2016 review Health and environment

From the unpublished material: 2016 august 02

Scientists continued to follow up on the condition of children who were under exposure to high concentrations of fine dust when their mothers were pregnant.

Antwerp University (UA) researchers in 2015 had found out how the high concentrations of fine dust in the Belgian cities can be harmful to the foetus. The study was the first of its kind in Flanders whereby the children will be screened every five years.

Some cells of newborn babies showed either an excess or a shortage of certain key molecules.

“These kinds of deviations interrupt blood vessel formation in the placenta, resulting in a reduction of the flow of food substances,”

researcher Sylvie Remy told De Standaard.

Other research, said Remy, shows that deviations in cell activity increase the risk of developing chronic disorders later, like cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

That doesn’t mean that every foetus or child will develop such conditions.

The sample of 200 women was too small,

said Remy, to draw definitive conclusions from.

But it does provide strong indications that an eco-friendly environment plays an important role in the development of the foetus.

Still lots has to be done against the exhausts of cars and factories.

Flanders’ largest party, N-VA, is unhappy that Flanders’ share of the income from emissions licences, which govern the amount of carbon dioxide a company may produce, was in 2015 cut from an initial proposal of 56% to 50%. The government of Flanders had first demanded 63%, coming down to 56% on condition that it was allowed to use more of its licences within Flanders instead of in developing countries.

The party is also critical of the decreased share of renewable energy that Wallonia must produce, from 12.5% to 11.5%.

The EU plans to reduce greenhouse emissions by 15% and produce 13% of its total energy from renewable sources.

Belgium’s contribution to the financing of climate measures is €50 million a year – €25 million from the federal government, €14.5 million from Flanders, €8.25 million from Wallonia and €2.25 million from the Brussels-Capital Region.

Achieving the national target on greenhouse emissions will require cuts in Flanders of 15.7%, with 14.7% in Wallonia and 8.8% in Brussels.

The country has a carbon dioxide quota that, under the Emission Trading Scheme, is worth €326 million when emissions quotas are sold to industry. That will be shared out as follows: federal 10%, Flanders 53%, Wallonia 30%, Brussels 7%.

As far as the production of renewable energy is concerned, the total production represented by 13% comes to 4.224 Mtep (million tonnes equivalent of petroleum). Flanders will contribute 2.156 Mtep, Wallonia 1.277 Mtep, Brussels 0.073 Mtep and federal 0.718 Mtep.



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