Sacrifices to be made


Alexey Torgunakov - The ballet dancer of the B...

Alexey Torgunakov – The ballet dancer of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Balet may be a dream of many girls and of some boys. Parents sometimes forget the hard work the children will have to face and the social impact of the dancers life.


But those born a dancer will never regret the choice they have made. It is an incredible world, which they will not miss for gold. No matter what they want to become sacrifices shall have to be made and from all those who want to become a prima ballerina it will be only a very few who will reach the top. But many would also be happy to become a corps de ballet dancer and enjoy the many opportunities to dance and to bring spectators in an other world.


Statue of Anna Pavlova on the dome of the Vict...

Statue of Anna Pavlova on the dome of the Victoria Palace Theatre in London who made her London debut there. The original statue was made in 1911, a year after the theatre had been rebuilt by Frank Matcham for the impressario Alfred Butt. Unfortunately the great prima ballerina was extremely superstitious and refused to look at it. The original statue was removed in 1939 for safe keeping during the Blitz, but unfortunately disappeared. it was replaced by a replica in 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Maryinksy stage is so great that your heart can do nothing else than pounding when you go on it for the first time. That experience gets the fire even burning higher and the child gets motivated more to endure all the hardships to go along the path of magic.


Exercises, rehearsals, exams, tests and evaluations are a never ending process which may be, at moments, stressful. Each person wanting to dance has to be a very strong person with lots of character and stamina. If the dancer is turned down her of his self esteem may suffer. You have to be very strong mentally and physically to face up to the challenge.


Sometimes the corps the ballet dancer may be more lucky or feeling more happy than the solo dancer who is not always sure to get her next solo or having enough to dance. The most annoying part the last few years is that there has come a bad attitude into the sphere of the theatre, with people not respecting the others and envying them.


I remember the love for each other and the big family feeling, which I do miss a lot now I am not any more working in the theatre world. The last few years the jealousy grow and we got even to hear about certain things which we could never allow to happen in our company or at a contest. Certain people today dare to go out of their boundaries and even bring others into pain to reach their goal, at the cost of others. Today sometimes it takes some time before others can accept that an other one has become a solo dancer, instead of being happy for her and supporting her in her new position.


It is the hard work, making those children an adult before their age, having all those ‘battles’ and ‘drama’ making them the artist we need to have to bring characters to live on stage. You may not like it that they do have to give up their childhood, but the job is such a demanding job the theatre is only able to present the great magic because of such hard training and a life which should be given totally to the theatre, because otherwise it will not be working. In theatre it is for sure you can not serve two masters. No sacrifice may ever be too great. but no training may be too painful.


Dancer heart

Dancer heart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In the many amateur, semi professional and professional schools some of the parents are scarily invested, and some teachers dangerously pushy. Most often the pushy parents are more dangerous for the child than those demanding teachers.


When the child is born with the dance microbe is shall be willing enough to work hard and when others will see them actually dancing it shall be shiningly evident that they’re hard-wired to do what they do. These children make most sense of themselves by dancing.


Bess Kargman’s First Position of 2011 also portrays the hardship of those willing dancers.


She brings a a portrait of child ballet students viewed through the drama of an annual competition, the Youth American Grand PrixThe hard-sell editing of its trailer sets us up to expect a reality TV-fest of pain, sacrifice, and sheer human weirdness. But the documentary itself is far from being a freak show, because Kargman’s camera focuses with such exceptional steadiness and acuity on the child competitors themselves.


According to   it’s a film everyone should watch who’s involved in the debate over gifted children – in music, sports, academic subjects as well as ballet.


“With each of the stories, we’re shown that there’s no easy answer to the questions of where encouragement ends and abuse begins, of how far talent should take priority over a normal childhood.”


For those wanting to become a dancer, I would say “Follow your dream”, but know also that you have to be willing to “serve” and to be a servant for the art of performance, which always should come into the first place. The art itself should always be the prime goal. In case you put yourself on the first row to be the prime goal, you are starting off on the wrong foot. Never believe everything shall go smoothly and be prepared to walk on roses to reach the clouds.
Good luck and Go for it!


Very few succeed, but all those who managed to go through the battle shall have conquered so much they shall have a great life, when they always honestly went on the right track never to regret the choice they made to become a dancer.


Make the dream becoming your life!

















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    Carol McFadden is a Brazilian ballet dancer who performs as a principal dancer with the Pacific Northwest Ballet.McFadden was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and grew up in São Leopoldo, taking classes at Ballet Vera Bublitz in Porto Alegre.There she performed Balachine’s Apollo with Peter Boal, who encouraged her to train in New York City. In 1996, at the age of 15, she moved to the United States to enter into the School of American Ballet.
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    Unlike most aspiring professional dancers, Fitzpatrick began her formal ballet training at age 12 after seeing Yuri Griogoriev School of Ballet’s summer intensive course.“After seeing the Yuri Griogoriev summer intensive I knew I wanted to dance with them,” Fitzpatrick said. “The dancers were so passionate and the teachers seemed so committed.”

    Having dabbled in recreational dance when she was younger, Fitzpatrick did not find herself passionate about what she was doing.

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    Ballet pointe student dancer in white velvet tulle platter tutu with glitter and sparkly sequins, crown and feather headpiece, armpieces, and crystal circular earrings.
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    During the summer holidays, the theatre is organising a series of workshops from dance and drama to musical theatre for children.
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    If Sisk’s name sounds familiar, it is because her impressive talent made her a household name in the dance world long before Breaking Pointe. After being awarded a full scholarship to the Rock School of Dance Education (where she trained until 2010), Sisk competed in the Youth America Grand Prix and was a reigning New York City finalist for roughly four years. Additionally, she attended summer intensives all over the country, including American Ballet Theatre, Miami City Ballet, and Pacific Northwest Ballet, and received the Jerome Robbins Scholarship Award in 2007. Now a Soloist with Ballet West, this is Sisk’s second season appearing on Breaking Pointe.
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    I inevitably spend hours watching videos in a vicious pattern which usually goes: whatever I came on YouTube to watch in the first place –> Supernatural outtakes –> ‘How Animals Eat Their Food’ (I swear to God it never gets old) –> ‘Dramatic Chipmunk’ (again, it’s a classic), and then I eventually get onto the really random videos, like the ‘I Take a Look at my Enormous Penis’ song, which actually gets funnier every time I listen to it.
    I continued to contemplate ballet and I concluded that I’m going to marry a ballet dancer, because then he can dance around the house for me all the time and prepare food while doing brisés and en dedans.
  • Male Ballet Dancers [audiomo] (


  • “Breaking Pointe” Season Two – a Look Ahead With Allison De Bona of Ballet West (
    We loved the first season’s inside peek at Salt Lake City’s Ballet West – the exhausting rehearsals, the behind-the-scenes drama, the striking stage productions. Dance fans loved seeing ballet dancers in a different light than what they see in performance, and wanted more.
    It seems people still cannot get past the preconceived notions of eating disorders and homosexual male dancers. We really tried to be advocates for healthy, smart, and strong athletes through our actions. We also tried to get people to understand that it doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight or in between. It’s about being an artist and doing what you love. Overall, I feel we got people interested to see live performances of ballet and helped the art form gain more respect. I am proud of that.


(L-R): Allison DeBona and Christiana Bennet -- Photo: Erik Ostling/The CW --© 2013 THE CW NETWORK, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

(L-R): Allison DeBona and Christiana Bennet — Photo: Erik Ostling/The CW –© 2013 The CW Network, LLC.


  • Young ballet dancers: are we trying to catch a swan before it hatches?
    Watch teeny tiny Alexei Orohovsky attempting his own joyously unselfconscious version of the same solo and the cute factor is stratospheric.But there are already several postings of Alexei up on YouTube, starting from when he was two-and-a-half years old. And while I wouldn’t question the love and pride of those who are posting (presumably his parents), nor the innate promise of Alexei’s dancing, I’m nervous of a culture that puts so much public exposure and expectation on one small talent.


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