International Summer School in Mostar

Young people who who are interested in human rights and do not  mind sharing their ideas with other enthusiasts and who have eligibility to study at the post high school level and have the ability to relate meaningfully to an English spoken classroom and to understand texts written in English, are invited to come to study at the Buskerud University College, School of Business and Social Sciences their Summer course in Mostar.

Human Rights

Human Rights (Photo credit: h de c)

The course starts with a description of the basic philosophical ideas and theories the modern international regime for human right has come to rest upon. An indept description and analysis of the content of the Universal Declaration of Human rights precedes further analysis of the major human rights conventions and their monitoring mechanisms that has been adapted in the post second world war period.

Both the UN system as well as the European human rights regime will be looked at.

They want to conclude with examples of the implementation of human rights obligations in national polities.

English: Mostar - church and mosque

English: Mostar – church and mosque (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the conclusion of this course, the students will be able to understand and give meaning to such human rights mechanisms as The Human Rights council, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, The European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, the European Court of Human Rights, the European Framework Convention on National Minorities, the European Torture Convention etc.

Subject oriented lectures, tutorials and seminars Monday through Saturday 26th of May – 31st of May and 2nd of June – 7th of June. The lectures will be administered by Associate Professor Lars Petter Soltvedt.

I would say this is an opportunity having no tuition/course fee and only having to pay for travel and accommodation expenses.
Accommodation in student housing in Mostar. Cost approximately NOK 100/night.
Accommodation will be pre-booked for all interested students.

= all youngsters to the beautiful Mostar.


Please do find the necessary information:

International Summer School in Mostar



  • Secret Favourite Shots # 6 – Mostar ( + > Secret Favourite Shots # 6 – Mostar
    Both Mostar and Sarajevo are well worth a visit, not only for their beauty, cultural diversity and history, but also for their Burek – the best I’ve ever eaten. Despite my feeling an almost perverse fascination with the evidence of devastation, the sadness was so palpable and undeniable – like a slow-burning rage that something so barbaric could happen so recently in eastern Europe – that I came away wanting to investigate further and write about it at length. This resulted in a poem of mine, inspired more particularly by a visit to the tunnel museum in Sarajevo, which was published in P N Review in 2007 – something of which I was very proud. It was very pleasing to be able to contribute to make a contribution, however small, to commemorating the bravery and suffering of the people of Sarajevo.
  • A day trip to Mostar (
    Walking down the narrow cobbled streets with many shops either side selling an abundance of tourist goods, it feels totally separate to the world we’ve left behind. There are more people, the atmosphere feels safer, and there is chatter and noise – although granted, this is probably all down to the tourists who flock here to see the famous Mostar bridge that divides the town.

    The bridge is quite phenomenal, it’s incredibly high and very iconic – it was a shame that we didn’t see any jumpers, I guess there weren’t enough people about as it was quite out of season. The day was a little overcast, but luckily wasn’t raining so there were still some fantastic views of the bridge and I managed to get some great photos.



  • Genrik Xid Visits #Mostar (
    Tourists from across the world flock to the old town to see this bridge…the Stari Most. The bridge built in 1557 by the Ottoman emperor Suleman the Magnificent, survived for 427 years before it was bombed and destroyed in 1993 by Croat forces during the Croat-Bosnaik wars.
  • Borders (
    I felt that Bosnia and Herzegovina is home. I sighed with relief to see the yellow and blue flag. The landscape changed, too, and we were back in the hills, on the 180 degree curves, with the bus driver driving as if to make up time. For once, this bus had seat belts, which I used. It was, however, missing one of the emergency hammers to use in case you need to make an emergency exit through the window. Still, these drivers do this route all the time, and so they probably know every bend, every pothole. In the states, we are so sheltered and kept safe with our guidelines, seat restraints, and so on.
  • Christmas in Mostar (
    On the Croat side of the river, they celebrate Christmas.  So, yesterday I went to find the Christmas village, a small tented area behind a building.
  • Dolgov: Russia seeks to maintain constructive dialogue on human rights with EU (
    January 23, Konstantin Dolgov stated at a news conference in Brussels that, in his opinion, the EU does not really monitor the human rights situation within the Union and has no ways of dealing effectively with human rights violations.

    Russia’s Foreign Ministry Commissioner for Human Rights presented to journalists the ministry’s report on human rights situation in the EU in 2013. He said no one in the European Union now has a mandate to ensure improvement of the human rights situation in individual countries of the Union, above all in the Baltic States, and this cannot but cause concern, particularly, as the EU presents itself as one of the main supporters of adherence to fundamental democratic values.

    Dolgov noted the spread of xenophobia, nationalism, radicalization and discrimination in Europe, and, consequently, the population’s support for far-right parties. He said the Russian Foreign Ministry’s report is an invitation to comprehensive international cooperation, including with the participation of Russia and the European Union, toward improving the human rights situation.

  • The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (
    Today we have been learning about the human rights. It shows us how not do things and how to do them.
  • This Is Probably The Best Advert For Human Rights You’ll Ever See. (
    Written some 66 years ago, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights outlines the international human rights law that nearly every nation in the world are obliged to uphold.

    Mikhail Kalashnikov’s AK-47 has come to define modern warfare, before he passed away, he expressed some guilt for creating such an efficient weapon.


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