Brexit: Why Cameron’s campaign lost

Looking at some sayings we listen to marketing blogger, foodie, photographer, explorer and an active Zen yogi Vanessa Lee. She wonders how it can be possible that the Britons could possibly dismiss an opinion from one of the most intelligent men in our lifetime?

For sure, before the referendum, we did not see the correct strategy and communications activities to the right ‘customers’ to increase credibility. After votes were cast soon the lies of many came into the light.

What also to expect from the people when for years certain politicians always had negative comments on the EU and then suddenly seemed to have changed from camp trying to get the voters to go for ‘Remain’.

In case the British parliamentarians and local politicians would have shown to have more faith in the European Union more people could have been persuaded to vote for “In” so that GB could remain in the Union.


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A week since the 23rd June aka, our ‘independence day’ still leaves traces of the nation’s shock and disbelief this is happening.


Yes, although the 53% of the UK population voted out of the EU, but the outrage and reaction received from the British people has left me wondering this surely must be the wrong decision?

I voted to remain but originally, I was all up for leaving the EU.

My reasons were due to Cameron’s ‘scare tactics’, also known in the press as “Project Fear” I cannot speak for others but for me, it made me suspicious that every day, there was a statement from him in the media warning people that if we voted out, there would be consequences.

Counter arguing this were the Vote Leave Campaign that reassured us by saying David Cameron had no substance to his argument and how Britain should ‘Take control’.

The Leave Campaign


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