Stronger than anything that wants to destroy

Often first something terrible has to happen before people recognise the blessings they have.

Its not from what they see on the small or bigger screen today, but from the things that they really can feel. Or when working with people recovering from life-altering injuries and diseases then they start getting to know the importance of making the most of every day.

Happenings each day

Perhaps we can look at what’s happening in Quebec … the boldness of the media democracy movement in Mexico … the teenagers leading an education revolt in Chile … the Pussy Riot inspired art war unnerving Putin in Russia … and the new post-capitalist ways of living being forged in Greece and Spain.

Free Pussy Riot

Free Pussy Riot (Photo credit: gaelx)

Everywhere we look around we can find something to complain.

We can witness the growing tempo of green riots across China, the South African miner strikes, the corruption protests of India, the freedom fight in Bahrain, the tremors of dissent in Saudi Arabia, the total loss of confidence in America’s corporate-funded Coke-Pepsi election show.

In case all that is not enough we can add to that the crippling droughts, looming food scarcity, the end of easy oil and the tipping points hovering ominously on the horizon.

Nature challenged


Spain (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

Many forget that it is already five over twelve. We need to start right now to make a better future.

Sing for the Climate : Do it Now – De Clip

The song may make you swing, and if you want you are welcome to come and sign with the whole community on Saturday and Sunday 22 & 23 September.

But I wanted you also to remind you that there shall always be people who would like to destroy the world of others.

A sunny day in September

File:The WTC shadows over Manhattan.jpg

The WTC shadows over Manhattan

Also on the sunny day of September the 11th 2001. For days afterwards many stayed glued to the TV watching history unfold. Along with the rest of the nation we all could see a terrible mess and could imagine the pain many would have to carry for years.

The day old veteran Rick Rescorla came back on the phone to Dan Hill. “Pack a bag and get up here,” he said. “You can be my consultant again.” He added that the Port Authority was telling him not to evacuate and to order people to stay at their desks.

”What’d you say?” Hill asked.

File:1993 World Trade Center Bombing by Eric Ascalon WTC5.jpg

Procession of emergency vehicles at the World Trade Center bombing on February 26, 1993. The Tower is on the far right of the frame. Photo taken by Eric Ascalon from an adjacent pedestrian walkway. – Eric Ascalon

I said, ‘Piss off, you son of a bitch,’ “ Rescorla replied. “Everything above where that plane hit is going to collapse, and it’s going to take the whole building with it. I’m getting my people the fuck out of here.” Then he said, “I got to go. Get your shit in one basket and get ready to come up.”

Hill turned back to the TV and, within minutes, saw the second plane execute a sharp left turn and plunge into the south tower. Susan, his wife with whom he was to get of to Florence the next day, saw it, too, and frantically phoned her husband’s office. She had urged Rick to take off the week of the tenth, but his deputy, Ihab Dana, had already reserved that week to visit his family in Lebanon, and there was an important luncheon on the eleventh. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter had filed suit against the Port Authority over the 1993 bombing, and Rescorla was preparing to give deposition testimony about the inadequate security.


The blogger Kevin, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Man, eleven years later, was at the site. Today, the 9/11 Memorial occupies Ground Zero.  Two pools now sit in the Twin Towers’ imprint.  The pools, surrounded by thirty-foot walls of cascading water, eventually descend into a centre void.  The bronze rims of the pools are engraved with the names of the victims.

File:World Trade Center fog.jpg

Between the towers of the World Trade Center as a cloud passes between them.

And that’s where I want to get to …  what he saw … and what nature has done to that what seemed lost for ever.

Kevin noticed a tree.  Adjacent to the pools is a garden where all of the trees are Swamp White Oaks – all, except for this one tree; a Callery Pear Tree that is protected by a railing, where visitors line up and pose for pictures, as if this particular tree is a celebrity.

A Hero

Though the “Man of Cornwall”, stayed for ever there were ashes and rubble in the vast pit was and where the Trade Center had once stood.
Rescorla’s heroism on September 11th was quickly brought to national attention by the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Associated Press, and the Wall Street Journal. The Washington Postfollowed, on October 28th, with a long and insightful account, by Michael Greenwald, of Rescorla’s life and “epic death, one of those inspirational hero-tales that have sprouted like wildflowers from the Twin Towers rubble.” The Morristown police paid tribute to Rescorla at a fund-raising dinner.

Rick Rescorla had been a magnificent ‘tree.

“What she doesn’t understand is that she knew him for four or five years.” says Dan Hill. “She knew a sixty-two-year-old man with cancer. I knew him as a hundred-and-eighty-pound, six-foot-one piece of human machinery that would not quit, that did not know defeat, that would not back off one inch. In the middle of the greatest battle of Vietnam, he was singing to the troops, saying we’re going to rip them a new asshole, when everyone else was worrying about dying. If he had come out of that building and someone died who he hadn’t tried to save, he would have had to commit suicide.”

”I’ve tried to tell Susan this, in a way, but she’s not ready yet for the truth. In the next weeks or months, I’ll get her down here, and we’ll take a walk along the ocean, and I’ll explain these things. You see, for Rick Rescorla, this was a natural death. People like Rick, they don’t die old men. They aren’t destined for that and it isn’t right for them to do so. It just isn’t right, by God, for them to become feeble, old, and helpless sons of bitches. There are certain men born in this world, and they’re supposed to die setting an example for the rest of the weak bastards we’re surrounded with.” continues Hill.

Pain and terror

Those having experienced firsthand that unimaginable pain, loss, devastation, grief and terror, had to face the past and had to continue forward. For them the world was never going to be the same. They could not turn back the clock, but all things that happened that day and hours around, would haunt them every day now and in the future.

After all the paper work and recuperation they had to build up a new life.

They had been damaged like the tree that was originally planted on the World Trade Center plaza, on the eastern edge near Church Street, in the ‘70s.  After 9/11, workers found the damaged tree – reduced to an eight-foot-tall stump in the wreckage at Ground Zero.

Surviving wood

Instead of throwing away the bloc of wood, the tree was removed to a NYC park, where it was nursed back to health.  New branches sprouted, blossoms opened in spring, and the tree eventually reached 30 feet.

Nature did not seem content with the restoration and attacked again the tree in March 2010. However, uprooted by severe storms it still survived with the help of its caretakers and its will, if we could think that a tree has a will.

In December 2010, the tree was returned to the WTC site, where it sits just west of the south pool – a symbol of strength and resilience.  It’s no wonder that so many people wait in line to be photographed next to the tree.

The Survivor Tree – Kevin The Nitty Gritty Dirt Man

Sometimes we all need a tree – or a parent, a partner, a friend, a stranger – on which to lean, much like we all did on 9/12 and the weeks, months, and years following.

Whatever bad happens in life, try to learn from it and use it to strengthen you.

Afraid, living in New York

To the girl who was afraid coming and living in places in New York I wrote:

If you look carefully you also see the city which continued to live and be busy as ever. You wrote “Ever since that day, I have the constant fear of evil and hatred in the world.” Evil and hatred have always been in the world, but we should not fear it. We should go against it. You continued “And I have burning hatred and lack of understanding for those misanthropes that cause pain in the hearts of any individual regardless of sexuality, religion, age, gender, nationality, or ethnicity.” Hatred is based on the extreme dislike or the dislike intensity which brings down the positive thinking of some one. enmity is a negative thing we better get rid off.


The world is too beautiful to let you become warp in a negative spiral by all the hate which, I do agree, can find in this world. But when you look carefully, you shall be able to see, in the small things of life, the nicer things, the beauty which is in the heart of many and even more in nature.

Being brought up as an Evangelical, you probably heard about how God carries His people and is willing to guide those who seek Him. He has placed in every hearth of His creation the seed, either to rot in the sun, to grow on the rocks, or to be laying in fertile earth, to grow-up and to be fertile on its own.


“Looking at your website,” I wrote ” it seems that today, you are ready to tackle the world, and to have your stem coming up higher in between the weeds.
Several weeds are very good for health, but we need to know how to use them and have to be sure not to overuse or to go over the allowed quantity.”


New Orleans march against violent crime in responce to multiple recent murders. – Photo by Infrogmation

The good and the bad, can all come to our advantage. Even from the worst experience we have got we can learn a lot, if we are willing to learn from it and do not use it to get self-pity. Self-deception, self-delusion, self-deceit do all have the ‘self’ as the core. Persons can have a feeling which is more concerned about their self; they may have a self-complacency, a self-assertion, and would like to be self-sufficient in the world which either has to turn around their ego or in which they want to find a place for their ego. No matter what happens, somewhere they and we do have to fit in this world.
Better is it to be in self-control and to direct that self-command from a secure inside, full of self-possession. Today you are at that turning point to find that restraint were the positivism shall be stronger than the negativism. In a certain way it is only by letting the positive ideas come into your mind that you shall regain your self-control.

I do hope you shall be able to collect yourself and that you would like to go into this world with some Good News.

Living in a cosmopolitan

When living in a cosmopolitan city it is important that you have a protective shield around you. In case you still are a Christian you should trust your God (Jehovah) and look at the endurance of His son (Jeshua/Jesus). Also be aware of the lots of people who live in worse conditions than you are. You are living in a luxury world and might be happy that you have enough drinking water and food, daily.

Being in an environment where there are thousands of people you should be aware that with more than one million different characters, the place shall have to face different opinions and very different situations each day. Why should you tremble every time an alarm goes off in your office building? Does that mean that you did not prepare yourself beforehand? Have you not looked at all the possible exits and ways out when this or that happens. Wherever you come you should try to see what could happen when fire brakes out or when there are some lunatics who bring others and you in danger and cause panic. Knowing what to do shall make you more secure. For sure living in such a big city, you shall encounter more than one unpleasant experience, sometimes with a lot of violence. The cities I lived in: Antwerp, Cologne, London, ans worked for many years in Brussels, smaller than New York, but also there I encountered more than once violence.

Several times I had to flee places for the attacks of the IRA, and I still get goose pimples when I see the blood spread after the bomb attacks. (Also the noise of the people screaming does not go out of my head at certain moments, when the remembrance is back there.)

Concerned and afraid

“When a terrorist attack or an event that causes individuals to evacuate a building occurs, I become gravely concerned.” she wrote. Being concerned is good, and much better than being afraid. Though in a certain way the fear shall always be there. But it is better for your own protection that you try to make your insight spiritual life stronger so that you do not fear the people so much, but fear more God.

I do agree I also was not so sure, when 7 people attacked me and one kept pushing a knife into my coat. But I kept calm and did not want to let me go. I walked further to the exit of the park, in the hope to encounter people who could come to my rescue, with a soft but decided voice. I got back under the people on the street, facing only a few cuts and having to buy a new coat. but I was alive and kicking again.

Easy prey

Having worked in the show-business I was often on the streets late at night (or should I say early in the morning) and a target for muggers and rapists. The thieves I could mostly keep away from me, taking on such a body language, they knew they should not come too close or should stop following me. Showing fear is making you the easy prey.

Now I am retired, I got some part-time work as a security officer, and I want to warn you that terrorists and scum shall always be one step before us. The work we do is really necessary (I am afraid I do have to admit.) So be pleased there are all those security checks at airports, train-stations and other public places. But never forget you have to be prepared too. Being aware of what can go wrong shall help you when there goes something wrong.


Can you imagine what a trauma it must be for the many persons who were there on that day and survived. In respect of the many courageous people who gave their live on that day you should not let the terrorists win. Stand up and go to those places and dare to live happy again. This does not mean you have to forget all the people who died in terrorist acts, that is something totally different. But know that you only live once, and when your time to go shall come, it will be there, whatever you try to do. But we should show others that we can be stronger than they think. And that strength has to be build from the inside of your self. Bit by bit, day by day, by trying to learn from the good but also from the bad experiences, you shall be able to build up your personality and make yourself stronger.

I wish you the best of luck with your journey into the world of becoming a better you.


“To you and your families the rest of us cannot begin to imagine the pain you have endured these past few years. But no matter how many years pass, no matter how many times we come together on this hallowed ground, know this, you will never be alone. Your loved ones will never be forgotten.” President Barack Obama Sept. 11, 2012


After all the darkness, there shall come back some light. Better to have it shining again bright and clear.

Seize the day!


Please do read the touching story of Rick Rescorla:

The Real Heroes Are Dead, A love story. By

And find the blog articles:

  1. 9/11 as a New Yorker
  2. For 9/11
  3. Lessons Learned From A 9/11 Survivor
  4. The Y generation in conflict with itself
  5. Why We Need To Remember 9/11
    This week (specific date) we take time to remember the tragic events that occurred on September 11 2001. For most people, the details of that day are engraved into their memories. But for many of the younger generation, like myself, the day and its significance feel like a more recent version of Pearl Harbor. The emotions and experiences of that day are lost in the generation gap.
    Those who were too young to remember 9/11 should strive to learn more about it. That day is arguably the most important event in our country’s recent history. The youth should look to understand this event and not just settle for reading an article about it. They should learn why the date September 11, 2001, is set aside and remembered. It’s not just another day on the calender, it’s not just another moment of silence, it’s a day that changed our country, and the world.
  6. We Will Never ForgetThere are moments like these in life, moments we never forget.  Moments where we knew exactly what we were doing, exactly how we felt, exactly how we reacted.  These moments are even more monuments when they are shared experiences with many around us.  And there are some occasions where the entire nation and sometimes even the world (or so it seems) have a shared experience.
  7. When Does Enough Become Enough?What I do know is that every year around this time, we get the 9/11 TV specials. The conspiracy theorists. The “Never Forget” spots on TV, the messages and sparkly pictures of the Twin Towers on Facebook. The sickening gifs on Tumblr, which I still want to slap someone across the face for making. The memorial ceremonies on the actual date and the reciting of names. And all of it, while well-intentioned, I’m sure, makes me cringe.The fact is that none of this helps us move on. None of this helps us rebuild. None of this helps us at least look as though we can pick ourselves up, dust off our proverbial shoulders and move on. And I’m not saying we should forget or that the families who have lost loved ones have it any easier just because it’s been eleven years. That would be callous to assume.
  8. Event of the Week – September 9, 2012As we marked the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks that changed our lives forever, thousands of miles away, Egyptian and Libyan mobs were commemorating the day quite differently. For those of you who somehow managed to miss it, these mobs attacked our U.S. Embassies in Egypt and Libya (as well as in Yemen and Tunisia today), climbing the walls, tearing down the American flag and, in Egypt, raised the black flag of al-Qaeda in its place.
  9. Even overseas Sept. 11 is reverenced, as seen by this statue in a Costa Rican park.
  10. 9/11: We still remember
  11. Blowing Bubbles For Freedom
    I understand that we must move forward in life, but I truly believe we must never forget and we must teach the future generations about that day and that week. Yes horrible events occurred, but we all united that week. Each of us set aside our differences and our beliefs to comfort one another, we found the strength in each other to start to heal. So please for the world’s sake, never forget that day and never forget how each of us can show compassion and we can all unite as one strong community.
    R.I.P. to all who lost their lives on that day and because of that day. Thank you to all of those who served, are serving and will serve this country. You are an amazing group of ordinary people who do extraordinary things, in other words each of you are a Superhero.
  12. Turn Your Backs to the WaterTurn your backs to the water, and give New York a second to be still, if not sleep, which she doesn’t.  Her bones and dust will never completely settle, as it is. Either way, the trains keep moving, businessmen keep working, the homeless keep begging, she grows and gains speed and strength. The G trains keep arriving late, the art students continue photo-shopping, babies sleep sometimes, cry sometimes. She is becoming and is already gracious, persevering, home.
  13. Falling Man of 9/11 Still Demands Justice
    Jonathan Briley was the falling man of 9/11 and one of 200 jumpers who leaped to their deaths on that infamous day in 2001. His image captured by Richard Drew continues to shock and it still demands the truth and justice for those who perpetrated or allowed this treasonous operation and carefully orchestrated cover up to occur.
    The 9/11 cover up is America’s greatest bamboozle and many Americans are apparently no longer interested in finding the truth ~ for it would indeed be too painful to acknowledge. But here are some facts to ponder on the 11th anniversary of 9/11
    A new 15-minute documentary narrated by actor Ed Asner features many 9/11Truth experts, including structural engineers, chemical engineers, material scientists, physicists, building demolition experts, firemen and others.
    See this remarkable documentary on YouTube:
  14. Remembering …. the pain never leaves.11 years later we’re still fighting, still dying, still struggling to come to grips with what had changed our world. Some things have changed for the better, some things unfortunately will never change. There will always be wars. Why? I don’t know. Maybe in time we, as a world, will learn to live in peace. We can only hope and dream that our children and grandchildren will never have to live through a day like Pearl Harbor or Sept. 11.
  15. A Nation At WarBut as we prepare to track down the perpetrators of this “terrible attack” the Columbia Journalism Review tweeted a link to an essay about about war and the loaded language used to describe it– an essay I found to be extremely useful for any journalist, even the aspiring ones.
  16. then and now – Sept 12The firefighters at Squad 41 and I set up a plan they will call every morning and evening to check in whether they know anything new or not. The day is a blur. It is like being in a fog. As the phone rings, I relay the same information over and over again.  One of the other wives from Squad 41 calls; we agree to stay in touch. As people stop by, I meet many of them outside for several reasons, partly because the weather was beautiful, partly because I don’t want my daughter’s hearing the same thing over and over and partly because you may not like my 130 lb Rottweiler.

Articles available until December 2012:

  1. The Destruction of the World Trade Center: Why the Official Account of 911 Cannot Be True
    In The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11 (2004), I summarized dozens of facts and reports that cast doubt on the official story about 9/11. Then in The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions (2005a), I discussed the way these various facts and reports were treated by the 9/11 Commission, namely, by distorting or simply omitting them. I have also taken this big-picture approach, with its cumulative argument, in my previous essays and lectures on 9/11 (Griffin, 2005b and 2005d). This approach, which shows every aspect of the official story to be problematic, provides the most effective challenge to the official story.
    Shortly after 9/11, President Bush advised people not to tolerate “outrageous conspiracy theories about the attacks of 11 September” (Bush, 2001).[2] Philip Zelikow, who directed the work of the 9/11 Commission, has likewise warned against “outrageous conspiracy theories” (Hansen, 2005). What do these men mean by this expression? They cannot mean that we should reject all conspiracy theories about 9/11, because the government’s own account is a conspiracy theory, with the conspirators all being members of al-Qaeda. They mean only that we should reject outrageous theories.
    The official theory is rendered implausible by two major problems. The first is the simple fact that fire has never—prior to or after 9/11—caused steel-frame high-rise buildings to collapse. Defenders of the official story seldom if ever mention this simple fact. Indeed, the supposedly definitive report put out by NIST—the National Institute for Standards and Technology (2005)—even implies that fire-induced collapses of large steel-frame buildings are normal events (Hoffman, 2005).[4] Far from being normal, however, such collapses have never occurred, except for the alleged cases of 9/11.
  2. 9/11- The Conspiracies
    Since the September 11, 2001 attacks, a number of websites, books, and films have challenged the mainstream account of the attacks. Although mainstream media report that al-Qaeda conspired to carry out the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks; 9/11 conspiracy theories assert the mainstream accounts are inaccurate or incomplete. Many groups and individuals challenging the official account, which they call the OCT, or “Official Conspiracy Theory,” identify with the 9/11 Truth Movement.
    Immediately following the September 11, 2001 attacks, the U.S. government stated that nineteen terrorists hijacked four commercial airplanes by using knives, box cutters, pepper spray and fake explosives. At 8:46 a.m. and 9:03am, Flights 11 and 175 crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, causing them to collapse soon after. 7 World Trade Center collapsed later in the day from fires started by debris from the collapse of the North Tower. Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m. and Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania at 10:03 a.m. after the passengers stormed the cockpit. US government intelligence sources identified the hijackers and linked them to the terrorist organisation al-Qaeda, headed by Osama Bin Laden, which later claimed sole responsibility for the attacks.
    Seven World Trade Center collapsed at 5:20 p.m. on September 11. Although it is received relatively little attention in the mainstream media, conspiracy theorists frequently discuss the nature of its collapse. They claim that it showed signs of a conventional controlled demolition (as opposed to the Twin Towers which they claim were an unusual form of controlled demolition).[71] They also say that since no plane hit the building, how fires caused even a local collapse is even harder to explain with Building 7 than it is with the Twin Towers. Flaming debris did fall onto the building as a result of the collapse of the twin towers, but Four, Five, and Six World Trade Center which were all closer to the Towers than the Twin Towers, remained standing despite also being severely damaged.[72]


  • It Is One Big Joined Up Struggle. (
    The world is rapidly changing, no longer are we involved in isolated struggles in our own backyard. We have a world vision, through the means of modern communication we are a joined-up struggle, it is no longer the boss-man, it is the world corporate system that we see as the enemy. We can support and show solidarity across the planet as we see the struggle unfold, we can relate each struggle to our own struggle, it is one gigantic struggle for freedom, justice and sustainability. Anger and resistance is growing, we gain strength from knowing others are struggling with us for the same aims, that makes victory all the more certain.
  • Why Muslim violence in defense of Islam?

    The Muslim attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya came just as I was preparing to review Sadakat Kadri’s provocative and thought-provoking book on Shari’a law: how it evolved from diverse interpretations over 14 centuries and how it is understood today. I asked Kadri to comment on the riots in Libya and Egypt. I asked him to explain why Muslims seem to react more violently to hateful and offensive insults to their religious beliefs than people who practice other religions do.

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19 Responses to Stronger than anything that wants to destroy

  1. Marcus Ampe says:

    LisaO_too replied: You misunderstood my wording. (I have since changed it.) I am not afraid of anything, literally. I don’t fear the hatred of the world because I am disillusioned and think it is going to attack me. I fear for the future due to acts of violence, terrorism, etc. and the repercussions of these acts. I do not believe this country or world is handling these things in a correct way.
    In addition, I am well aware of the meaning of the word hate. I do not believe you have any authority to tell me how to live my life. If you ask anyone who knows me, I am one of the most positive people they have met. I am all about action and not about dwelling. Actually, I believe you understood my point but skewed it.
    Also, if you had looked at my other posts, you would be well aware that I believe there is absolutely no higher power. I adamantly believe that and HATE having grown up in a religious community. (Therefore, I didn’t read any of your sentences that have the words “him” capitalized or “god”.) I leave your post up for others to read but edited. I would appreciate in the future that you do not preach in my comments nor do you direct any unsolicited advice at me.
    My entire point is to address the ways in which things have changed since that day and acknowledge those who were there or affected (like my roommate). I cannot write about anyone else’s experiences but my own. So that is the perspective that I choose.


  2. Marcus Ampe says:

    jane wrote: Despite the years that have passed, the promises that were made and the opportunities to learn & start again as better, wiser, kinder human beings….has life really changed? In many, if not most cases…no!
    I’ve been watching the annual TV re-visits of that day and each programme still rattles me to my core. I wasn’t there, I had a bunch of builders in the house watching the TV with me as events unfolded across the pond, unable to take in what I was seeing. Even today, it’s hard to comprehend what happened. There is something quite special about that tree and I’d never heard about it until today. It makes you wonder just what we have to witness to listen & change, you would think that events like 9/11 would kick-start that change otherwise it’s all just a tragic waste again.


  3. From Mind Margins/Run Nature we got to know that Oklahoma City has a tree as well that survived the bombing. “Perhaps they did survive to teach us all something.” she wrote.
    tokyo5 also told “There’s a similar tree in Sendai, Japan that survived the 2011 March 11th tsunami! It’s called the “miracle pine tree”.

    Kevin who wrote on the New York tree replied: “Lessons and hope are all around us — we just have to pay attention.” and ‘the joy of the tree is the miracle, the hope, the strength that we were all looking for that day — and that we still look for today.” + “The Miracle Pine, and the trees at Ground Zero and Oklahoma — it kind of makes you marvel at the strength of trees even more! “


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