Jerez not an exception of poverty in Spain

In Europe we do find more people who are becoming afraid that they cannot feed their children. If we are not careful this economic crisis will distort more societies in the Union. At the moment grandparents can still use their savings to support the younger members of the family, but money is running out. In Spain subsidised supermarkets may hand over a lifeline for many families, but they include the danger that they can attract people to join their subsidiaries or benefactors organisations, and so either become Catholic or Islamite.

The European Union has warned there’s a growing poverty gap between north and south Europe. Severe reductions in welfare spending mean governments can’t protect those who need help. So charities and the church are stepping in. The Red Cross in Spain is now trying to help people at home, as well as abroad. Jacky Rowland reports from Jerez in Spain.



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Spain gives itself 6 months to formulate a plan against child poverty
Opposition parties such as Catalan CiU asked for a plan to offer school meals through the summer, which was rejected by the PP as an “ill-thought patch” and said the opposition parties should do it through the regional governments they control. The PP instead urged the government to introduce, within 6 months, a plan to fight child poverty and social exclusion.

  • Not A Hope In Hell. (
    Spain, 27% unemployment, those under 25 and not studying the figure for unemployment is 57%. If you move south in Spain the unemployment reaches 40% in some areas. 1.9 million households have no breadwinner, 10% of the population have had no work for two years or more and 3 million live in extreme poverty with less than €3,650 a year, and a further 3 million get by on less than €7,300 a year.
  • One in four Spanish children living in poverty (
    Free breakfasts are being given to children in Andalusia, as UN figures show that one in four Spanish children are living below the poverty line.

    In an effort to combat growing child poverty in the eurozone’s fourth biggest economy, Spanish regions, which control education and healthcare spending, are providing free breakfasts or keeping schools open over the summer so children can eat in school canteens.

  • This government’s absolute failure on Child Poverty (
    at a time when the government is unpopular, the people who still plan to vote for them think that tackling child poverty is a priority by a majority of more than three-to-one.And 64 per cent of people think the government should be doing more.

    Last month, the Institute for Fiscal Studies forecast that:

    In the UK, relative child poverty is projected to increase by 6.0ppts between 2010–11 and 2020–21, reversing all of the reductions between 2000–01 and 2010–11.

    On the headline measure, the IFS forecasts that the number of children in relative poverty will increase by 1.1 million between 2010-11 and 2020–21. Without the government’s tax and benefit reforms child poverty “would actually have fallen.”

  • Today’s child poverty figures show we are leaving our children utterly exposed (
    Both working tax credit (WTC) and child tax credit (CTC) are widely regarded as the key reason child poverty decreased by over one million between 1998/99 and 2010/11. And certainly today’s statistics emphasise the critical poverty prevention role that these benefits play.
    Today’s child poverty figures, then, are the lull before the storm. It is next year’s figures that will begin to show the impact of austerity as tax credits and other benefits are stripped back to the bone.

    With income support for poorer families unravelling left, right and centre, it comes as no surprise that child poverty is projected to rise by 1.1 million by 2020 . As a matter of policy, we are leaving our children utterly exposed.

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