Wrong choices made to get rid of Assad

Already in 2013 I asked how long the West would allow the atrocities continue to go on in Syria. A humanitarian crisis was developing to become another long going conflict like in Iraq. Though many mistakenly thought the final chapter was taking place in the Syrian war  and the country soon to see the Syrian capital facing total destruction.

Since being founded in 2004 the goal of the rebel group ISIS is to create a hardline Islamic state crossing over the borders of Syria and Iraq. In a way they seem to move on particularly well now controlling a “nation-size tract of land”. Remarkable or interesting about this tract of land is that it corresponds almost exactly to the heart of the Assyrian empire. The Assyrians were renowned for their cruelty – as one Bible dictionary puts it…

“The Assyrians were noted for their brutality, and their kings were often depicted as gloating over the gruesome punishments inflicted on conquered peoples. They conducted their wars with shocking ferocity, uprooting whole populations and deporting them to other parts of the empire.”

We see this with ISIS. We also read in Psalm 83 that Assur (Assyrians) join forces against Israel….

“4 They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; That the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. 5 For they have consulted together with one consent; Against thee do they make a covenant: 6 The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites; Moab, and the {1} Hagarenes; {1) Or [Hagrites]; See 1 Ch 5:10} 7 Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre: 8 Assyria also is joined with them; They have {1} helped the children of Lot. [[Selah {1) Heb [been an arm to the children of Lot]}” (Psalms 83:4-8 ASV)

Last June, when ISIS got its first victory in Iraq Netanyahu asked the United States of America to stay out of the Iraqi conflict – and let the Sunni militants defeat the Shia-dominated government of prime minister al-Maliki and break-up Iraq.

This will weaken Iranian influence in the Arab region,”

said Netanyahu during his address at Tel Aviv University’s INSS think-tank.

The Israelites thought

the creation of an independent Kurdish state … a foregone conclusion

Meanwhile, Israeli President Shimon Peres told US President Barack Obama that

“the Kurds have, de facto, created their own state, which is democratic.”

Elizabeth Blade said already in 2012 that Turkey and several Arab capitals supporting a regime change in Syria – were indirecting helping Syrian Kurds to establish an autonomous region of their which once gained – with the help of Iraqi Kurdistan, were willing to support a semi-independent Kurdistan inside Turkey in the near future.


Ezilon Political Map of Syria showing names of capital city, towns, states, provinces and boundaries with neighbouring countries

We may wonder if Washington saw opportunities into a weakening of the Middle East region by the Kurds trying to make their own Kurdistan to become a reality again and by the division of smaller entities by the different religious and ethnic groups around Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman and the Emirates. (Region on the map/Atlapedida Map)

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, a US-Iranian journalist and author said:

Michael porter.jpg

Michael Eugene Porter Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at The Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, based at the Harvard Business School

The US and its regional allies have armed ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The motives are clear. To remove Assad, drag Iran (and Hizbullah) to this into this quagmire with the intention of bleeding all sides. It would also justify American presence to combat ‘terrorists’ and foreign fighters so that America can re-occupy its bases and dominate the Persian Gulf region as planned. To sum up, neoconservatives had long sought to dominate the Persian Gulf and use it as a launch pad in their grand strategy of global dominance. When fear of communism and inter-state wars ceased to justify this agenda, 9/11 came to the rescue. Sectarian division eliminated resistance to the plan. As renowned strategist Michael Porter said, “Finally, strategy must have continuity. It can’t be constantly reinvented.” The ISIL is that continuation.” {Netanyahu: ‘ISIS is good for Israel’}

France had called in 2012 on the United Nations to authorize using “all means” necessary to end the carnage in Syria, bringing the civil war closer to the edge of a proxy war between Russia and the Western alliance. At that time the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the United States of supplying weapons to Syria’s opposition, hours after U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton charged that Moscow was sending a new shipment of attack helicopters to Damascus. Today there is enough proof that both countries are providing weapons to several groups involved in the battle for power in the region.

One deterrent from direct Western military intervention in Syria has been the fear that the civil war could erupt into an all-out proxy war that could blow up into a regional conflict, with Assad backed by Russia and Iran and the opposition backed by the United States and Western allies. That fear and the passive attitude of the NATO and the European Union made that the frightened population lost their believe in the Western World and in the Christians. More and more they looked for groups which could bring them a better world and the Muslim fundamentalists were the only ones who were promising food and a better state, namely one big Islamic State where people would be living according to the Law and commandments of God. For many after lots of violence and bloodshed those fundamentalist groups seemed to be the ones who could liberate them from the horrible Assad which continued to do war crimes whilst the West did not take any effort to get him prisoned and judged as a war-criminal.
Getting more supporters for their cause the Levant could grow and ISIS gained more adepts and territory, also convincing European ‘brothers and sisters’ that the West had committed treason to the Muslim nations. Disloyalty of other Muslims had also to be punished and gave reason for ISIS to go strongly against certain other Muslim groups.

That helicopters delivered by America were used to kill the own population did not make the States putting an embargo on weapon delivery to that country. For the States and for Russia the war in Syria was a welcome booster for their own economy.

Last year in an exclusive interview to MNA, US foreign policy expert and public speaker, Soraya Sepahpour Ulrich, said that Iran has acted really wise not joining US-led coalition fighting ISIL in the region because it is a US game which is in favour of Israel.

For some the Nuclear program and the talks around it are just an excuse to have the minds on something else way back from Israel and the United states. There are even people who are convinced that US has over and over, falsely and wrongly, excused Iran of support for terrorism. After 9/11 UN Security Council passed an unanimous vote against fighting terrorism without providing a clear cut definition of what terrorism is.

Outside the U.S.A. lots of people naturally do know that several American television stations, like Fox, continuously distort the truth to get their point of view and program onto the American public. US has the power and voice because it owns mainstream media to promote whatever narrative it wants.

With some other thinkers I do agree that in fact the West and the United states of America are at fault by having created the possibility of this monster ISIL but also having American businesses (read weapon-industry) feeding it, giving aid to it in Syria as their friend like Soraya Sepahpour Ulrich I also found this just a bizarre way to get rid of Assad.

According Lasse Wilhelmson the CIA in the 1980s wanted to create chaos in the Middle East were they wanted to weaken the Arab world and give Israel better opportunities to create their own stronger territorial.

Rabbi Fischmann, member of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, declared in his testimony to the U.N. Special Committee of Enquiryon 9 July 1947:

“The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon.”

The plan operated on two essential premises by which was thought for Israel to survive, it had to become an imperial regional power, and had to see the division of the whole area into small states by the dissolution of all existing Arab states.

Small here will depend on the ethnic or sectarian composition of each state. Consequently, the Zionist hope is that sectarian-based states become Israel’s satellites and, ironically, its source of moral legitimation. {Oded Yinon Plan}

According to Wilhemson

To maintain a Jewish state it is necessary to commit crimes that are defined as genocide in The UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. {Liberate Al Quds and Palestine!}

Several Muslims think the same way and do find the Islamic community has to get rid of all those infidels and to do that the territory which belongs to the people of God should be made clean of all the ones who do not follow Allah (God) in the right way. If it takes to go against laws made by man, the Laws of Allah are considered higher and to be follow and allowing them to do what others consider war-crimes or taking part of a genocide because those acts committed with intent to destroy national, ethnic, racial or religious groups which do not want to line up with the rules of an Islamic State.

Princeton law professor Robert George claimed in September 2014 that Christians in America and other westernized nations are too complacent to speak out against the persecution in the Middle East as thousands of Christians in Iraq and Syria, and other parts of the Middle East, are being tossed from their homes, killed, raped and pillaged by Islamic State forces and other terrorist organizations, and urge their governments to take action.

As reason to our passive attitude he apologized with:

“It must be a kind of complacency that comes with power and affluence.”

“We are happy. We are content. We are not persecuted, or not very much. So, we do not see the persecution of our brothers and of our sisters on the other side of town.”

He complained about no voices going up form the Christians. I also would ad my complaint for the Muslim community not coming out enough against those atrocities of the ISIS adepts.

Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Cardinal Raï, Maronite Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, also criticized the international community for slowly reacting to help

“while the local government proved to be utterly incapable of defending the lives of its citizens.” {ISIS’ ‘Cultural Cleansing’ of Mideast Christians Ignored by Complacent Americans, Robert George Complains}

At the “In Defense of Christians” press conference in Washington, Sept. 10, 2014 the patriarch Cardinal Raï also said:

“Terrorism is worldwide phenomenon and as we have learned from September 11th, which you can remember with deep respect for the victims of terrorism in this country.”

“The 120,000 Christians in Iraq in Mosul in the plain of Ninewa were evicted and were robbed of their money, their identification papers. The jihadists desecrated their churches and ransacked their homes and their ministries, some of which are 1,500 years old. They were subjected to all kinds of harassment and many of them killed.” {ISIS’ ‘Cultural Cleansing’ of Mideast Christians Ignored by Complacent Americans, Robert George Complains}

The strong connection with Neo-Conservative thought in the USA is very prominent, especially in the author’s notes. But, while lip service was paid to the idea of the “defense of the West” from Soviet power, the real aim of the author, and of the present Israeli establishment was clear:

To make an Imperial Israel into a world power. In other words, the aim of Sharon is to deceive the Americans after he has deceived all the rest. {Oded Yinon Plan}

Rehmat’s World reacted already on in the article ISIS: Israel’s ticket to regime change in Syria.

Christians could see how world events were moving rapidly toward two major scenarios.

  1. The Arab war against Israel described in such prophecies as Numbers 24:15-24; Psalm 83; Daniel 11:30-45 & Ch. 12; Joel 2 & 3; Zechariah 12-14; Revelation 9:13-21 & 14:14-20 – also known as The Battle of Armageddon in Revelation 16:13-21. {Br. Art Wright in SOT March 2015 edition}
  2. The Destruction of “The Gogian Host” – i.e. a conglomeration of European and Islamic nations under the leadership of the Catholic Church (and obviously a triad of Catholic, Russian Orthodox and Islamic clerics) who galvanise huge armies from Europe, Asia Minor and Africa to attack the Kingdom of God which will be centred in Jerusalem with Jesus Christ as king. This is described in such prophecies as Numbers 24:20; Psalm 2; Ezekiel 38-39; Revelation chapters 17-18-19. {Br. Art Wright in SOT March 2015 edition}

Wright is referring to the the “Great Earthquake” which opens to swallow Israel’s enemies and closes to form “the great winepress of the wrath of God” [Revelation 14:14-20]. The “very great valley” which is to heal the waters of the Dead Sea will remain near Jerusalem. The king of the north “will come to his end with none to help him.”[Daniel 11:45].

In the Eastern region more and more lovers of God got pulled alongside different groups with various religious ideas and often becoming a victim of groups which went against those who had an other religious opinion. Muslims were not safe either, because when not belonging to the right schism group they could be troubled and even be killed. The Western world did not seem so much bothered by the murder of Coptic Christians which took place on the shores of the Mediterranean directly south of the city of Rome This was purposely designed by their ISIS murderers to emphasise that this is a religious war. In Scriptures we are also told that when the end-times would come closer, after children would have gone against their parents, the religions would go against each other. Once more this week members of ISIS proclaimed that the end was near and that was the reason why they had to go so heavily against the heathen world trying “to open their pagan eyes”. for them it is essential to come to the pure and true Islam which is determined to rid the world of all infidels and of all religions (and their adherents) who oppose the teaching of Islam – and even those who oppose their particular understanding of ISIS ideology.

Revelation 9:13-21 which foretells the loosing of four powers from the Euphrates region to kill “a third of men.” can perhaps be seen as such a coming into fulfilment of a prophecy. Even the rampaging of Boko Haram in Africa can be traced to its instigation by Iran and its supporters. That group of rebels who are not afraid to abduct innocent young girls , to rape them and to sell them as sex slaves, got their first support already in the 9/11 days, when Al-Qaeda went looking for protégés. Since then, Bin Laden’s old terror network has continued to pour cash into Boko Haram, while new groups such as Somalia’s deadly Al-Shabaab have begun to chip in. The result is an influx of cash and training flowing from some of the worst people on Earth, pushing Boko Haram to ever more violent extremes.

The many refugee camps in Africa and around the borders of Turkey got the West thinking “good that they stay there” but hundreds of African and Syrian migrants found themselves falling in the hand of criminals gaining a lot by their hopes to find a better life in Europe, crossing the waters. So we have seen thousands crammed in boats trying to reach Europe, now making already thousands who have perished attempting journeys of hope which turned in an other hell. Millions have made it successfully and are now proving to be a menace of unimaginable magnitude to the Europeans. They will be a menace, not because all Europeans are Catholic or even religious. Many would like Europeans and Americans to believe they are an Islamic hazard, but they are Not Islamic! The risk naturally is that we get an unbalance of immigrants looking for work and looking for a way to live in Western Europe.

The recent terrorist attacks in France and Denmark have highlighted the problem and, as much as the populace was marching to illustrate national solidarity, the underlying schism between Muslims and ‘the rest’ simmers slowly, but relentlessly, toward boiling point. This underlying current of unrest is being exacerbated by the arrival of Muslim ‘refugees’ of all colours on the shores of Southern Europe – especially Italy – the home of the Vatican. And the nationalist parties making use to frighten the people even more.

UKIP helping to put oil on the extreme right wing ideas got some British youngsters so far that across the channel they even made amok presenting the continent with a serious case of racist resentment when Chelsea supporters ejected a black passenger from a Paris train, which was caught on video and got the world round, getting various positive and negative reactions.

Unrest is the meekest word we can use to describe the condition of the whole of Europe. In the East, Russia is having its war games – especially with Ukraine at present. To gain some prestige for Mr Putin, Russia took back the Crimea, but this boiled over into the Ukraine when Russian immigrants there decided to carve out some territory and annex it to Moscow – with the resultant carnage of today!

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