire more workers. Early-stage businesses and businesses in under-served communities or emerging business sectors could find $2 billion in Small Business Administration funding.

Psychological, physical health and Pilgrims

Investing in infrastructure, innovation, and education was priority. Education was part of a health system which Obama would wanted to have renewed so that every American citizen could grow up without having to worry about education, psychological and physical treatment. A healthy body should go together with a healthy soul and bright mind, not having to be under financial or doctrinal pressure.

Aware of the American history he did not have to distort the ideas of the Founding Fathers, but probably understood them much better than a lot of white Americans, who perhaps had never been out of the United States or never had a confrontation with the Old World.

The Old World which the Founding Fathers had escaped for well known reasons. They had seen what damage religion could do to a people. They understood what it was to be ill and to have no means to heal or to help others to survive. They had hear the many tales of the different nationalities and got a clear picture how not to do it in the New World.

Falling or standing – breakers dashing against the coast

Four years ago, after an unsuccessfully run for the United States House of Representatives in 2000, there was the bridge builder Barack Hussein Obama II who defeated Republican nominee John McCain, and was inaugurated as president on January 20, 2009. He had swam many waters and for sure shall have to cross still a lot of boarders. But his bridge over the White House and the family house has been laid already. He has given the President of the United States a human face, with a family which wants to be co-operative to work for a better future of a whole nation of mixed people.

Barack Obama family portrait 2011.jpg

U.S. First Family (2011): Barack Obama, Sasha Obama, Michelle Obama, and Malia Obama.

Michelle Obama, née Robinson, did show the world not only that she is a worthy First Lady of the United States and a good house mother, showing many of the basic values every citizen should have. As a a lawyer and a University of Chicago Hospital vice-president, she surely knows what was needed by the population who are not so wealthy as those who do find that everybody should be responsible for their own private insurance and that nobody should pay for those without work or in bad health.

Before his inauguration, President Obama published an open letter to his daughters in Parade magazine, describing what he wants for them and every child in America: “to grow up in a world with no limits on your dreams and no achievements beyond your reach, and to grow into compassionate, committed women who will help build that world.” (Obama, Barack (January 13, 2009). “‘What I Want for You—And Every Child in America'”)

Looks like the Cyclones are fired up for #ObamaISU!

The piles and parts of the foundation of the bridge is being prepared, but there is still a lot of work to have the bridge crossing the many waters the president has to swim.

We can only hope that many Americans shall open their eyes and see the important work this 44th president has done for the civil rights of any citizen in the United States of America. though many seem to find that they got restricted in many levels, they should be aware that only by creating a form of solidarity that a prosperous state can be safeguarded from calamities. Also by putting no one or no religion or organisation in front of others, avoiding embarrassing confrontations in public places is one secure way to seal the freedom of speech and religion and the Liberty for many, not to say for all.

Still lots to do

There is still more work to do — to grow the United States economy, create good jobs, to strengthen the middle class. And in November, the voice of the American citizen will matter more than it ever has before, either to continue the work on the bridge of freedom and prosperity for many, or to create an elite powerful rich bunch against many more poor people.

Those who stay at home sitting in their seat, not going to vote, shall afterwards have nothing to complain about, because they shall have missed their chance to speak out. Giving the bridge-builder the opportunity to continue his important task, or to give the mortar to somebody else, to secure his own business partners their jobs.


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“Look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something – there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there. If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help.  There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.”

  • “We won’t put your dog on the roof” (
    The theme tonight at the Republican National Convention is “We did build that.” In case you don’t live in a state getting barraged by the $500 million already spent on TV advertising so far this year, the slogan is a reference to an Obama quote from July intentionally pulled out of context. In the Republican version, which played several times tonight in video complications, Obama says, “Let me tell you something, if you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.”In the reality version, Obama is talking about roads and bridges, which help businesses succeed, but are not built by business owners
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    the Republicans will end up blaming Obama for the policies they pushed in the Bush years, and the recession that began on a Republican president’s watch, and a continuation of tax cuts that they supported.
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    The fact is, anyone can claim to be a Christian, which is why God warns us in His word to be able to discern from a true witness from a false witness. God gives clear indicators for knowing whether someone is truly of God as a true believer. We are exhorted in God’s word to be careful, watchful and mindful not to become deceived by anyone and not be carried away by the cunningness and craftiness of men with subtle but charming and smooth words.
    I do have a problem with Barack Obama’s claim of being a Christian and his statements because he has a very important role obviously as the President of the United States. A role that I’d say he has not taken very seriously at all, but only to become exalted and glorified seemingly, as he spends more time altering the United States into some other kind of country completely lacking in all things that has made America great. Obama has spent his entire time as the President campaigning and using subtly to seduce the populace into believing that somehow he is on their side, when he is not. Obama has used the word of God to condescend those that would oppose him or to seem as though he is one of us and so we need to listen to what he has to say.
  • No, I won’t apologize for voting for Obama, but Meade regrets voting for McCain. (
    My refusal to apologize hinges on my 3 reasons for voting for Obama: 1. I wanted Democrats to have to take responsibility terrorism and security issues instead of being able to get away with sniping from the sidelines, 2. The central issue of the day was economics, and McCain had professed and demonstrated that he was unprepared to handle it, and 3. I believed Obama had the potential to advance us in some new way on racial matters.
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    Despite many assurances on Mr. Obama’s part, and despite spending far beyond what I wanted on the project, my toilets are still full of . . . well, they’re not fixed. And now I’m told there’s some question as to whether I can fire him.I want to say, right up front, that Mr. Obama inherited a real mess in my house. The plumbing was in worse shape than it had been since, gosh, the late ’70s. Maybe since the 1930s. So I didn’t have any wild expectations that Obama & Co. would have the sinks unclogged and the pipes flowing overnight.
  • John McCain: Republicans Need to Launch More War (
    ohn McCain’s 76 year old bag of bones addressed the Republican National Convention last night. Republicans love putting their losers on stage and McCain was the ultimate in babbling losers. What was McCain’s message? Send your sons and daughter off to more war in spite of the fact we can’t even win the current wars we are in. More war, more debt, more body bags. I wish his old scraggly body would pick up a piece and go over and fight.
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    Panarin said that American society is in decline, referencing school shootings like Columbine. Combined with the banker bailouts in 2008 as proof that the US is no longer the global dominating economy, Paranrin believes that the American dream is over.He asserts that mass immigration, economic decline and moral degradation will plunge America into a civil war that will center on the collapse of the US dollar.
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    Is ObamaCare a government takeover of medicine?” That’s the question Forbescontributor Carolyn McClanahan posed in a recent blog post, as she attempted to quell “misconceptions” about the President’s Affordable Care Act, while promoting key aspects of the law. McClanahan concedes the law is far from perfect, but that it is “the most significant attempt our country has ever made at reforming our costly and inefficient health care system.”McClanahan goes on to dispute the common assertion that ObamaCare is a “government takeover” of medicine.
    Government officials have called for higher quality of care, and ObamaCare grants them the authority to impose numerous quality-control standards, much like a CEO or manager would require them to do.
  • Ryan: Obama not solely to blame for auto plant failureNBC’s Brian Williams spoke with Mitt Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. When asked about Republican platforms on abortion and whether or not there should be exceptions for rape or incest, Ryan said most women are asking about economic growth and the education of their children.

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