The Upbringing of Ideas and the Extrapolation of Capitalism

In our present world there is no need for anti-democratic, anti-egalitarian, reactionary movements, but we do need minds which sincerely want to have an equal justified world where everybody can live in respect with each other.

A democracy can deliver freedom to everybody when society is willing to take care of all the rights of freedom and wants to provide a justified earning system.

Our societies have to be very careful with the trends which are going on in many capitalist countries. There we can notice an acceleration of capitalism to a fascist point, coming to limit the freedom of many people and allowing to exploit a whole group of people.


To remember:

  • Civilization =/= driven by spontaneity.
  • Concepts created based on existing things <= all creation =  fundamentally unoriginal.
  • The further a concept distances itself from its ‘parent’ concepts = more potential for both success & failure.
  • subversion of ideas = more often than not done with intent of controlling or destroying those who subscribe to them,
  • Neoreaction must seek to repair.
  • established trichotomy of Theonomists, Ethnicist-Nationalists and Techno-Commercialists within the ‘movement’ = often treated as horizontal and equilateral
  • Capitalism of tomorrow = dependent on restoration of traditional cultural values defended by the Theonomists +  assurance & maintenance of ethnic hegemony sought by Ethnicist-Nationalists,
  • Race + culture lie at the core of every civilization, being the forefathers of every creation brought about by it.
  • Capitalism > azmong greatest concepts established + diffused by Europeans.
  • decentralized = demise = preceded by rejection of principles they were founded upon.
  • attacks on our race + culture being more frequent & perceptible than on our economic freedom =>  majority of the right = focused on such matters => ignorant of economics.
  • libertarian + anarcho-capitalist movements = all but entirely subverted by egalitarian philosophy.


Find also to read:

  1. Capitalism and economic policy and Christian survey
  2. Francis Fukuyama and ‘The End of History?’
  3. Modern Slavery


By UffzKyle

Civilization is not driven by spontaneity. Concepts are created based on that which exists in the world, as well as that which has already been created previously. With every new concept springing from at least two pre-existing ideas, all creation is fundamentally unoriginal.

The upbringing of abstractions is what determines their originality (and, consequentially, their potential) in practicality. The further a concept distances itself from its ‘parent’ concepts, the more potential it has – for both success and failure. The process through which that happens is their upbringing. Once an abstraction is distinct enough from those it was based on to be acknowledged as its own idea, it becomes immediately vulnerable to influence from other existing ideas, which may contribute to its expansion, but also potentially corrupt and extrapolate it. This causes ideas to grow increasingly disconnected to their original ‘parents’.

Once an idea has evolved past the…

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