How We Can Make the World a Better Place by 2030

Can we end hunger and poverty, halt climate change and achieve gender equality in the next 15 years?

The governments of the world think we can. Meeting at the UN in September 2015, they agreed to a new set of Global Goals for the development of the world to 2030. Social progress expert Michael Green invites us to imagine how these goals and their vision for a better world can be achieved.

To come to a better world we should all co-operate to protect this planet. That can not be done when we dare not take the necessary measures to protect the many endangered species.

Perhaps many do think we can not stop poverty and hunger in this world at this time, and that we shall not be able to keep as much people as possible healthy and without financial worries.

If we let everything go like it is going now we shall not reach such point. For a long time we shall have to face many problems as a result of how the industry coped with its waste-products and polluted its surroundings.

Individuals also should come to recognise they should take their responsibility concerning them reducing carbon footprints. All should be aware that our ignorance shall be the most dangerous attitude for ourselves.

 …most of the damage we cause to the planet is the result of our own ignorance. –

Yvon Chouinard

We should hold our politicians to the promise for the environment they made by holding them accountable, tracking their progress all the way through the coming years.

Michael Green on TED Talks






High time to to put the environment at the heart of people’s lives


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