A former war refugee’s views on the current refugee crisis

Several countries are accepting only Christian families. Xenophobia and Islamophobia appear to go hand in hand in parts of present-day Europe.

Those Europeans who really carry the democratic Europe in their heart, should be willing to open their nation for all who are looking for stability and peace, no matter which religion or no religion they may have, as long as they also are willing to accept the principle of freedom of thought and freedom of speech.

Those who call themselves Christian should take on the attitude of the master rabbi Jeshua, better known as Jesus Christ, who was a Jew who showed no partiality and was open for everybody, even gave his life for believers and non believers in God. Christians should remember his teachings and parables like the Samaritan. Jesus preached brotherly love and that is what we all should share.


To remember:

  • know all too well what it is like to flee your home in order to survive > hopes + dreams for yourself and your children > put on hold
  • started to base value of a human life strictly on what religion that human follows
  • Christians > get refuge. > if not then => denied access + assaulted
  • The worth of a person is not their religion===>  just like you = merely trying to survive.


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About Marcus Ampe

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