Five years on WordPress

On December the 6th I got started with the WordPress facility and placed my first article on that server: Hello world!

2010 December 6, 1° article placed on WordPress site

2010 December 6, 1° article placed on WordPress site

The world nor me have changed much. But I can only hope much more people are coming to see we are developing in a wrong way. Every time in history we have a nation climbing up high and see it disappearing in oblivion again. Europe and the United States of America seemly have already reached their top and are on the way down again.

In their downfall they do want to pull as many people as possible. Though they should know it was all foretold long ago and those who would listen to those predictions had and still have tome to prepare themselves for worse coming. Because we are only at the start or the beginning of the falling. But we are also warned that when that time would come certain people, the adversaries of God, would go heavier in their actions and will be like wild animals driven in a corner with no way out.

Having come in a world were the blind are seeming to lead the blind and other handicapped. we also can see this with the jihad fighters. Some leaders were killed recently and now they have become so furious and want to hurt the West, and try to bring it on its knees. Now it is up to the politicians to take the right decisions and to warn people for dangerous politicians who would like to have their population fighting or being against other human beings.

As we can see in the East there are those who try to put themselves a big poster on, by shouting loud and calling people names. They abuse the title of the Most High and present themselves (wrongly) as fighters for Allah, the only One God. At the same time there are others in the West who also want to use the title of that Almighty Spirit and present themselves as protectors of those who want to go for the god of the West. They too abuse the title of God and want others to believe they are fighters for the Only One True God, of which many even do not know His name, Jehovah.

The Western world being in decline has fallen prey of capitalism and greed. This makes them not willing to share with others and as such those fleeing for the war infested areas, are seen as a danger to their fortune.

Many words are pressed and people are thrown from one site to the other, not knowing how to react or what to do. Not enough people though are willing to let their voice sound in this troubled or foggy world where the polluted air makes less visible and less people to breath normally.

Clearly “How we think shows through in how we act” and at the moment that does not seem to look good. Because many have drifted far away from the human natural instinct ethics, and do not want to know about godly teachings, we have seen this world sinking deeper in the swamp. In case more people would keep to the natural ethics and common natural values there would be less problems, but also those who do not believe in a god prefer to leave any ethic law for what it is and prefer to take care for their own selfish “I” which has received the first place in their heart.

In those five years I blogged on WordPress the question about the honest ones is still as pressing or acute as then. and the governments are still as slowly or perhaps even slower to react. The Belgian government a nice example how we do not have to do it. They even thought that when they could not come to a solution about the measures to be taken for the climate change GOP in six years they could do it in 48 hours, making a great fool of them in the international press, certainly after their ‘debacle’ with the Parisian attackers who came from Molenbeek, Brussel, the so called capital of Belgium and capital of Europe.

It seemed longer that I put down my scrabbles, but this comes perhaps because I did it first on MSN, than Multiply and now continue to do it on WordPress.

On this site 40,774 viewers (on 2015 December 9) could find 711 post and I noticed I had forgotten to post some other 26. I shall have a look if I shall still place them, just for enabling those thoughts to be available and to compare them with the changes in this world.

I do know perhaps not many close friends or certainly not many family members are coming along my sites. Some of them are not much interested in religious themes. But this more  political site will probably also not attract them. Perhaps this is also some part my own fault, not so eager to tell them about my blogging and not inviting them at regular intervals to come and have a look. Everything which is published here on on some of my other sites gets automatically placed on one or the other Facebook account and on some Facebook pages plus on LinkedInn. This should give any body interested in me or in what I have to say, the opportunity to see what I am thinking and how I am looking at this word, which continues to go in one or the other way, with lots of people letting things happen, without caring about it. and in the mean time I only hope more people shall come to care and shall become more interested in what is going on and how we can relate to each other in a better way.

What I do hope is, I shall be able to get some more people involved. It is nice to have some response, so I am thanking those who do push the “Like button” or who did not mind to give me some encouragement.
But I am not writing to be noticed nor to get as many likes as possible.
I do hope I can let others think about what is going on in my mind and about what I do think is important enough to think about and to consider how to react.


Drawing from “The Struggle To Remain Relevant”

I thank you reader for coming along and for those following my blogs, I am very grateful and hope to be able to share something of value in the coming years as well.

That you may be blessed and that we can enjoy each other for still many years.


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