NATO Convinced that the Syrian regime is responsible

Ramani’s blog doubts about the Chemical Attack in Syria in his post, also quoting that The US helped Saddam to Gas Iran. In “Pentagon’s Email Shows US Behind Syria Gas Attack” he says that information has leaked through the hacked email of a Pentagon Colonel that the US was behind the Syria’s Chemical Attack.

Coat of arms of Syria -- the "Hawk of Qur...

Coat of arms of Syria — the “Hawk of Qureish” with shield of vertical tricolor of the national flag, holding a scroll with the words الجمهورية العربية السورية (Al-Jumhuriyah al-`Arabiyah as-Suriyah “The Syrian Arab Republic”). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Also a lady who realized that George Bush could not have control over her and her old age, unless she gave him permission, in her continued searching, wants to go until she gets to the very bottom of the rabbit hole. Though she believes a criminal cabal to be trying to control our planet, she also believes the words by by Syrianetwork that by Anthony’s wife dialogue with her friend it’s clear the video with the children killed in the chemical attack near Damascus was staged by U.S. Intelligence. (Urgent :Hacked Email Of US Intelligence Colonel Shows Pentagon’s Involvement In Chemical Attack In Syria ~ The video with the children killed in the chemical attack near Damascus was staged by U.S. Intelligence )

A lioness living in the District of Columbia. Philly bred, Temple Made his opinion is  polarized. According to him some find this issue all too reminiscent of the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” phase of the Bush Jr. administration.

“And what price did the nation pay for that war? Economic stress, senseless deaths and political aggravation.

And note, the weaponry has still not been found.

Without substantial and complete knowledge of the truth and a thorough investigation, many believe it is in our best interest to not move forward unless the facts are in order.”  he writes in While Miley is Twerking, A War is Brewing.

The Christian Science Monitor says:

Obama also seems rightly humbled by the fact that previous presidents evoked the “values that define us” for past wars, with some of those disappointing Americans on promised outcomes. The Iraq war, for example, remains an open disappointment compared with its original purposes, such as establishing an Arab democracy. Even in the 2011 campaign in Libya, Obama’s initial humanitarian goal ended up being transformed into regime change and an uncertain future for Libya.

The world looks naturally very weary for any American accusations now, remembering that no chemical weapons where found in Iraq, though that was the main reason to attack that country. We can not deny there could have been a very great mistake. And one would think such mistakes in past conflicts may be enough to end the role the United States assumed to take in the 20th century, taking the lead to set up international norms, such as treaties on nuclear and chemical weapons and bans on terrorism and genocide.

“We aren’t perfect, but this nation more than any other has been willing to meet those responsibilities,” Obama said.

If US lawmakers accept that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons, they too must weigh the balance between affirming America’s identity as a global ideal leader against a humility in knowing the history of America’s war-waging disappointments.

Against all anti-Obama news giving the NATO’s chief says he is also convinced that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its people. For that reason, heaving used weapons of which the world some years ago already said those could not be used in warfare, a strong reaction is needed to show dictators around the world that such weapons cannot be used with impunity.

Those countries who prepare, make and use chemical weapons should get to know that their crossing the borders should allow others to react before there could be the possibility that the chemical weapons might end up being used against anybody, civilian in the own country or against other nations.

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said today Monday September the 2nd 2013, that the alliance would remain a strong defender of Turkey in case the member state was attacked as part of the Syria crisis, and NATO would remain a forum for allies to consult about action. He says that, at the moment, he does not see an additional NATO role. So also from Belgium there is not likely to come any quick reaction though Rasmussen insisted that he is personally convinced, not only that a chemical attack has taken place

“… but I am also convinced that the Syrian regime is responsible.”

Lots of Westerners may look at their purse. For them the United States must also recognize the cost of its actions before interceding. Are they then more concerned about their own savings and not as much interested in the life of many innocent civilians dying in agony?

It is true that those countries attacking Syria cannot rely solely on military intervention to fully alleviate and diminish the true essence of the underlying strife in Syria. It will take more than removing Assad to alleviate the social, economic, political tension and corruption.

The author of districtoftheworld writes:

Just as in times past (i.e. Afghanistan and Iraq), once there is an intervention, the United States will have custody on how to solve and resolve both the external and internal issues within Syria—which may take the same length, if not more, than the war in Iraq.


Find also to read:

Hacked Email Of US Intelligence Colonel Shows Pentagon’s Involvement In Chemical Attack In Syria

  • War against Syria: U.S. acting like a monkey with a grenade (
    “If Barack Obama decides to attack the Syrian regime, he has ensured – for the very first time in history – that the United States will be on the same side as Al-Qaeda.” – Journalist Robert FiskThe U.S. Navy’s sixth fleet battle group, which includes the USS Mahan, USS Barry, USS Gravely and USS Ramage guided missile destroyers, is deployed in the Mediterranean along with the British Royal Navy’s rapid reaction force which includes the HMS Illustrious, two Type 23 frigates and seven support ships.  Also in the vicinity are the HMS Westminster and possibly the HMS Tireless, a Trafalgar-class, Tomahawk cruise missile-firing submarine.  U.S. F-16 fighters stationed at Incirlik, Turkey along with British warplanes at Akrotiri, Cyprus stand ready to scramble.  The U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet, with two nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and about 70 fighters each, is close by in the Persian Gulf for backup.
    The media barrage of misinformation about Syria is isomorphic, if the reader will excuse my use of a mathematical term, to the one employed in the prelude to the joint Anglo-American invasion of Iraq, the only difference in the Syrian case seems to be the time frame.  The same technique of false accusations intended to demonize the target country’s leader and frighten the gullible American public are being implemented.  Syria is alleged to possess chemical weapons — weapons of mass destruction, WMD — just like Iraq reportedly possessed.  Even the slogans and sound bites have a familiar ring: the Syrian crisis today threatens world peace, we cannot allow Syria to use chemical weapons with impunity, Syria must be punished, etc., etc., all of which seems to be part of a concerted Western effort to derail at any cost all efforts toward a diplomatic solution of the Syrian crisis.
  • Information points to Assad’s responsibility for use of chemical weapons in Syria: NATO Secretary-General (
    “The Syrian regime maintains custody of stockpiles of chemical weapons. Information from a wide variety of sources points to the regime as responsible for the use of chemical weapons in these attacks. There is a clear breach of long-standing international norms and practice,” NATO Secretary-General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen said.
  • U.S. No Longer Seeking U.N., NATO Permission to Strike Syria ( has focused on building a rapid coalition consisting of the United Kingdom, France and several Arab states, by sharing intelligence evidence that U.S. officials say proves Bashir al Assad’s regime was responsible for last week’s chemical weapons attack.
    Any U.N. Security Council approval would require Russia’s acquiescence, and Moscow has not shown signs it was ready to bend, even now. NATO has taken few steps to organize a mission into Syria, leaving the United States to create a new “coalition of the willing” from individual allies. Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday there was growing international support for military action against Syria. “This is about the large-scale, indiscriminate use of weapons that the civilized world long ago decided must never be used at all — a conviction shared even by countries that agree on little else,” he said.
  • Urgent – Syria-NATO-React (
    “It would send a very dangerous signal to dictators all over the world if we stand … by and don’t react,”
    Israeli media reports that Syrian officials are threatening retaliation against Israel for any Western attack. Israel is deploying all of its missile defences as a precaution.
  • Nato: Use of chemical weapons ‘cannot go unanswered’ (
  • Obama Reveals His Dictatorship (
    Washington preens itself on being “the world’s greatest democracy.” Washington uses the claim that it is spreading democracy as a justification for its naked aggression–a clear and unambiguous war crime–against other countries. Washington cloaks its illegality in democratic rhetoric despite the obvious fact that its wars are not a consequence of democratic decision.Washington has used deception and lies to gain acceptance of its extra-constitutional and extra-legal wars, but Washington’s wars have all been launched outside the constitutional/democratic framework of the United States.

    Obama’s war against Libya occurred without the participation of Congress. And now Obama is again revealing that the US is so far removed from democracy that he plans to attack Syria without a vote by Congress. Where is the democracy when a Caesar makes the decisions that the Constitution reserves to Congress?

  • Obama: We’ve ‘concluded’ Assad regime launched gas attacks (
    the U.S. has “concluded” that the murderous Bashar Assad regime killed hundreds of its own people in a toxic chemical weapons attack.

  • Syrian PM warns country will become a ‘graveyard for invaders’… (
    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has told the five permanent Security Council members that it may be two weeks before for final results are ready of an analysis of samples experts collected at the site of a chemical weapons attack last week in Syria are ready.
    Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey, says any intervention in Syria should be aimed at ending Assad’s rule. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Syria’s rattled northern neighbour wants the US to go further in its use of force than envisaged by Washington, which has said that strikes would not be aimed at regime change but at deterring further use of chemical weapons.
  • France, following US and UK, applies brakes on Syrian war rhetoric (
    The announcement comes as NATO countries reconsider whether to take military action against the Syrian government over a chemical weapons attack that killed hundreds of people in Damascus, amid growing public opposition to a US-led military intervention.

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    Wow! Thank you so much for quoting me!!! 🙂 I am actually a she but thank you anyway!! Great article!


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      Funny, first I thought the lioness was a she, but afterwards, heaving read some other postings in a more “masculine language” or ‘strong language’ I changed it in a ‘he’.
      Ladies with hair on their teeth (a Dutch expression) are also welcome and liked. 🙂


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