Migrants to the West #8 Welbeing

In the previous chapter I tried to show how a fear was build up for those who have a certain faith.

The people immigrating in Europe and the United States of America seem to be to a large extent from Muslim origin. Because there are so many of them coming to live near each other, those compounds or ghettos seem to form a deterrence for many locals. Some like  Fixed Nails wishing to “Pinning truth in the memory” may believe that the promotion of multiculturalism in the UK has led to ghettos and in the end it may lead to Balkanisation, which is an exaggeration. (A nation needs to foster unity not just diversity)

English: Sonoran Desert outside Wickenburg, Ar...

Sonoran Desert outside Wickenburg, Arizona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the persons immigrating there can be a culture clash and they may not feel sure at a certain time where they belong to or which nationality they should have. Like there  is a girl who questions if she is Dutch or more American, more of a Sonoran desert girl bright under sunsets and bursting starry nights, or standing on the hardy, stingy, tolerance side of the boat steered at once by pirates and traders and Calvinists. She muses, might be agitated and finds it a useless, unanswerable thing to fret about anyway. There are other concerns that snatch up by awareness and spin a web through her brain neurons: food, sleep, carrots, earth, food justice, the law that traps and frees us all. (Desertraining Aware.)

She writes:

People you can live with your whole life, talk to everyday, and never know their memories. They themselves don’t have a litany ready of all their memories; some are lost at sea, there and gone, gone and there. I’m not the one who’d jump into the waters to find what was lost, just curious that it went missing in the first place. Those missing links, perhaps that is what makes standing in between so perplexing.

According to me it are those people who are missing so many memories of their previous generations, of travels they could make, of worlds they could encounter, that are feeling at unease with people who come from other pastures.

In the world there are many misunderstandings provoked by cultural and/or language differences. Due to the misunderstandings, the other person can be considered rude and disrespectful are thought to be mean. Lots of citizens take it for granted that other people wanting to live in their environment should adapt themselves fully to be able to integrate. The practices that are taken for granted by the international immigrants with different culture backgrounds can sometimes look offensive to the local population.

In the media the programs are not always conscious of perceptions of people from different ethnic backgrounds and how they are represented. They often are also not enough presented in equality on the screen which brings a portrait of an unreal world. Those programs do not promote the mixture of cultures and often provokes prejudice, stereotyping or unwarranted generalisation. Outright racial vilification may be avoided but  they still present issues of racial profiling and racial heirarchies in more subtle ways. These subtle ways include portraying ethnic communities as other to the Western ‘cultivated’ way of life.

The ecophilosopher his general understanding is that in a competitive market, countries like Britain benefit from fluidity and availability in skilled/accessible/affordable labour, the very premise of the Single European Market. Any country which wants to grow and continue to flourish should attract new people to come and work in their community and bring some new things with them to share with the whole community.

It is not only an ancient American Indian Proverb to treat the earth well. In many holy books can be found that the earth was not given to you by your parents. According the Bible we have this earth only in loan. We are the tenants who have receive the right to name things and to arrange things. The American natives ad that the earth was loaned to you by your children.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.”

Parents will get older and there should be children to take care of them. But with the greying population and lesser children we shall have more people in homes than people to take care of them.

In those economical difficult times many may think foreigners are flooding over here and taking our jobs, our benefits, our houses, but they often forget they also take jobs nobody else want to do. The majority of migrants have left there ‘heimat’, their home-country because it was tough living there, or unhealthy, and they wanted a better future. There are enough studies that show migrants to be more likely to start new businesses and substantially less likely than the native population to claim benefits. After all, they tend to be young, healthy and come here – sometimes risking their lives – to earn money, increasing their new nation’s prosperity.

It is by not giving fair changes and by creating ghetto-schools that we create ourselves problem schools and problem areas. Brussels is such a terrible example where miggrantchildren are living in a family where the parents do not feel a reason to speak Dutch and do not find it important that they learn to speak Dutch properly, but place them in a Flemish school, because they hope their children will receive a better training than in the French schools to get a job. But because the children do feel that the parents do not believe in the Flemish community, and re not allow to communicate with the other children in the free time, they do not want to integrate themselves either. This naturally is going to create more problems, which we can see already now by the many ‘hangjongeren‘ or loitering teens. The mallrats give a bad impression of a community which is not like that at all and also detest such youngsters who do not live according to the Law of Allah.

The few who make it bad for others of their own race, may not get the power to trigger the racist and nationalists to have reason for protection and getting the foreigners out. In Great Britain the government boasts of its success in cutting net migration by a third – but it was done mostly by a damaging loss of valuable students, including 42,000 from India. Family reunion visas fell, but did they want the highest drop to be US citizens? Eastern Europeans are falling away, but the weak UK economy is the shaming reason why. Feeding a frenzied exaggeration of the size of the problem calms no fears.

Under the immigration plans, migrants will also face new restrictions on access to the NHS, with temporary migrants forced to make a contribution towards the cost of their care.

However, Downing Street admitted that the immigration bill would not be in place by next January, when labour market restrictions are lifted on citizens from Romania and Bulgaria. The bill will be introduced after the summer parliamentary recess, following a consultation on the proposed fines on private landlords and on the changes on NHS charging.

Government sources said the main measures aimed at Romanians and Bulgarians will be introduced through secondary legislation that will be in place by next January. These include a residency test for social housing, a requirement for migrants to have been resident in the UK for at least 12 months before they are entitled to claim civil legal aid and the plan to limit most jobseeker benefits to European Economic Area citizens if they fail to find work within six months.

The prime minister told MPs the immigration bill was the centrepiece of the legislative programme because it cuts across all government departments. He said: “For the first time, we will look to ensure that everyone’s immigration status is checked before they get access to a private rented home. For the first time, we are going to make sure that anyone not eligible for free healthcare actually foots the bill for that healthcare, either through themselves or through their government. And for the first time, foreign nationals who commit serious crimes will, wherever possible, be deported first and appeal second from their home country.”

Vince Cable, the business secretary, indicated that there may still be a battle within the coalition over plans to monitor migrants’ use of the NHS. He told The World at One that doctors must not be expected to make such checks.

“That is not the role of doctors – doctors are there to provide medical care,” he said. “There is a question about whether people who administer GPs’ surgeries and hospitals should be in the business of checking. Actually there is a fair amount of that goes on already.”

In case the people coming into a foreign country would feel more welcome they shall be integrating much quicker. When they receive invitations to coffeetables or social activities they shall have more opportunities to meet local citizens and by finding more people where they can share ideas with and socialise.

Lots of locals would be surprised when they would hear that those immigrants would not mind that the foreign criminals would be send back to their country as soon as they are sentenced. It are those offenders who give the Muslim community a bad name.


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  • Time to dispel migrant myths (thejc.com)
    In the heated debate about immigration, which seems to intensify daily and has by no means been settled by the recommendations in the Queen’s Speech last week, the Jewish community can look back with pride at the number of Jewish migrants who came to Britain and made an enormous contribution to this country.

    But can this pride lead us to a romanticised view of our migrant past – one that colours our perceptions of immigration today? There are real debates about how much we allow what has gone before to define our identity, in terms of our place in the Jewish world and also within the wider society.

    The headlines that portrayed us as people who were swamping the country, taking jobs away from the indigenous population and not wanting to integrate are paralleled today with monotonous regularity.

    This constant drip of sensationalism leads to a widespread perception that Britain is now swamped by migrants. But the cross-party Migration Matters Trust, using Office for National Statistics data, tells a different story. It finds that migrants make up about one in 10 of the population, lower than Australia, the US or Germany and that almost 90 per cent of new jobs go to British nationals.

  • Tighter border security means more migrants die while trying to enter US, according to Amnesty (irishtimes.com)
    Of about 2,100 remains found over that period in 10 counties falling under the Pima County’s office, it has identified about 1,300 people; the identities of 791 people remain unknown.
    Four counties within Pima County’s areas have the highest recorded number of migrant deaths over recent years of any area along the 1,969-mile border separating the United States and Mexico.

    The bulk of those identified, around 85 per cent, came from Mexico; the rest were from Guatemala and El Salvador and as far away as the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Brazil.
    Amnesty noted that irregular migrants were also victims of crime, such as human trafficking and domestic violence. Border Patrol says sexual assaults against immigrants by smugglers have increased.

  • Border Insecurity: Immigration Reform on “The Line” (tikkun.org)
    The line between the United States and Mexico is drawn thickly. The border serves as a test site for military surveillance technology, a dumping ground for spending on national security infrastructure, and a rhetorical battleground for Congress. U.S. lawmakers toured Nogales, Arizona, in March and looked with approval at the city split in two by an eighteen-foot fence. Even after watching a woman successfully scale the boundary, Senator McCain called for another $1.5 billion to build more border fencing.
  • Central American Migrants Advocate for Immigration Reform in ‘Caravan of Hope” (mexenex.com)
    Last year 23-year-old Pedro Aguilar left his home in Honduras to take the perilous journey north to the United States. His dreams for a better life in the north ended in central Mexico when the dilapidated freight train migrants refer to as “the beast” ran over him. Aguilar was saved by a fellow traveler from El Salvador who called an ambulance. Doctors were able to save Aguilar’s life, but he lost his left leg below the knee.
  • New report assails criminal justice approach to illegal immigration problems (sentencing.typepad.com)
    Us0513_immigration_reportcoverAs detailed in this press release, Human Rights Watch has today released this notable new report titled “Turning Migrants Into Criminals: The Harmful Impact of US Border Prosecutions.”  That title reveals the major theme of the report, but here is more from the start of the press release:The skyrocketing criminal prosecutions of migrants for illegally entering or reentering the United States carry huge human and financial costs, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.  Imprisoning migrants with minor or no criminal records before deporting them often affects people seeking to reunite with their families in the US or fleeing persecution.
  • Migrant jobs squeeze alarms UK fruit farmers (guardian.co.uk)
    Romanian workers harvest grapes

    Romanian workers harvest grapes at a vineyard in Sussex. Photograph: Alamy

    The rise of Ukip is having unexpected consequences for Britain’s countryside. Farmers fear that the political upstart’s success has the government running scared on immigration, with the result that foreign workers could soon be absent from Britain’s fields.

    “We can see there’s a toxic mix brewing,” says Alastair Brooks, who employs 200 temporary foreign workers to pick strawberries and raspberries at Langdon Manor Farm in Faversham, Kent. “People have understandable concerns about immigration, but temporary migrant workers have got tied up in the debate,” he said.

    Finding employees locally is difficult because British workers are not interested in fruit-picking. Of the 25 non-Romanian and Bulgarian applicants who recently expressed an interest in picking fruit on Brooks’s farm, 20 were British and five were Polish. By the end of the week, only the Poles remained. The early start times, the weather and the hard work involved seems to put many Britons off. “It’s understandable; British workers are looking for more permanent jobs,” Brooks said.

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