Remembering what happened in the previous influenza pandemic

Social distancing – isolation and mouth masks

Too many people ignoring Health and Safety measures.

It is a real shame to see several Easter people ignore the Corona measures and the lockdown. We may not forget that the health measures taken now are to avoid what happened some hundreds of years ago. We do not need a repeat of so many deaths and so much pain!

When people shall not show their responsibility and human sense, bringing so many others in danger by not following up the measures taken or prescribed by the Health advisers and national governments, then governments shall have to take even tougher measures and a crackdown on the law enforcement agencies with harsher penalties or fines for the selfish offenders.

Perhaps it would not be bad if the government and national television channels took a look in the past and showed their citizens what happened in the past and could happen again if we are not careful enough.

One of the deadliest natural disasters in history was the Spanish Flu pandemic which struck near the end of the First World War and eventually infected 500 million people around the globe. At least 50 million, and possibly up to 100 million people died as a result of the pandemic.

From: “Bon Marche Workers Making Influenza Masks.” Seattle Daily Times, Thursday, October 31, 1918. Page 10.

Every nation on this globe shall have to make sure their citizens are protected and will not infect others. All should be united to fight this disease! Let CoViD-19 not conquer this viral war!



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