A new voice calling for peace


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For three of my other sites I wanted to have some other voices than my own ideas. On my lifestyle magazine Stepping Toes I wanted to have other writers to have their say as well. But some did not want to contribute on a regular basis or did not have an own site and did not want to create one or start an account by Word Press.

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For that reason I started a club of writers who could contribute on one of my other blogs or sites, under their name, but could be found  under a separate space or name. By creating”guestpeakers” and a site “From Guestwriters”, they could place articles on Stepping Toes and could select some interesting writings from the internet and place them together, so that people could find a selection of writings under one roof. Readers could find all the different writers then under the name”guest-speaker”.

You could call my new site I wanted to present to the public: a ‘readers digest‘ .

Readers Digest New Logo

Readers Digest New Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2014, March the 26th the website “From Guestwriters” was created and on the 27th our welcome word went into the world. (Guestwriters for you +Welcome to “From guestwriters”)

I would love to give, and find interested writers and photographers, the opportunity to have an other place next to their own blog, where they can present themselves and present some interesting reading or pictorial material which could not find a place directly on their own website.

Whilst on Stepping Toes the focus lies on the way we live and what we do in our world and why we should do certain things, more form a Christadelphian point of view, “From Guestwriters” wants to look at the world, also from a spiritual view perhaps, but not as such from a Christadelphian or religious point of view. Focus will be more on what each individual, believer or not in a Supreme Being, would like to be able to do, to bring more good tidings in this world.

For You (The Calling song)

For You (The Calling song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I would love to see that there would be presented some Good News and that we can show others how beautiful this world well can be. I would love to get several authors from several cultures together on one site presenting different views, showing the world though we might be very different, that we can be united together in a peaceful atmosphere, and can help with joined forces to create a better place to live in, for all of us.

I would appreciate it if you would like to have a look at my new site and would welcome all readers to join us. I invite every joyful creative person, and will be looking forward to find more interested people who would like to contribute with peaceful words or pictures.

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Retired dancer, choreographer, choreologist Founder of the Dance impresario office and archive: Danscontact-Dansarchief plus the Association for Bible scholars, the Lifestyle magazines "Stepping Toes" and "From Guestwriters" and creator of the site "Messiah for all". - Gepensioneerd danser, choreograaf, choreoloog. Stichter van Danscontact-Dansarchief plus van de Vereniging voor Bijbelvorsers, de Lifestyle magazines "Stepping Toes" en "From Guestwriters" en maker van de site "Messiah for all".
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