Did the picture change for Working dads

“It’s 2014, and the Picture Has Changed for Working Dads. Here’s How:”

the message told:

It’s not 1960: Being a dad looks different now

It also wanted to give the impression it was better than 1960. In Belgium in any case in 1960 it probably was much better than now. For the family life in any case it was much, much, better. Dads and moms knew their place and those who wanted to stay at home to be their for their kids could help those children grow up in a healthy family.

the United states Government is well aware that our families — and workforce — look different than they have before. They say:

That means being a dad looks different than it ever has before.

Then they point to a big problem of our society today.

Just like moms, many dads don’t have access to paid leave or flexible workplaces, making it harder to balance work and family.

Where in the past the husband could get a reasonable income to support the family, his wife, children and his parents and parents in law (the older ones), today youngsters may find it already difficult, not to say impossible, with one wage to pay for the rent and have enough over to provide for food, electricity, gas and water. Extra educational and entertainment or social activities became to costly to afford with only one person in the household working.

The golden sixties in which we had a ‘marvellous life’, could eat lots of things, could buy lots of things, indulge ourselves with going to the theatre, concerts, places in the own country, have got the clouds of the capitalist world having made it an illusion with even more illusionist dreams of worlds created by the many lifestyle and paparazzi magazines.

In West Europe, like in America, I believe, we have seen a shift from the social family life, where the kids could take care of their parents, to a life where the older folks are not any more considered to be old and needy to be taken care of by their children. Parents when getting older and grandparents being much older than in the previous mid-20° century generation, are now considered by many as an uselessness and as futilities are put away in homes. But the prises of those ‘put away houses’ have become to costly for the younger generation, so they consider it a burden to further take care of that ‘non-pofit sort of people’.

For many parents the children are already a nuisance. The elders for many are a pain in the neck, and if we are not careful the danger is looming that those who are not productive any more shall be treated with an injection to stop them being part of this world.

We have seen with the years an increase in the tax burden and other expectations for life have redetermined social life and even worse, family life.

Instead of getting more freedom and privacy perspective in many countries people, with reason, have become afraid to air their opinion, and in many countries workers have become afraid to say something about unjust working conditions, afraid to loose their job.
In the capitalist countries the rights, personal freedom and privacy of the common people have largely decreased. They have eroded drastically over the decades. Women’s rights, workers’ rights are moving backwards at an alarming rate. When we look at the situation in Belgium in a few years time we could be facing again the times of pastor Daens, having his contributions to the growing social awareness among Catholics in Belgium, and his major role in the history of Belgian trade unions, becoming something of the past.

Today a couple has to go to work both, to be able to have a comfortable living. Many families got broken by the impossibility to put water in the wine and to come to terms with each other. We can find many new composite families, were there are kids who have to cope with each other facing two, three or even more ‘dads’ coming along the house. The amalgamated households made it that socially the kids did not learn a good way of going with others and sharing in love. Often they did not have good examples from their parents how to share in love, with love, which makes it more difficult for them to have good social contacts or to build a good founded family themselves.

We shall have to make work not getting more father-only or mother-only families, and to stop the divorce rate which is much too high.

We also should look at the roles we want to take in society and should re-train the community looking more openly to the changing social roles people want to take up, getting also mothers working out of the house and fathers working in the house. Plus having more shared tasks in the house as in the community.

In the United States of America, a country where so many Europeans want to look up, 63 percent of families with children, all parents work. 32 percent of families with children are single-parent families. And yet, most moms and dads don’t have access to paid leave or flexible workplaces. On average, women are still earning 77 cents to every dollar a man doing the same work earns.

It’s time for workplace policies that give all workers the best chance to succeed at work and at home.

On June 23, the American government hosted a national conversation about how they can build 21st-century workplaces that help the modern American family succeed. Visit WorkingFamiliesSummit.org to learn more.

Take a look at what that looks like, and then share this if you learned something new.

workingdadsWomen workers are contributing more and more to their family’s earnings, but the wage gap between men and women hasn’t gone away.

womanworkforce 2014

By age 65, the average working woman will lose $431,000 due to the wage gap. (Share this graphic if you agree this isn’t fair.)

By age 65, the average working woman will lose $431,000 due to the wage gap. (Share this graphic if you agree this isn’t fair.)

Every man and woman should be treated equally on all levels. - By age 65, the average working woman will lose $431,000 due to the wage gap. (Share this graphic if you agree this isn’t fair.)

Every man and woman should be treated equally on all levels. – By age 65, the average working woman will lose $431,000 due to the wage gap. (Share this graphic if you agree this isn’t fair.)

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