Mountains of information, disinformation and breaking away

In my latest article for my lifestyle magazine I look at the growing tendency of questioning the information that people may receive by social media and the more controlled mass media.

By the years governments have become better experts in getting people to police one another but also to try them giving false information so that the citizens can’t recognise the truth any more and get more afraid, so that the state can use that fear to get more control.

We can see that “Fear” is more and more being used as a weapon to get citizens under control or having them voting for one are the other political party with the goal to have everybody under control. Creating fear may have people giving the control out of their hands. As such their destiny shall be decided by others.

Today many may think nothing is hidden, but they may be mistaken or misguided. They should now that lots of information is filtered before it gets into out living room. Some think they have social media bringing them up to date with all the real happenings of this world, but often they get voyeuristic news-gathering and do not take the time to sincerely look deeper into the matter.

Not many secrets shall be exposed, though we might find some whistleblowers and people who are eager to bring the truth in the daylight.

In my article I take a closer look at an article by Zy Marquiez published on his blog The BreakAway, with the title 7 Actions Individuals Can Take To Navigate Through The Media Minefield.

What is important for every citizen to remember is that everything which gets under our eyes has to be examined for its validity.


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From guestwriters

With the terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels and now in Nice we can find lots of information and disinformation on the net.

File:Barbarians at the gate.jpg Mark Evans, Loren Feldman, Cynthia Brumfield, Rachel Sklar

I must remark that in the blogging world there are lots of people who try to break down or crush all that is said in the media and want their readers to believe it is all fake. I noticed this with the lies about the Brussels Airport (where I also work and could see the real damage), of which bloggers said the published photo’s were fake or from other places, etc.

With certain bloggers I chatted and became convinced they intentionally wrote such lies, whilst others I became convinced they were not so good in their head. The last category hopefully would be recognised soon by their readers, but for the first category it is much more difficult for…

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