At the closing hours of 2016 #2 Low but also highlights

Wanting to write on what happened in 2016 I noticed I have forgotten to publish some articles I wrote this year. The time went credibly fast when our thoughts had to go to so many people in trouble, having to face so many horrible moments.

File:Brussels suspects CCTV.jpg

Suspects in the 2016 Brussels bombings filmed by a CCTV camera.

Some may call this the most horrible year of their life, but they should remember they often belong to the lucky ones living in the better parts of this world and having less misery than their ancestors of the previous centuries. Though many times announced, on March 22 that horrible attack happened ISIS had announced so many times earlier. It was a serious blow to the capital of Europe. It took nearly two weeks before the flights at Brussels airport went on again and until May the fist, before the departure hall went open again partly, and until June the 2nd before the departure hall was really fully presentable again to the public. Maalbeek tube station opened its doors again on April the 25th, the day the full metro went active again.

File:Lieu de l'attentat du 14 juillet 2016 à Nice cropped.jpg

The semi-trailer stopped on the Promenade des Anglais (Nice) on July 15, 2016 around 07:00, after the attack that caused more than 84 dead the night before

For those who wanted to enjoy the Mediterranean sun the havoc of the truck-driver who killed and wounded many Muslims, some Christians and non-religious people on the Boulevard des Anglais in Nice, on the 14th of July, the trail of 2km bloodshed had such an impact at the coastline that everywhere you came, at events and boat-crossings you where checked. (In Saint Tropez at the Côte d’Azur, on one evening my wife and I got checked five times, having to open our backpack and opening our knapsack and breadbox.) To me everything looked a little-bit too paranoid, when schools finished the streets where closed and when you ad parked your car in the vicinity of a school you could not go to it. Luckily more up north this was not the case. At the South of France, when your body in bathing suits was not showing enough naked flesh you were not allowed on the beach and funny enough at the same time (or in the same outfit) when you had bare legs and bare arms you were not allowed in churches or catholic ruins and museums.

Whilst Europe was shaken by continues jihadist actions in the Middle East, a massive ‘earthquake’ devastated Israel and all the Arab States, which escalated tensions to the brink of warfare before our very eyes. The battles in ‘earthquake-wrecked’ Israel provide a backdrop of escalating tension, and the possibility of losing it to both natural and man-made disaster.

At the same time the Israeli Jews continued fighting against those who also claim part of their own land and the right to worship at the same holy places as the Jews and Christians in Hindu world certain Muslim leaders and Islamic groups conspirated and perpetrated for attacks on Hindus of Bagnan, Sankrail and Dhulagarh. Even the Muslims in Bengal TMC or Trinamool Congress, proceeded in arm wielding mob through Hindus areas in the name of ‘Peace Procession’ to frighten the local Hindus.

Against the backdrop of the national Black Lives Matter movement the 2016 American presidential election was the first to unfold in front of our surprised eyes which would never have thought Donald Trump would make it up to candidate and certainly not to president elect. But like what we did thought impossible for Great-Britain, never bringing a Brexit to reality, we all got the Brexit slab in our face and the Trump bludgeon on our head.

From the earliest moments of the 2016 campaign season, Democratic Party candidates had been racing to keep up with the movement.  For example, Clinton reluctantly declared in a public setting “black lives matter,” in December of 2014 as Black protests erupted nationally after the non-indictment of Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who choked Eric Garner to death.
Those protests boiled over into the spring, fuelled by the brutal murder of Walter Scott in South Carolina by officer Michael Slaeger that was captured on video. Indeed, the frustrations with perceptions of police lawlessness erupted into open rebellion in Baltimore, Maryland, in April when young Freddie Gray died of injuries sustained while in police custody. The struggle in Baltimore not only applied pressure on sitting politicians to reign in the police, but it also pressured those candidates vying for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president.

In the States the death-toll of civilian shooting went on like nothing and Obama could not do anything against it because the Republicans and the gun lobby having all the strings in their hand and to mad to loose such a rich income of killing material they also could sell to those wherefore so many American and other Western citizens where afraid for, all those ISIS/ISIL, Boko Haram and other Muslim radicals, who did not stop kidnapping, cutting throats and shooting innocent people. Also Belgium was not released from delivering weapons to hose blood-spirited.

Clinton used the anxious atmosphere in the aftermath of Baltimore to speak more broadly about police violence in American cities and declared, that it was time the Americans would end the era of mass incarceration. They have allowed their criminal justice system to get out of balance and those recent tragedies should galvanize them to come together as a nation to find their balance again.

Lots of North Americans do not like to contribute to others to safeguard them or to help them when in need. Everything which smells to solidarity is as a curse of what they call communism. Therefore the many necessary very good ideas of Bernie Sanders where not going to make a chance. Therefore lots of Europeans were convinced Clinton was going to make it above him and perhaps he could have become vice president. But no way, for the American voting system presented to the world a man nobody in Europe and other places would have expected to be able to become the president of the greatest nation in the world. Having jumped in the race after Clinton, he understood that in order to have a chance at the Party’s nomination, he would have to cut into Clinton’s considerable support among Blacks and Latinos. Sanders later travelled to the West Baltimore neighbourhood where Freddie Gray was picked up by police and remarked,

“Anyone who took the walk that we took around this neighbourhood would not think you are in a wealthy nation,”

Sanders said.

“You would think you are in a third world country.”

Though lots of wealthy white Americans are not ready to see the reality of their country and still do not want to know about coloured people living around them at the same speed as they. Racism was further fuelled by the rulings of Donald Trump who also made sure all those who themselves where coming form immigrants, would choose to go against the immigrants of today.

At the time Donald Trump did everything to blacken Clinton and did not want to open the eyes of his public for the differences in quality of life between black and whites, the Black Lives Matter movement had pulled black suffering and oppression from the margins of US society right into the centre of American politics in the midst of a presidential election year.

Patrisse Cullors.jpg

Patrisse Cullors (°1983) African American artist and activist from Los Angeles, + advocate for criminal justice reform in Los Angeles and a co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement.

A section of movement activists initiated protests directed at Democratic Party candidates hoping to motivate a greater focus on racism, poverty and injustice in their political programs. #BlackLivesMatters activists, including founder Patrisse Cullors, stormed high profile events of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, enduring insults as a result, but the heat generated by the protests certainly forced Clinton and Sanders to adjust or even create “racial justice” platforms to stay relevant to the developing Black movement.

Multiple meetings between well-known activists in the movement and the campaigns of Clinton and Sanders where the result, bringing the focus on racial politics a crucial aspect of the broader Democratic Party agenda to keep Black voters engaged in the political process this year especially.

Opening's article of Questiontime - Allereerste artikel op Questiontime - Vragenuurtje: 2016/11/30

Opening’s article of Questiontime – Allereerste artikel op Questiontime – Vragenuurtje: 2016/11/30

For sure, much more people had to come to realise that 2016 had to be a turning point, where we, confronted with so much unfair useless bloodshed, had to realise we must do much more to have people come to accept the different religious groups, plus different opinions of atheists, non-religious and other religious minds. For that reason two new websites where created: Questiontime-Vragenuurtje and Immanuel Verbondskind.

Nederlands: Logo Handboek Geo-visualisatie (th...All over the world people where tempted and pushed to ask many more questions but also pushed to find solutions for a situation which was getting out of hand. What we can see today is that many people in our Western world face equally pressing spiritual, love, and respect deprivations, which are too often ignored by the liberal, political and progressive world. By failing to address the hunger for love, kindness, generosity of spirit, and a framework of meaning and purpose that transcends the selfishness and materialism of the competitive marketplace, the political world often makes itself irrelevant to the yearnings of many of the citizens in their own land.

Merkel, British PM Theresa May and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, China, 3 September 2016

We where bombarded figuratively and literally with dramatic and mostly bad news from all over the world. Angela Merkel having with her strong hand a remembrance or reflection of the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher, tried to lead Europe instead of those too soft headed new leaders of the Union, Donald Tusk (President of the European Council since 1 December 2014), Jean-Claude Juncker (President of the European Commission since 1 November 2014), Martin Schulz (President of the European Parliament since 1 July 2014), Mark Rutte who took up the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the first part of 2016, followed by Robert Fico from Slovakia for the second part of the year and the one about who we even do not hear much, the Maltese leader of the Maltese Labour Party Joseph Muscat (Presidency of the Council of the European Union since 1 January 2017)

At the same time the 2016 American presidential election opened up a Pandora’s box of ugliness and gave us in Europe a picture of how far the United States is driven away from a fair democratic system and which danger is coming over our European politics where we too seem to be driven by ‘royalty systems’ having children of politicians taking in their position in politics whilst they make sure their pockets are filled enough with money at the cost of the citizens of the states. Those politicians also pushing to have more fights against the different religious groups in their country having their citizens wanting to believe we would be better of without religion.

Anti-Semitism, already regaining a foothold across Europe, found an unlikely home in mainstream American political discourse. Jewish stereotypes were resurrected by the alt-right, an amorphous subset of the right steeped in white ethno-nationalistic anger. White supremacist Richard Spencer coined the term in 2010 to define a movement centred on white nationalism, and has been accused of doing so to whitewash the negative American connotations against overt racism, white supremacy, and neo-Nazism. In past national elections, these anti-establishment voices were largely confined to isolated corners of the Internet. This time, through adroit use of Internet memes (text, images or video that are planted and spread virally) on social media, the alt-right punched above its weight. Its propaganda was overt and covert, making use of so-called “dog whistles”— insults that slip by most people but are recognized by those in the know. One result: A shocking amount of hate speech and innuendo was about, and directed at, Jews.

David duke belgium 2008.jpg

American white nationalist, politician, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier, and former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, Member of the Louisiana House of Representatives from the 81st district, David Ernest Duke, who planned to run for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate seat in Louisiana being vacated by Republican David Vitter

It took some time before the world came to see how Mr. Trump played the card of the antichrist. The American private Internet media company based in New York City BuzzFeed was the first to report that neo-Nazi and former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke had called on listeners of his radio show to vote for Trump, deeming support for other candidates

“treason to your heritage.”

At the beginning Trump played the unknowing sheep, but later in the year he became unmasked having enough times shouted ugly words and having several Jewish persons and Jews in general called names. He also was not afraid or not shaming himself calling black people monkeys and calling them with Polish and Eastern immigrants useless lazy non-workers.

screen-shot-2016-05-02-at-1-03-15-pmSlovene-born American former model Melania Trump-Knauss was the helping hand to provoke others, so that never could be said Trump did the bad things which overcame many Jews and foreign people in the United States of America. Though American journalist Julia Ioffe’s in-depth profile of Melania Trump’s case was among the most prominent, she was hardly alone. According to an October report compiled by the ADL, some 19,000 anti-Semitic tweets were directed at 800 journalists, ten of whom bore the brunt of the harassment, between August 2015 and July 2016.

“The best analogy I can give is that the campaign turned over a rock and a lot of stuff began crawling out from under it,”

former presidential speechwriter, Commentary editor and columnist for the New York Post, John Podhoretz, who is emphatic in his defence of Israel in its conflicts with its Arab neighbours told The New York Times.

“There were these code words and dog whistles that let it appear that people who had been doing things in the shadows could now start marching forward.”

In many countries all over the world it looked all right to have the Far Right Wings speeches gaining lots of interest and enthusiast followers. At different places having neo-nazi activities having taken place against refugees, asylum seekers but also against people who lived already for two or three generations in that country.

In the States Jewish journalists on the right where targetted by Trump followers and neo-Nazis, whilst in Russia and Turkey all journalists who did not want to follow the line of the governement or of the mainstream religion where put to silence by locking them up or by even killing them.

Everywhere in the world we could come to doubt the honesty of what was published, several newspapers and television channels clearly under pressure, choosing for one or the other party and distorting news-facts or helping greedily to distribute false messages or investigations taking place, doing as if the person was already found guilty, though nothing was proven yet.

Hillary Clinton And VP Biden Attend Portrait Unveiling For Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid

Former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is applauded before speaking at a portrait unveiling ceremony for outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), on Capitol Hill December 8, 2016 in Washington, DC. – Photo Time magazine

Although Clinton captured nearly as many votes as Barack Obama did to win in 2012 (65,915,795), she lost the electoral college by a wide margin, clocking in at only 227 votes compared to Trump’s 304. Seven electors who were pledged to vote for either Clinton or Trump defected to other options, like Colin Powell, Bernie Sanders and “Faith Spotted Eagle.” {Hillary Clinton Leads by 2.8 Million in Final Popular Vote Count}

A low was Denmark voting in favour for a discriminatory Nazi law.

Brockway McMillan.jpg

Brockway McMillan

Vincent van Gogh, View of the Sea at Scheveningen, 1882

Encountering a Doduo while in the augmented reality mode; the Poké Ball must be “thrown” to capture it by tapping on the ball and flicking it up towards the Pokémon.

2016 was the year that many came to ask “When will it stop” and when there was a lot of commotion about some beach wear (called burqini/burkini), the French showing to the whole world their fear and weakness



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