Poverty a European Issue

Poverty affects more people than ever: 120 milion Europeans are now at risk of poverty or social exclusion. Parliament has voted in favour of €3.5 billion in aid to help Europe’s poorest.

120 miljoen Europeanen lopen nu het risico om in de armoede te verzeilen of sociaal uitgesloten te worden.

Europa heeft er voor gekozen om €3,5 miljard te voorzien aan hulp voor Europa’s armsten.

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  • Local government action is vital to reduce poverty in Europe (guardian.co.uk)
    Regional and local authorities must be at the heart of any strategy to lift millions of people out of poverty by 2020 The incessant ripple of economic crisis continues to be felt in nearly every corner of Europe.
  • Not A Hope In Hell. (radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com)
    Europe is a rich capitalist continent, it is a big slice of the developed world, and yet visit any country in that continent and poverty is rife and growing. If capitalism can’t eradicate poverty in its richest and most developed areas, what chance is there of poverty being tackled in the poorer areas.
    For the whole of Europe the unemployment rate is a little over 17%, that is approximately 84 million people can’t find work in Europe. If the rich developed heart of capitalism carries so much poverty, and the misery that goes along with that poverty, only an idiot would believe capitalism can solve the problems of the ordinary people. There is not a hope in hell that capitalism can eradicate poverty in any country, it was not intended to, it was a system devised to make the business class rich and that is what it will do until we the people dismantle this exploitative and repressive system of injustice and greed.
  • Income, Wealth, Transfers & Poverty (07holdend.wordpress.com)
    Absolute poverty occurs when people cannot consume sufficient necessities to maintain life. People could be malnourished or homeless. (It is rare in the UK)
  • Suburbs and the New Geography of Poverty | Demos (policyabcs.wordpress.com)
    The work poverty has come to mean many things to many people and in important ways it has changed for people who do not look nor live like traditionally poor people lived and looked…
  • UNICEF: 600,000 Children Below Poverty Line in Greece (greece.greekreporter.com)
    The results of a report carried out jointly by UNICEF and Athens University under the title, The state of children in Greece 2013, came into light at a press conference on May 22.According to a UNICEF official, almost 600,000 children in Greece are living below poverty line. A growing number of children are deprived of basic living requirements.
  • Bulgaria with Highest Material Deprivation Rate in EU27 in 2011 (novinite.com
    The proportion of people that were materially deprived was highest in Bulgaria (60.1 %), Latvia (49.2 %) and Romania (47.7 %) among the EU Member States, with more than half of the materially deprived in each of these countries experiencing severe material deprivation, according to information of the EU’s Statistical Office.)
  • Sting, Elvis Costello And Will.i.am Record Poverty Protest Songs (contactmusic.com)
    The superstars are joining forces with dozens of other acts, including British singer Ed Sheeran, folk band Mumford & Sons and rockers Green Day, for the agit8 campaign, which aims to prompt world leaders to focus on poverty ahead of the G8 summit, taking place in Northern Ireland later this month (17-18Jun13).The mission has been backed by the One Campaign – co-founded by U2 frontman Bono – with videos of the protest songs being shown online to inspire a new generation to fight against injustice.
  • Will.i.am, Ed Sheeran and Mumford & Sons record protest songs to highlight global poverty issues (itv.com)
    Will.i.am, Ed Sheeran and Mumford & Sons have recorded new versions of famous protest songs to highlight issues of global poverty.They are joining forces with dozens of musicians to campaign to get world leaders to focus on poverty ahead of the G8 summit in Northern Ireland.
  • What causes inequality and poverty? (07holdend.wordpress.com)
    Unlike poverty, which concentrates on the situation of those at the bottom of society, inequality shows how resources are distributed across the whole society. Inequality occurs when a government fails to ensure adequate minimum income and wage levels and good access to services. (So it can be said that poverty results from inequality within a society.)
  • Clash on children in poverty (express.co.uk)
    critics said 300,000 more children lived in “absolute poverty” – with household incomes below £256 a week – when the DWP figures for 2011-12 were adjusted for inflation.

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