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For Belgium the average day tripper to the cities of Flanders spends €68 per person, mainly on shopping and eating out. Longer-stay tourists spend €142 per person a day on food, accommodation and shopping. The figures come from a new report on visitors to the Flemish “art cities” – Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven, Mechelen, Ghent and Bruges.

The data are a result of a poll of 4,750 people, roughly one-third day trippers and the rest longer-stay tourists, between April and December 2011. The survey was carried out on a commission from Toerisme Vlaanderen, the Art City Action Plan and the five cities.

The share of each city in the total number of longer-stay tourists is: Brussels 40%, Bruges 28%, Antwerp 17%, Ghent 10%, Leuven 3% and Mechelen 2%. Tourists stay longest in Brussels: an average of 2.6 nights, compared to 2.3 in Antwerp, which is second, and 1.8 in Ghent, the lowest. Many tourists visit more than one of the art cities on the same holiday.


Brugge or Bruges is  a living museum on its own. Everywhere you look you can feel and smell a sense of the old ages. This museum-life World Heritage city is the best preserved of Belgium’s medieval villages. It is a city where you should forget all the auto-mobiles and get back to the horse carriages.

Beguinage On April the 14th the last ‘begijn’ or beguine, Marcella Pattyn, died in Kortrijk at the age of 92. She was a beguine in Sint-Amandsberg by Gent but in Bruges you can also fin a beautiful beguinage where such ladies spend their time. Today the nuns of the Order of Saint Benedict inhabit the ‘Princely Beguinage Ten Wijngaarde’ (the Vineyard) with its whitewashed housefronts, tranquil convent garden and beguinage museum which was founded in 1245. It is a must see which you can visit for free with Brugge City Card.

Every year, Bruges which is interlaced with hidden cobbled streets, welcomes about four million visitors from all over the world, attracted by the chocolate, the museums, the canals, the horse-and-carriage tours and the medieval atmosphere.

With the Brugge City Card you can get endless benefits, so I only can recommend you to get it when you visit that small city full of jewels, so that you can have free admission to 26 museums, places of interest and attractions in Bruges and shall you be able to enjoy a free round trip on the canals (1/3 > 15/11) (Bruges by boat).Carmersbrug
You shall be able to discover the world famous works by the Flemish Primitives (van Eyck, Memling, …), admire Bruges from the Belfry, visit Choco-Story (the world’s largest museum dedicated to chocolate), Brewery de Halve Maan and many other top collections. this year there is a new attraction.

Since November 2012, after seven years of work and €10 million investment in bringing the city’s medieval past to life, it is one attraction richer. The location of Historium is a prime piece of real estate: Markt 1, a former government building overlooking the city’s most famous square.

Visitors top the new museum are equipped with an audio guide in one of nine languages, which tells the story and fills in additional historical details of the 1435 thriving port city of Bruges – as well as providing a soundtrack recorded by the Brussels Philharmonic. The love story is told by a film that was shot with the actors in Bruges, as well as in three studios, one of them the biggest Blue Key effects studio in Belgium, where the harbour scene was filmed. The set there also included 200 square metres of authentic cobblestones.

© courtesy Historium

When you would not forget to go to the Memling in Sint-Jan with her eight-hundred year old history of caring for pilgrims, travellers and the sick you will have a sound picture of the old times. I am sure you will not regret visiting the medieval wards where the nuns and monks did their work of mercy and that you will marvel at the impressive collection of archives, art works, medical instruments and six paintings by Hans Memling. Also worth a visit: the Diksmuide attic, the old dormitory, the custodian’s room and the adjoining pharmacy.

Upon visiting Bruges, you will immediately notice that this city has always carefully cherished its architectural and artistic treasures from the past. Because of that you still can taste something of those rich bygone days.

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Please do find:

The cities museum webscite >


A nice video giving some idea of downtown Bruges but with some inaccurate text.
Luckily there are many hills in Belgium and an undulating landscape; like the place where I live between Brussels and Leuven. (I do not like a flat scenery like you can find many up north and in Holland.) Further East you can also find hills up to about 700 metres high. You also can find the rocky and steep Ardenneswith many rocks to climb with depths going steep down to 50 à 80 metres, ideal for exercising mounting climbing.



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