The Hero of the greatest …. failures

To be honest, I never thought Donald Trump would ever reach the possibility to become president of the United Nation of America, the “greatest nation of the world”. Though, he promised the voters to make it “Great Again”!

I wonder what American themselves think about their 45th president and if they sincerely think he made America great again?!?

His attitude and his bullying was already a known negative factor before he was chosen. He did not find it necessary to bring any change in his way of life and in directing or controlling others. Most of all he would love to control the whole world and he clearly let others know he want to have his say in the way how they do things.

The Trump administration wanted to have a finger everywhere in the porridge and created a Middle East plan where daughter Ivanka Trump retweeted a tweet suggesting that only Iran and the Palestinians opposed the plan. Her father, showed the world he can play for God and swayed with the Bible to let the world know God is on his side. Following the Arab League step, and a meeting in Saudi Arabia, the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation also unanimously rejected the plan.
The Big deal Trump promised Iran, his “maximum pressure” policy has all but eliminated the chance for some good U.S.-Iranian diplomacy in the months past and to come.
While many ordinary Iranians are suffering, the economy is not in total free fall, as many in Washington hoped for. Instead, the country has shown signs of economic recovery, with domestic production and employment increasing. According to Iran’s Central Bank chief Abdolnaser Hemmati, Iran’s nonoil gross domestic product grew by 1.1 percent last year. Prominent Iranian economist Saeed Laylaz also contends that Iran’s economy can weather the coronavirus pandemic and may experience growth this year despite the virus.

That coronavirus pandemic, or how Trump loved to call it the Chinese disease would be gone by Easter 2020 and would never reach that 100 000 infected people virologist warned for. He did not seem to be interested in securing the health of the American citizens, but was more interested to safeguard the economy.

The national tally of the disease that would never last past April (according to Mr. Trump), surpassed 50,000 cases per day just before Independence Day, and the U.S. smashed its record for daily cases on July 17 with more than 75,000 new incidents reported. Since then, new cases have flattened to about 65,000 per day as the outbreak’s growth has reached equilibrium in places such as Arizona. People should not be lulled into complacency, what their president and his party love to do, though, as the U.S. has seen a similar plateau before. The nation’s outbreak had grown exponentially during March, until settling into 20,000 to 30,000 new cases per day by the beginning of April.

Officially this made that by the 1st of August ‘only’ 60 817 new infections for that day were noticed, giving a total of 4,764,588 infected and 157,905 deaths. I wonder if the 2,363,165 who recovered would still be so happy with the measures or non-measures of their president.

That president wants his people to believe he has everything in control and his country has the greatest virologists and pharmaceutical companies who shall soon outperform the world with their amazing corona vaccines.

The stage of an epidemic is already long passed and in North and South America there are the deniers of this pandemic which brings casualties in all layers of the population.

The president wanted to postpone the elections, but he too should come to see that the United States enters the final months of the presidential election campaign, and that it has become time that the American awaken from their dream of their “America to become great again”, because their president managed more to make it smaller and worse, also more divided.

Most Americans seem more interested in their economic welfare instead of their health welfare. We would understand that they got by now preoccupied with the coronavirus pandemic, issues of racial injustice, and their own challenges in a collapsed economy with a dismal outlook, but the apparatus of the Trump administration might be more mighty than we in Europe might imagine.

For us Europeans, we had several moments we held our hand at our heart and were afraid this man of no reasonable thinking would endanger the whole world.

Most damaging to U.S. strategic interests and global stability is Trump’s complete mishandling of Iran, the Middle-East, Korea, Russia and China, where he has veered between mere transactional tactics and his desire for photo-ops with authoritarian strongmen. The relationship with his co-equal Putin may not clear yet, but who knows what shall come to light in fifty years time. The very large Phase One Deal with China, did not bring a solution for the frictions with China. It was said that by 2020, Trump’s trade wars could cost the global economy $700 billion, the International Monetary Fund estimates. More tariffs would have cost more still.

In Europe we saw several farmers who had hard times because of Trumps trade war. Clearly, the United States gained little from the self-destructive trade war that Trump had started and does not seem finished yet. His paranoic idea about China doing its espionage also by the very popular TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based internet technology company, shall bring us some soap episodes in the coming weeks. For most American viewers Fox keeps presenting a marvelous Trump world, where everything seems to be evolving as great as possible, though I am afraid is the U.S.A. would have this man for another term, this would bring America deeper and deeper in the bear pit.

Hopefully, there shall be enough Americans wanting to raise their voice and call others to wake up to change direction while it is still possible.

Trump’s slogan of America First in practice translates to America Alone. But Americans should know in this world of globalisation we all need each other, and we have to live on good terms with each other. We also should be aware that China is enormously growing, and if we are not careful it shall rise above all our heads.

The Trump administration has made no effort to find areas of cooperation with China, such as climate change, even as the United States challenges and confronts China on issues such as intellectual property theft, unfair trade practices, and control over the South China Sea. However, one should watch out for the man with the hidden agenda, who with Putin has his hands on the same stomach and shall be willing to please certain leaders in other countries to help him to get elected. (Give a little, take a little.)

Let the Americans not be blind for what happened with Russia in 2016 and that somehow Mr. Trump’s plea is still to be heard over there. We also know from former National Security Advisor John Bolton that Trump, at the June 2019 G-20 summit in Japan, pleaded with Xi to help him win re-election.

I am curious how many Americans now shall dare to question:

“Is it ever appropriate for the president or presidential candidate to accept or solicit foreign assistance of any kind in his or her election?”

Americans their eyes should open, and see what damage (more than good) this 45th president has done to the great nation. This man of grand words and lots of gestures, changing like the wind is like an uncontrollable illness or virus. He laughed away the Chinese disease as a whimsical little flue. Hopefully, more Americans do know better by now. Hopefully, they also shall have come to see that Donald Trump is like a virus the world better can avoid recurring. The Great Nation its recovery from the pandemic and the economic collapse is dependent on other countries for public health, for trade, and for peace and security. As November approaches, Trump’s disastrous lack of any coherent policy to advance U.S. interests and to keep Americans healthy, prosperous, and safe — as well as his still-accumulating string of failures — should be at the centre of the country’s debate.


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11 Responses to The Hero of the greatest …. failures

  1. Andrew James Chandler says:

    Reblogged this on Andrew James.


  2. Blackhorn33 says:

    Mr. Ampe, I honestly think you must have slept thru most of the worst part of the movie….
    Odd thing that Obama went on and on about the illegals coming in at will.
    Speaking of lies, I don’t suppose you’ve heard the one about the Obama Legacy of the administration HHS/CPS losing 90,000 immigrant children, which in truth were handed over to Child Traffickers, and you can believe the smoke and mirrors when they tell you all were found, but then, TRUTH isn’t and never was their strong point, just ask for one certified document from ICE or our Border Patrol with even just one (1) NAME of the “LOST” immigrant children where the Child was returned to the rightful parents. BUT Mr. Ampe, I wouldn’t hold your breath.
    NOW, you want to talk FAULT at the Covid numbers again escalating???? My Dear Mr. Ampe, please…. It was the DEMOLIBERALS siccing their hoards of ANTIFA on unsuspecting patriots, but they got the snot beat out of them in Southern CA, and a patriot and his wife held them at bay in St Louis… but, our idiot Demoliberals can THANK THEMSELVES for the escalating Covid numbers. SO, Mr.Ampe, you really should be paid by Pelosi and the whole lay-about Demorat DO-NOTHINGS-BUT-LIE…
    And there you have the absolute truth in 60 seconds Mr. Ampe.


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