société, crise, esprit

Looking at today’s’ society we only can hope enough people shall get the inner strength, despite the crisis, despite unemployment, to survive without too much damage to the upheaval in the world.

It is true that in history many times the people showed to be great in improvising and in adapting to changing circumstances in their evolving community.

For those who think we cannot change anything or we can not turn-over or return the falling domino-stones, they perhaps listen to André Comte-Sponville.

[After I reblogged this, I noticed I had already refered to this writing on March the 26th. Consider this then as an additional note. ;-)]



  • Is “social science” an oxymoron? Will that ever change? (
    In the early 19th century, French philosopher Auguste Comte proposed a scientific hierarchy ranging from the physical sciences at the bottom up through biology to the “queen” of sciences, sociology, at the top. A science of human social behavior, Comte contended, could help humanity make moral and political decisions and construct more efficient, just governments.
    the basic units of social systems—people—are all different from each other; each person who has ever lived is unique in ways that are not trivial but essential to our humanity. Each individual mind also keeps changing in response to new experiences—reading Thus Spoke Zarathustra, watching Lord of the Rings, banging your head on the ice while playing pond hockey, having a baby, teaching freshman composition. Imagine how hard physics would be if every electron were the unique product of its entire history. Societies also vary markedly across space and time.
  • Change. Adapt. Evolve. (
    Change. Adapt. Evolve. That’s been the mantra for the past few years – certainly since the financial markets shook everything in 2008 – and that was the key message I took from the CIPR’s state of the profession survey.
  • The High Priest Comte (
    Auguste Comte conceived of a religion without god. I don’t know how many theists would consider his proposals.
  • MLM Millionaire Suggests Herbalife May Be First Domino to Fall in “Doomed Industry” (
    “The global economy is changing rapidly. Technology that allows people to do comparison shopping online will not be favorable to multi-level companies pushing overpriced consumables. The systems that interest me most, will allow people to purchase the goods and services they want, from retailers they know and trust, at a physical location or online, are the models destined to succeed.”

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