Wolves left in the cold

It’s another strike in the long string of poor American government decisions against the public’s wishes to protect wolves. Now the American Forest Service strikes down overwhelming public support to keep cows out of the Gila National Forest and wolves in — and we get to foot the million dollar bill for livestock fencing to boot.

English: Wolves chasing an elk

Wolves chasing an elk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The government has decided to ignore overwhelming public desire to give the wolves some room to roam.” Said Bryan Bird, Wild Places Program Director for WildEarth Guardians. “It demonstrates the deep and improper relationship of the Forest Service with the livestock industry in the West.”

Map of designated wilderness areas in Gila Nat...

Map of designated wilderness areas in Gila National Forest (New Mexico, USA). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The Gila bioregion is the Yellowstone of the Southwest.” Said Bird. “The potential for a similar national treasure is huge, where wolves run free, herds of elk graze immense grasslands, and rivers run freely. But the Forest Service just digs in its heels and defends hard dying customs.”

The Michigan House has taken a step toward allowing recently-endangered gray wolves to be hunted.

A bill designating wolves as a game species was approved Thursday on a vote of 66-43. The Senate approved the measure in November and will consider a minor House amendment before sending the bill to Gov. Rick Snyder for his signature.

Wolves were removed from the endangered list earlier this year after rebounding from near-extinction in the upper Great Lakes region. About 700 are believed to live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Supporters of the bill say it’s time to allow hunters and trappers to thin the population. They say wolves are killing livestock and venturing too close to towns.

The climate crisis is deepening, rare plants and animals are vanishing at an accelerating clip, and politicians — well supported by the polluter class — are freshly emboldened to chip away at laws that protect our water, air, environment and wildlife.

People may not forget that the Creator made everything in balance but that it was man who made life for himself more difficult by interfering to much in the creation and by his selfishness. some people are so stubborn they do not want to notice how humans contribute themselves with environmental problems.

Wild animals do not have to be bloodthirsty heartless killers. When their habitat has enough prey, they only would kill weaker animals, to stay alive. Do not forget that humans also kill red deer, cows, sheep, horses, rabbits, chickens and all sorts of animals, but often not only to have enough to eat. In many instances there are people who eat more than they really need or who maltreat animals like goose to have a more fatty liver, to indulge themselves just for the pleasure of eating ‘something special’.

Record droughts, massive wildfires, disappearing coral reefs, floods and a terrible, continuous stream of bleak headlines so seem to be of not such an importance as long as they themselves have no problem with it and it is ‘far from their bed’. Left unchecked, climate change threatens millions of people around the globe and countless species already on the brink of extinction.

The environment needs wild animals, including the wolves.

The Humane Society of the U.S. and the Fund for Animals have filed a notice of intent to pursue legal action to stop wolf hunts in both Wisconsin and Minnesota and to have wolves relisted under the Endangered Species Act, reports the Pierce County Herald.

“The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service put faith in the state wildlife agencies to responsibly manage wolf populations, but their overzealous and extreme plans to allow for trophy hunting and recreational trapping immediately after de-listing demonstrate that such confidence was unwarranted,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO for The HSUS, in a statement. “Between Minnesota’s broken promise to wait five years before hunting wolves, and Wisconsin’s reckless plan to trap and shoot hundreds of wolves in the first year, it is painfully clear that federal protection must be reasserted. The states have allowed the most extreme voices to grab hold of wolf management, and the result could be devastating for this species.”


Please do read:

Forest Service Approves Livestock Grazing in Mexican Wolf Recovery Area Against a Groundswell of Public Comment

Mr. President: 5 Ways to Salvage Your Environmental Legacy (and Our Future)

“There are nearly 650 million acres of federal land in the United States — places like national parks, wildlife refuges and national forests. In the face of urban sprawl, habitat loss, population growth and a consumption-driven economy, these publicly owned lands are crucial refugia for wild animals and plants and are a life-sustaining resource for clean water, air and biodiversity. They’re also a target for profit-driven companies that want to mine, graze, log, bulldoze and drill them into oblivion.”

Plants and animals around the globe are going extinct at an astonishing rate, up to 10,000 times faster than normal in some cases. Unfortunately federal agencies in charge of saving endangered species have yet to respond on a scale that meets the speed and magnitude of this massive loss. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service need to work aggressively to protect the backlog of species that federal scientists say need protection denied to them so far.

If there is still any doubt about why wolves are needed, watch this very informative clip…

As Predators Disapear Ecosystems Suffer

Bill Ripple, professor at Oregon State University, talks about the impact wolf populations have on ecosystems particularly around streams and other bodies of water.


Scientists Mourn Popular Wolf Shot By A Hunter

The most popular wolf in Yellowstone National Park was shot by a hunter last week, a big blow to scientists and many wildlife enthusiasts who loved following her story.

The Lamar Canyon pack’s alpha female (right) was shot and killed by a hunter on Dec. 6. – Photo Credit Courtesy of Doug McLaughlin

“She was very recognizable, and she was unique and everybody knew her,” says biologist Douglas Smith.

Randy Newberg hunts wolves and makes hunting television programs. He says tourists love wolves, but many people who live around them don’t like them and hate that the federal government forced wolves on them. He thinks wolf hunts are easing the animosity many local people feel toward the predator.

“Having these hunting seasons has provided a level of tolerance again,” Newberg says.

  • Biodiversity: Can the courts help save Mexican gray wolves? (summitcountyvoice.com)
    Lawsuit seeks to have Mexican gray wolves protected as a separate subspecies
  • BREAKING NEWS: LawSuit Filed to Save Wolves (thisnthatn.wordpress.com)
    Only 58 gray wolves survive in the wild in Arizona and New Mexico. We can’t afford to let a single one be killed. Wolf numbers are so low that at this point we’re fighting to save the entire Mexican gray wolf subspecies from going extinct.
  • Killing Wolves To Save Wolves? (howlingforjustice.wordpress.com)
    It was pretty remarkable to hear Doug Smith, the Yellowstone wolf biologist, agree with Randy Newburg, on NPR, about the need to hunt wolves to increase tolerance for them.

    “Randy Newberg hunts wolves and makes hunting television programs. He says tourists love wolves, but many people who live around them don’t like them and hate that the federal government forced wolves on them. He thinks wolf hunts are easing the animosity many local people feel toward the predator.”

  • The Life Of Wolves… (howlingforjustice.wordpress.com)
    Video:  Wolves Hunting – Attenborough – Life of Mammals – BBC
  • Killing Wolves Ruins Research in Yellowstone (psychologytoday.com)
    the killing of wolves will surely affect their social structure and pack stability and also “have a big impact on both the park’s research project and numerous other independent studies investigating a variety of issues, such as elk management and ecology. The collars [on the wolves] collect data intended to help wildlife managers better understand wolf behavior, particularly the canids’ effect on elk. And unless a wolf is wearing a collar, researchers say they can’t be sure that it is an animal that uses the park.”
  • How different are dogs from wolves? (retrieverman.net)
    dogs are largely descended from wolves that could learn to live with sheep and goats, and modern wolves are descended from those who could not or never were selected for tolerance toward those species in the first place.
  • More collared research wolves killed in hunt. This time Grand Teton National Park. (thewildlifenews.com)
    Scientists had about 17 years to study wolf behavior in the wild in the Northern Rocky mountains. Hopefully they got most of the data they wanted because the new heavy state wolf hunts coupled with lack of concern about the hunts’ effects on scientific projects, if not outright disdain for them, has pretty much ended the ability to collect more data. This is becomes more evident with the death of so many research wolves in Yellowstone Park and now to the south in Grand Teton National Park too.

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  1. The whole world should take much more care how to handle the environment. In many countries the danger exist that , the size of your friends’ wallets determines how much of an influence you can have over voters and how rules are set. The capitalist world is more interested in fast gain than in long term liveable solutions.


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