2012 mensenrechten rapport – 2012 Human Rights report

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Het nieuwe (23ste) jaarrapport van Human Rights Watch is uit.

De Russische Federatie komt in twee bijdragen aan bod. Op blz. 60-65 vind je een fotoreportage van de Disability Rights Movement – de beweging die ijvert voor de rechten van gehandicapten – in Rusland (Breaking Barriers). Op blz 460-469 volgt een overzicht van de situatie van de mensenrechten in de Russische Federatie.

Volgens Human Rights Watch was 2012 het slechtste jaar op het vlak van mensenrechten sinds de val van de Sovjet-Unie.

Verder worden 90 landen weer onder de loep genomen, waarbij het Midden-Oosten nog ver af staat van de verwachtte democratie ook al is er volgens het beoordelen van de recente ontwikkelingen een bereidheid van nieuwe regeringen in de regio om de mensenrechten te respecteren. Dat zal bepalen of de Arabische lente opstanden zal leiden tot democratie of nieuwe vormen van autoritair bewind.

De Mensenrechten organisatie waarschuwt dat “een oogje dichtknijpen tegen repressie” politiek handig kan zijn, maar ook grote schade kan aanrichten.

Lees het volledige rapport (in het Engels) Please do find the full English report > World Report 2013

In the 665-page report, its23rd annual review of human rights practices around the globe, Human Rights Watch summarizes major issues in more than 90 countries. With regard to events in the Middle East and North Africa known as the Arab Spring, Human Rights Watch said the creation of a rights-respecting state can be painstaking work that requires building effective institutions of governance, establishing independent courts, creating professional police, and resisting the temptation of majorities to disregard human rights and the rule of law. But the difficulty of building democracy does not justify seeking a return to the old order, Human Rights Watch said.

The euphoria of the Arab Spring has given way to the sobering challenge of creating rights-respecting democracies, Human Rights Watch said in issuing its World Report 2013.

Reviewing recent developments in the Middle East, the international rights-monitoring group says the willingness of new governments in the region to respect human rights will determine whether the Arab Spring uprisings will give rise to democracy or new forms of authoritarian rule.

It says other countries can be supportive both by setting positive examples with their own practices and by promoting rights in their relations with the new governments. It warns that “turning a blind eye to repression may be politically convenient but it does enormous damage.”

The willingness of new governments to respect rights will determine whether those uprisings give birth to genuine democracy or simply spawn authoritarianism in new forms.

Western support for human rights and democracy throughout the Middle East has been anything but consistent when interests in oil, military bases, or Israel are at issue.

Three additional essays in the World Report address other threats to human rights.

  • Human Rights Watch can’t decide whether Ahmadinejad’s calls to wipe Israel off the map are a human rights violation (israelmatzav.blogspot.com)
    if genocidal talk isn’t causing genocidal action in “real time,” Human Rights Watch must sit on its hands. That approach seems to miss the purpose of both the Genocide Convention—to stop genocide before it happens, not simply litigate it afterward—and of human-rights activism generally. Human Rights Watch says its mission is “strategic, targeted advocacy,” but apparently the organization needs to see a genocide in progress before condemning the rhetoric of its perpetrators.
  • Olivia Kroth/Pravda: Russia’s Saint Petersburg, city of wonders – Russlands Sankt Petersburg, Stadt der Wunder (olivia2010kroth.wordpress.com)
  • Human Rights Watch accuses Israel of Gaza war crimes (jta.org)
    Human Rights Watch said that Israel “violated the laws of war” when an airstrike hit the home of the Daloo family in Gaza City on Nov. 18, killing 10 family members and two other civilians.
  • Let’s all work against human rights violations (oneislandtwonationsblogspotcom.typepad.com)
    Director of the Killinochchie Legal Aid Commission Vijayarani Satheesh kumar said it’s necessary to stage protest and need to fight against separate human rights violations faced by various individuals.
  • Human Rights Catastrophe: Crucifixion, beheadings in wake of “Arab Spring” in Yemen (atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com)
    More of the poison and horror of the affectionately named “Arab Spring,” when it is, in fact, a series of jihadist revolutions. Islam.
    Al Qaida militants seized Zinjibar, the capital of Abyan province on the Arabian Sea coast, while Yemen was mired in the turmoil of a popular uprising against then-President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The militants also took control of several nearby towns. Saleh, once a US ally, stepped down in February under a Gulf-mediated, US-backed deal.
  • Israeli Airstrike on Home ‘Was a Clear Violation of the Laws of War’ (truthistreason.net)
  • Arab Spring states must respect rights: Human Rights Watch (dailystar.com.lb)
    The Arab Spring has given way to new governments that are failing to respect basic rights such as freedom of expression, Human Rights Watch warned as it published its annual report Thursday.The US-based group urged the young Islamist regimes of countries such as Egypt, Libya and Tunisia to build “genuine” democracies, saying that even democratically-elected governments did not have a mandate to ignore human rights.


  • Ask Nigeria’s President What Happened to $4 Million (babatopeajayi.wordpress.com)
    The Nigerian government’s failure to produce promised funding to address the worst lead poisoning outbreak in modern history is leaving thousands of children to die or face lifelong disability, the Nigerian Youth Climate Action Network (NYCAN) and Human Rights Watch said today. The organizations opened a social media campaign on December 6, 2012, urging people to post comments to President Goodluck Jonathan’s official Facebook page, asking him why he has broken his promise to release funding for the cleanup of lead-contaminated areas in Zamfara State.
    Research by Human Rights Watch in Zamfara in late 2011 found that children are exposed to lead when they process ore in the mines, when their miner relatives return home covered with lead dust, and when the lead-filled ore is manually or mechanically crushed at home. Children can also be exposed to toxic lead in contaminated water and food. “We have reached a crisis point in Zamfara,” Olugboji said. “Thousands of children live in a toxic environment and are in urgent need of treatment. President Jonathan needs to make good on his promise and release the promised funds before the window of opportunity before the rainy season closes. But he needs to act right away.”
  • Rights Group Warns Of Challenges To Democracy (rferl.org)
    We’re disturbed that Syria has apparently begun using incendiary munitions, as these weapons cause especially cruel civilian suffering and extensive property destruction when used in populated areas. Syria should stop using incendiary weapons in acknowledgment of the devastating harm this weapon…

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