Too much food is being wasted

It is very good the Belgian government at last thinks “Too much food is being wasted”

"Waste No Food... Food is Wasted... Food ...

“Waste No Food… Food is Wasted… Food is Wasted. Demonstare Thrift in Your Home. Make Saving, Rather than Spending, – NARA – 512511 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our so called civilised world should be full of shame for producing so much waste and for throwing away such good food. When we may believe the figures,each year, four billion tons of food is produced in the world, one-third of which is thrown away.

The Flemish should look in their own bosom, being responsible for some 120,000 tons of food being wasted every year in Flanders. The average household with two adults and two children could save €300 a year by eliminating food waste.

I still wonder how it comes we can not get big tomatoes ‘flesh tomatoes) big apples or formless courgettes or cucumbers. Why do all those bananas do have to be so big and uniform?

I do not notice much of the various undertaken plans to reduce food waste by the government of Flanders and look forward to what the Flemish parliament will do to push the food chains to sell more ‘out of  standard from’ food or the so called 3stars quality food. Let them bring that food that they want to throw away on the market cheaper and have the customer decide what he wants.

Parliament specifically calling for action to ensure that food is not wasted simply because “it doesn’t look good” is fine, but they also should stimulate the customers to be more careful with their choice and with their requests for certain looks and for certain products in or out season.

The motion to cut down on food waste was tabled by Groen MP Bart Caron in support of a campaign launched by the Belgian aid charity 11.11.11. on World Food Day last month and backed by CD&V, N-VA, Open VLD and SP.A.

Caron said:

“We’re calling on the government to consult the sectors involved so that a binding code of conduct is introduced to prevent unfair trade practices that lead directly to food waste,”

Your food is the best - Don't waste it - NARA ...

Your food is the best – Don’t waste it – NARA – 513725 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Flanders industrial base shrinks by a quarter (
    The daily De Tijd says that the demise of industry in Flanders is part of a global shift. In 1991 36% of the world’s manufacturing was done in Europe, while the figure for Asia was 8%. Roles are now reversed with Europe responsible for a quarter of the world’s industrial production and Asia good for 31%.
  • Flemish Parliament calls for new food waste initiative (
  • New Belgian government sworn in after months of talks (
    After five months of talks, a new centre-right Belgian government has been sworn in.At the age of 38 francophone Charles Michel is the country’s youngest prime minister since 1841.

    He has put together a four-party coalition, which brings a Flemish separatist party into government for the first time.

  • Clashes in Belgium as 100,000 protest against new government (
    Belgian riot police fired tear gas and water cannon during clashes with demonstrators Thursday, November 6, as at least 100,000 people marched through Brussels in the first mass protests against the new government’s austerity measures.

    Protesters danced on the top of overturned cars and threw paving stones and fireworks during the protest, which opposes economic reforms announced by Prime Minister Charles Michel’s centre-right coalition.

    Riot police armed with clubs and shields charged the rowdiest groups of demonstrators, who also set rubbish bins on fire and made makeshift barricades, AFP journalists witnessed.

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