America’s hidden agenda and detention of children

It looked to incredible to be true, so first I considered it “fake news“. After a few days hearing about incredible incidents and seeing unbelievable pictures I started wondering how it could be that the European Press only got to know about those horrible matters months after it had already started. That proofs that there is something going ‘very very wrong’ within the press office at the White House or that it might be that intentionally certain matters are not brought in the open, but stay uncovered until by accident some one would come to know about it. This would be a dangerous sign of which the American citizen should be much more aware and should make all concerned about the freedom of speech and of the attitude to human rights.

Mediterranean region

One would expect from a civilised country that the people in charge would know how to have a juvenile justice system based on the premise that adolescents have needs and capacities that are different from adults and that it is important for young children to have their own parents around.

In 2016 West Europe was already confronted with refugees arriving on the Greek islands from Turkey, on Kos, Lesbos, Samos and the big and beautiful island of Crete, normally tourist hot spots where authorities would be eager to please the many foreigners visiting. But what happened there in 2016 was considered not at all acceptable. We could see how refugee ships landed and got the authorities to react. The people were welcomed at the port, UNHCR representatives were present and they informed the people about the asylum process and about half of the people agreed to make an asylum application. Meanwhile helpers accommodated places for housing the refugees. The UNHCR people left and the local authority took over, the police. They presented a paper to the applicants and an interpreter started to translate, but after a few minutes he protested and refused to further translate, something went wrong. The interpreter left. Then police presented another interpreter and he explained the “content” of the paper the asylum applicants had to sign. So the people did sign.

Children In Greece Living On The StreetsThe paper they had signed was a declaration to approval for deportation, not for asylum. The police tried to cheat the people seeking asylum, then the translator refused to change the content of the paper and left, finally a translator, apparently belonging to the police force faked the translation and people have been transferred to a detention centre.

Today we see thousands of people detained having parents and their children not sure what is going to happen with them. Several managed to escape from the camps and tried to find their way into Europe. Though several could only find death on their way.

Refugee children in Greece were considered by us in Europe, in the worst situation ever. Many homes for unaccompanied children had to close because of lack of financing by the Greek state. NGOs who run these homes haven’t been paid for the services since more than a year. The Greek ministry is drowning the NGOs with bureaucratic and administrative controls having not paid even for the year 2017.

In the beginning of June it was 20 weeks the social workers had not been paid by their employers, the NGOs were on the ground now. One by one the services of the NGOs had to close down, which meant that refugee children are sent on the streets.

For most children it was good to have their parents at their site, and for some children whose parent had died other parents took them under their care.

In the United States we come to see a more cruel version of detention.

American version of refugees

The issue of juvenile incarceration encompasses more than youth who are determined by a court to be delinquent. One would expect youngsters be taken separate from their parents at a certain age and when they had done something of a criminal act. But two weeks ago we started getting pictures of very small children being detained, not having their parents around. We saw babies their napkins changed by other children which would have no family relationship with that baby. We heard and saw toddlers crying for their mammy.

The 44th president of the United States of America in his eight years of service was able to see neighbours and communities take care of each other during the worst economic crisis of the American citizens their lifetimes. It was a president who did not mind mourning with grieving families searching for answers — and with those who found grace in a Charleston church. That president could be proud he had seen the youngest of children remind us through their actions and through their generosity of our obligations to care for refugees, or work for peace, and, above all, to look out for each other.

But with this 45th president America has shown an other face to the world and clearly has a cold hard of stone. I wonder how many would still be pleased with their vote they gave for this (unstable) man, who does not want to know of the call Barack Obama gave at the end of his term for the joyous work of citizenship.

Not just when there’s an election, not just when our own narrow interest is at stake, but over the full span of a lifetime. {Thank You Letter from Barack Obama dated 19/01/2017}

Today we should ask for the American with a warm heart for children to react seriously to end this cruel situation where children are placed in huge cages.

How could it happen when this situation of caged children is already going on since March 2018 that we only heard from it in June 2018?  Where were the American eyes and voices to report injustice?

Now when more pictures came under the eyes of so many people, who could not believe their eyes, the Republican-controlled Congress felt the pressure becoming to warming, some not wanting to have their hands burned to become accounted for such atrocity.

Parents bringing misery onto their children

At last yesterday we got to hear Melania Trump visited a detention place (= prison with small children in cages) and some republicans also demanding for a change in the border policy, following widespread condemnation. But the president waves all those European and American negative comments on this child detentions aside. He finds it normal when parents do something wrong and entered the country illegally those kids illegal in the country should also bear the consequences of the act of their parents and be imprisoned. For him there is no pardon because, he says, it is necessary to stop illegal border crossings.

Jeff Sessions, official portrait.jpg

Jeff Sessions – 84th United States Attorney General

The “zero-tolerance” policy – brought in by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions last month – means that adults who try to cross the border, many planning to seek asylum, are placed in custody and face criminal prosecution for illegal entry. Their children are taken away from them and as a result, hundreds of minors are now being housed in detention centres, and kept away from their parents. If they do not like that they should not have come in the first place, according the republican president and his entourage.

On Tuesday, Mr Trump said children had to be taken away if their parents were jailed for illegally crossing the US border.

“When you prosecute the parents for coming in illegally – which should happen – you have to take the children away,”

he said.

US immigration officials say 2,342 children were separated from 2,206 parents between 5 May and 9 June.

Babies and toddlers have been sent to three “tender age” shelters after being separated from their parents, the Associated Press news agency reported.

Doctors and lawyers who visited the shelters described the infants as hysterical, crying, and acting out, according to the AP report.

Those children are so called being cared off and all the things we came to see are, according to Trump, fake news.



Audio initially obtained by investigative news outlet ProPublica appears to capture the heartbreaking cries of young Spanish-speaking children being processed by US officials after they are taken from their parents at the border with Mexico. Throughout the recording one child can be heard repeatedly calling for her father. The audio was recorded inside a US Customs and Border Protection detention facility, according to ProPublica




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