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At the centennial of World War I we should stand still by all the bloodshed, all the misery, pain and broken love.

History has proven that no war ever brought the ultimate reconciliation and peace. But there where peace was in the hearts of innocent people, that peace was so much stronger than the vile words, the angry signs, the awful noise, the trials which wanted to bring the soul down, but could not take it away from the hopeful, who believed in a Much Greater Power than any human being. It is that Comforter Who was and is willing to bring that inner peace which is much more valuable than all money can buy.


  • I See Peace (
    I see Peace in our future. You may be asking how, in the aftermath of recent bombings, continued wars and atrocities how this can be accomplished. WE will accomplish it. I believe it. John Lennon and Yoko Ono wrote lyrics and sung their songs to several generations of people who listened with open ears. Yoko and John are not alone in their desire.
  • Joint Peace Prayer (text only) (
    Today is Liberation Day on the Korean Peninsula. May they be liberated from division and war. Let us pray the prayer composed together by Christians in the North and in the South
    Joint Peace Prayer (text only)
    Lord, the road of reconciliation and peace, created by the life and devotion of many people, has been blocked. A high barrier of division is again being built up by people who don’t want reunification
  • What is peace? // How does a Christian deal with anger? (
    Peace is the consequence of justice and the sign of love put into action. Where there is peace, “every creature can come to rest in good order” (Thomas Aquinas). Earthly peace is the image of the peace of Christ, who reconciled heaven and earth. Peace is more than the absence of war, more than a carefully maintained balance of powers (“balance of terror”
  • Serenity… (
    There is a place I visit when I find myself sad and I have no more strength to react. It is a place I can feel quietly, I close my eyes and know peace.  I look inside me and before the immensity of my ignorance, I feel a tiny ant, maybe I do not understand anything, maybe I know nothing, I cannot understand the complexity of humans with so many aberrations in the face of so much hunger and misery that surrounds us, I just know I need to learn more, delve deeper into myself, and in the silence of the night my imagination navigates through tortuous paths in search of myself exactly, without even cosine and tangent, a simple equation where I can find a starting point and arrival. I am just a tiny ant, who do I think I am?
  • Peace (
    The term PEACE originates most from the Anglo-French PES, and the Old French PAIS, meaning ‘peace, reconciliation, silence, agreement ‘.  comes from the Latin PAX.
  • Peace may be the true threat to Hamas, Israel’s leaders (
    Relatives of a Palestinian woman, who medics said was killed in an Israeli air strike, mourn during her funeral in Khan Younis

    It’s time to wonder whether Israel and Palestine will ever be able to move out of the moral abyss into which they’ve plunged themselves, and address the threat of peace.

    “Threat” is the right term. Because peace is dangerous for leaders in the Middle East.

  • Human agony, bloodshed and cost of lives (
    Cries of desolation as humanity bears the atrocity of an evil world;O’ evil man! You have no shame of your heinous and sadistic act?

    Have you got no heart?

    Blood shed,  scattering of corpses, shrieks of babies and killing of lives in the embryo;

    Innocent men and women  bearing the brunt of ruthless war mongers and politicians;

  • Can we cultivate peace? Thoughts on Conflict. (
    War and conflict to me are not intellectual. Nor are the reasons which create them. Intellectual ideals are sparked by emotion. Therefore, war and conflict are emotional responses which are intellectualized until they become legitimatized. I’m attempting to speak from the heart. That is why I proceed with trepidation as what I say will not be popular and to some will sound like rampant idealism.
    The energy required to supress empathic knowing leads to psychosomatic or neurotic disturbance. It will leak out in other areas of your life. Intellectualising brings only temporary relief by making an emotional response a mental process (as I am here by writing). Eventually, if we want peace. We will have to face up to a world at war.
  • We Refuse to Be Enemies: Together, We Can End the War! We will not take part in this war. We call out to all parties in Israel-Palestine: Stop the bombing now! (
    Together, we can put an end to the War!
    Is this the future we want to live in? Is this the reality we want for our children? A country that bombs homes, civilians and innocent children? A country where the blue skies are painted with fear and its land is burning with hatred? Are we willing to stay hypnotized to this awful state where violence is presented as the right way? Justice isn’t achieved by bombs sent to kill.
  • Gaza Youth Breaks Out Manifesto 2.0 (
    Let’s make things clear, starting with the Palestinian movements point. We were harsh, true. We were angry, and still are. The order in which the “parties” have been cited was not intended, and we are conscious that it brought much confusion in people’s minds. However, to those reproaching us – because we denounced the corruption of our political leaders – of insulting the thousands who voted for Hamas in 2006 (among which us), of insulting the memories of the martyrs of the Resistance groups affiliated to the different Palestinian factions who shed their blood for us in many occasions, starting with Operation Cast Lead, we want to reply don’t insult the Palestinian people’s right to criticize its politicians.

sheetal sharma

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My brush strokes not for fights
but for colors of peace…
When the power of love
overcomes the love of power
A world of compassion
A world where leaders care…
A world where there are no wars
rise and so does human lives.

peace has stood the test of time
non violence for freedom
got what years of war did not.
For the want is universal :
A life to live without fear.
Want for Liberty shall will never parish.

An epoch when prosperity masks –
underlying stains of the past,
Peace is accepted wisdom –
mirrored in compassion.

Shrug off inequality
and live fearless
Look in the eyes of fellow patrons,
Regardless Of Race Or Creed
there is a satisfaction of a life well lived.
Together In Harmony , free of prejudice

Serene and tranquil is heaven.
Lets make this world no less.

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