Leading the fight for freedom – in Turkey and elsewhere

For Westerners it is not bad to see why certain people love the present leader of their country. Also interesting to notice is how people are so afraid of those who utter an other idea than theirs.

Clearly we also see how certain political leaders are just used as marionettes by other political leaders and how foul play and perfidy may play a role in an international game of mikado.


To remember

  • US and EU governments have been generous in their affirmations of support for Turkey’s struggle against forces working to bring down its government.
  • Western governments hardly paused for breath before announcing business as usual with the new regime => can work with military dictators
  • Turkey’s government should be careful not to use the failed coup as an excuse to trample on the freedom of innocent citizens exercising their democratic right to dissent.
  • Last week leader of an opposition party addressed a crowd estimated at two million to protest about the state of justice in Turkey > a good number of them wouldn’t have been sad to see President Erdoğan ousted by a military coup = allowed to assemble + Mr Kılıçdaroğlu allowed to vehemently criticise the government.
  • still a state of emergency in force in Turkey


  • Turkey’s President Erdoğan = consistent in his denunciation of US-based Turkish religious leader Fethullah Gülen => behind Gülen more sinister forces are at work.
  • Gülen organisation initially supported Erdoğan’s AK Party but the alliance fell apart when Gülenists exposed AK Party “corruption” + More likely = Erdoğan used them to break the power of the army > unwilling to share power with an unelected shadowy cartel => Gülenists got angry + decided to get rid of him – possibly/probably aligning themselves with CIA, enemy of their new enemy.
  • “secular Kemalist” label = to lend a veneer of legitimacy to their previous overthrowing of elected governments, ensuring that a small US-friendly elite continued to hold reins of power => widely accepted that the CIA had a hand in all four successful coups in Turkey in 1960, 1971, 1980 and 1997.


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Turkey File

15 July You’d have to love your president!

Saturday, 15 July, was the first anniversary of a failed attempt by some officers in the Turkish armed forces to overthrow the country’s democratically elected AK Party government. The government has planned a week of meetings and other activities to commemorate the courage of Turkish folk who stood up against tanks and automatic weapons to ensure that the attempted coup was unsuccessful. Before the perpetrators backed down, 250 citizens had lost their lives and an unknown number had been injured.

US and EU governments have been generous in their affirmations of support for Turkey’s struggle against forces working to bring down its government. – somewhat quicker than they were this time last year, when they seemed to delay their reaction until it was clear to all that the coup had failed. That’s not surprising, I guess. When Egypt’s first and only democratically elected government…

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