How We Got Here: The Path to America’s 2013 Government Shutdown

A writer calling himself a starving intellectual that lacks intellect to actually go get the nutrients needed to have a happy life, wrote in Why the President has Lost Power: “teachers who used to let you get away with things on a regular basis, well usually by the end of the year if they did not lay down the hammer the teacher would be dealing with anarchy. That is why teacher assert themselves early in the school year to curb ridiculous activity throughout the rest of the year. Well Obama has not curbed any of this activity and he is slowly losing power and strength to achieve a stronger union. ”

Michael Volkmanns finds that tea party Republicans have been wielding nearly every existential weapon in their arsenal to blast the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) into legislative oblivion. > The tea party created an existential threat to America, not Obamacare | The Raw Story

Internet Roundup – Shutdown Science

The ongoing U.S. government shutdown, engineered by House Republicans in opposition to the Affordable Care Act (more popularly known as Obamacare), has temporarily forced… 422 more words

The Government Shutdown is Over!

I wrote a piece for the Gabbler today on Obamacare and the government shutdown:

Accepting Compromise, Congress Repeals Obamacare, Leaves Affordable Care Act in Place… 43 more words

  • House GOP Throws Hail Mary In Hopes of Delaying “Obamacare,” Avoiding Shutdown (
    U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas As the government shutdown looms closer, the Republican members of the House are scrambling to find a way to avoid it by almost any means necessary.
  • Video: ‘The shutdown is here’ (
    The US government has begun a partial shutdown after the two houses of Congress failed to agree a new budget.
  • The Republican shutdown is on (
    Al Qaeda is watching the news right now and saying to themselves, “Why are we busting our humps? All we gotta do is sit here.”

    Congratulations, Republicans, you have shut down the government.

    So, does this mean if a Republican somehow wins the White House in 2016, should Democrats threaten to shut down the government, refuse to pass a budget or raise the deb ceiling unless the election is invalidated and he resigns? I mean, why not? Isn’t this the way government works now?

  • Read the Partisan Letter Obama Sent Fed Employees After Shutdown Went Into Effect (

    Federal employees were told Tuesday in a letter signed by President Barack Obama that Congress, particularly House Republicans, treats them like “punching bags.”

    “You defend our country overseas and ensure that our troops receive the benefits they deserve when they come home,” the letter, dated Oct. 1, reads. “You guard our borders and protect our civil rights. You help small businesses expand and gain new footholds in overseas markets.”

  • Obama: Shutdown won’t stop healthcare act (
    The measures failed to garner the two-thirds vote required to push the motions already dismissed by Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid earlier Tuesday as Republicans “trying to cherry-pick a few parts of the government to keep open.”

    The White House also said that it would veto any measures. Various House leadership aides told CNN that the same three measures would be brought back to the House floor on Wednesday in a way that passing it would only require a simple majority vote.
    Obama also warned the Republicans to raise the $16.7 trillion debt ceiling, saying that failure to do so would lead to “an economic shutdown.”

    Congress resumed business Tuesday while federal workers across the country – from park rangers to FAA safety inspectors – faced being out of work with no return in sight.

Cognitive Relevance

The government is shutdown, and the world is watching how America treats its citizens in a battle of wills.  As Ezra Klein said, before the clock struck midnight starting the shutdown, “This is all about stopping a law that increases taxes on rich people and reduces subsidies to private insurers in Medicare in order to help low-income Americans buy health insurance. That’s it. That’s why the Republican Party might shut down the government and default on the debt.”

Below is info on the path to the shutdown.  Thank you to the budget expert with experience at the White House Budget Office and U.S. Senate for sharing information used below.

Here is what happened.

  • House and Senate have been fighting about the overall spending levels for months.
  • The Republican controlled House wanted the 2014 budget level at $967 billion for discretionary spending.
  • The Democratic controlled Senate wanted the level at $1,058…

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