Asylum seekers crisis and Europe’s paralysis

According to Peter Sutherland, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for International Migration and Development, former Director General of the World Trade Organization, EU Commissioner for Competition, and Attorney General of Ireland, populists are having a field day whilst bitter divisions among member states have jeopardized the Schengen Area of borderless travel within the EU.

The EU’s failure to devise a cohesive response has had another dire, if less commented-upon, consequence: As Europe’s leaders stumble from one inconclusive summit to another, they have handed the rest of the world an excuse for similar inaction. If the EU cannot get its act together to confront a crisis directly affecting its member countries, why should others leap into action?

he writes in his article Europe’s Bad Example

From the article we may remember:

  • Europe alone =  not responsible for the wellbeing of all the people fleeing persecution in Afghanistan, Eritrea, Syria, + elsewhere.
  • The immoral and xenophobic posturing of a handful of EU states allowed other countries to be bystanders => damaging the global refugee system
  • Past time for the international community to act in support of the world’s refugees and others who have been forcibly displaced.
  • Expanding resettlement capacity should be one goal of global action. Resettlement via “private sponsorship” – whereby individuals, communities, and NGOs take responsibility for families – is stymied only by governments’ failure to set up systems to vet and match refugees with sponsors.
  • Adequate support must finally be given to frontline states, like Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey => best way to stem refugees’ dangerous efforts to cross the Mediterranean.
  • The World Food Program, a backbone of the refugee system, met only two-thirds of its 2015 funding needs, compelling it to slash support to hundreds of thousands of Syrians.
  • Establish less cumbersome means for asylum-seekers to reach safety > Providing humanitarian visas Establish procedures enabling asylum-seekers to apply more easily for labour, student, or family reunification visas.



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