A man from the North wanting to have control in Belgium

Not only me personally got harmfully affected by the Man from the North. I apologise to all those who commented on some of my writings on Christadelphian World and got infringed of expressing themselves.

On Wednesday February the 19th of 2014 at 13.29 hours the comments on Christadelphian World were made visible again. Hopefully everything is o.k. now.

The community of believers in One God shall have to face the un-Christian attitude of the man from the North and his organisation and should find ways to reach those who could be interested in the Gospel of the coming Kingdom of God. I shall welcome all who are willing to meet with like-minded followers of Christ.

As is written in the re-blogged article the Bible Students do have already enough division, but people should be aware that though there may be different groups, they are all part of the Body of Christ. The unity of talk should be in the core-basic teachings according to the Bibleteachings, in accordance with the Word of God and with the Law of God.

People should know that Christadelphians do not claim sole right of the truth, nor do they claim to have received new revelation. They also profess no new principle: they own to no new teachership. They are simply and purely the result of Bible study, thoroughly conducted.

Like the Antipas Christadelphians do say it so nicely:
“They owe their development to the application of a principle, in which it has been customary for all Englishmen to boast–the right of private judgment in the discernment of religious truth.” {The Sect Everywhere Spoken Against}

We do not want to follow any particular human person aside of the Nazarene Jew Jeshua, better know as Jesus Christ, whom we consider as the promised Messiah and the cornerstone of the Church of God. Because we do understand that all human beings do have other feelings and different characters, we do allow them to go by those people or join those organisations where they feel at ease.

We do want that people can feel at home in the place where they come to meet with each other to worship the God of gods. In case there are others who would not like to meet with the Belgian Christadelphians, I and my fellow brethren respect that choice, but we also do ask to respect our freedom and independence, to gather in union with all those who are willing to look over small differences and over personal issues.

Those people living in Belgium, who would like to read the Bible and have prayers with others, are always welcome at our services on the particular holidays and at our weekly service at the “Aire de Nivelles” on Thursday nights from 7,30pm – 9,00pm, at the Carestel restaurant, on the Motorway A7/E19 (Amsterdam- Antwerpen-) Brussel-Mons (-Paris).


  • Draw near to God – Thank you Jesus (evanlaar2013.wordpress.com)
    My point is simply that Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Christadelphians, etc are not in the historical category of Christian. I do not mean this as a personal insult, just an historical/religious observation.
    God is love. Jesus lived out that love here to show how real it is. We live in and by that love in this life and the next. Jesus clearly taught that not everyone who calls Jesus “Boss” (Lord) belongs to the Heavenly Christ, and will be shocked to discover their
  • Who are the Christadelphians? (blogs.abc.net.au)
    We’re not all so insular. But yes we believe the Bible and try to follow its principles in our lives. In this messed up world to keep focused on the big picture of the Return of Christ and his kingdom on earth is a certain hope. It’s a true hope – Bible prophecy about the Jews is compelling evidence.
  • Christadelphian Youths to hold conference in Bo City (sierraexpressmedia.com)
    The CYC Youths believe that they are the future of the church. Their coming together to discuss issues of importance that ensures the development of their various Ecclesias does not come as a surprise.
    The Christadelphians, “Brothers and Sisters in Christ”, are a body of Bible believing people, who aim to live by faith in Jesus Christ, according to the teaching of his followers from the first century AD, finding their instruction in a wholly inspired Bible. Central to Christadelphian belief is that Christ will one day return to the Earth to establish the Kingdom of God and grant eternal life to his people – those who have tried to follow him and God.
  • The Christadelphian Bible Truth & Prophecy Video Vault (therugbychristadelphians.wordpress.com) + BibleTalksRugby
    As Christadelphians we believe that the only way to navigate the myriad of different interpretations of Christian belief is to go back to the Bible; a careful examination of which reveals a large number of startling differences with the teachings of the mainstream denominations. In these pages we hope to set out some of these for you. We hope that you will use these resources to conduct your own examination.

    Throughout the year we organise a number of Bible Talks, every Sunday and on other occasions. We give you a warm invitation to these. If you are unable to attend or prefer to study at home then this site will provide you with audio and video recordings of previous talks, articles on a range of subjects and links to numerous study materials elsewhere on the web.

  • Christadelphians or Messianic Christians or Messianic Jews (christadelphianworld.blogspot.com)
    Those who would like to follow יהושע {Jeshua}and share his love with each other should feel as brethren and sisters. They should get to know the teachings of Jeshua or Jesus Christ and keep to them.

    Getting to know those teachings comprehends also getting to know the Torah or the Law of God, because to Jesus this Law was sanctified. Also for us this Law should be set-apart or holy. the Word of God should be what we want to follow like Jesus followed the Word of God and did not want to do something different than the Will of God.

    When you follow the Messiah or you then a Messianic?  a Messianic Jew or a Messianic Christian?

  • No reconciliation possible between CBM and Duncan Heaster from Carelinks (christadelphianworld.blogspot.com)
    It is really frustrating to have to admit that in the Christadelphian world it is like everywhere else in this world, that we do find people who are more interested in their own position than in the welfare of others.
    Like in many denominations the Christadelphians have by the years become victim of different opinions between its members and got different groups of which some did not want to work together with the other. Such division in Christian communities we do consider very bad.
  • What’s Wrong with Belgium? (crisismagazine.com)
    Poor King Philippe is now in a position of having to decide what to do about the fact that his government has voted in favor of euthanasia for children.  Many hope that he will follow the precedent of his saintly uncle King Baudouin who in 1990 abdicated for a day rather than have his name on pro-abortion legislation.  At the time King Baudouin rhetorically asked: Is it right that I am the only Belgian citizen to be forced to act against his conscience in such a crucial area? Is the freedom of conscience sacred for everyone except for the king?
  • “Racist Hate Speech” Conviction in Belgium for Tearing up Koran in Front of a Group of Muslims (volokh.com)
    In Belgium a man was convicted for ‘racist hate speech’ because he publicly tore up a Koran, before the eyes of a group of Muslims. The case illustrates the need to protect free speech against those seeking to criminalise ‘Islamophobia’.
  • The Islamization Of Belgium And The Netherlands In 2013 (midnightwatcher.wordpress.com)
    By Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute – “Belgium and the Netherlands have some of the largest Muslim communities in the European Union, in percentage terms.

    Belgium is home to an estimated 650,000 Muslims, or around 6% of the overall population, based on an average of several statistical estimates. The Netherlands is home to an estimated 925,000 Muslims, which also works out to around 6% of the overall population. Within the EU, only France (7.5%) has more Muslims in relative terms.

    Belgian and Dutch cities have significant Muslim populations, comprised mostly of Turkish and Moroccan immigrants, as well as a growing number of converts to Islam.

    The number of Muslims in Brussels — where roughly half of the number of Muslims in Belgium currently live — has reached 300,000, which means that the self-styled ‘Capital of Europe’ is now one of the most Islamic cities in Europe.

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Belgian Biblestudents - Belgische Bijbelstudenten

Figures in history

Photograph of Charles Taze Russell. Photograph of Charles Taze Russell. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Throughout history lots of religions had troubles with certain figures wanting to have control over everything and wanting to be the main leader.

The Biblestudent movement is no different than any other Christian denomination. In its coarse of history there have been strong leaders creating schisms or denying there where divisions having come out of their group.

One of the pupils of Dr. John Thomas never wanted to have a following of a singular person. Charles Taze Russell managed to create a big amount of followers who were genuinely interested to make the best out of Biblestudy. Their leader had arranged that they could have additional literature which could be of help to their study, but it was never intended to replace the Bible.

Centralized authority

Russell did not believe in any centralized authority except

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