2020 in view #1 The 45th president of the U.S.A.

The United States of America had made real and undeniable progress in the six years since the 2008 economic crisis. But with the 45th president of the U.S.A. lots of achievements reached under Obama were again destroyed. Worse even, was the division created under the population. Probably the country is now more divided than ever before.

With the many dead Americans, because the president of their nation not calling for serious restriction measures, a lot of families also got serious psychological and financial problems to cope with.

Their president of the last few years might have called to make America the greatest ever, it does not look like that those American citizens now can say they are better off. It is true that the work will not be done until every single American feels the gains of a growing economy where it matters most: in their own lives. But by now I do hope they are convinced this was not to happen under President Donald Trump.

President Obama was eager to work with Congress over the years to get the job done. He did all he could even when there was so much opposition. The challenges that lay ahead of the American people were far too important to allow partisanship or ideology to prevent their progress as a nation. The first black president of those “United Nations” saw that and had a clear vision for “all Americans”. But his successor had a very different vision that focused more on one specific group of Americans and preferred another group totally excluded from all the challenges America could offer.

In 2014 Barack Obama could be optimistic about the future of the North Americans. Because for all the maps plastered across their screens today, for all the cynics who say otherwise, the American people were more than a simple collection of red and blue states. They were the United States.

Horribly enough soon after the next president entered the gates of the White House, America was going to show a totally different face again to the outer world. That what the Obama administration so meticulously had tried to build up was soon demolished. Soon a lot of hopes for sick people vanished again like hurricanes could torture several states.

We in Europe could now come to see that the dream of many Americans clashed.
Millions of Americans — Democrats and Republicans, women and men, young and old, black and white — had previously taken the time out of their day to perform a simple, profound act of citizenship.

That’s something we shouldn’t forget amid the din of political commentary.

said Obama in June 2014.

Now sixteen years later, what is leftover of that united feeling?

More than ever the nation is divided and Joe Biden as the 46th president of the nations has the terribly difficult job to rebuild the crashed country.

It was an incredible and exciting election campaign in 2020, which got us to hold our hearts here in Europe. We were so afraid the same thing could happen as with Hilary Clinton. Biden having more votes than trump but still loosing.
Trump himself was clearly showing he was not going to give up fast and even did not mind undermining the democratic system of having people voting by mail.

Not sure if Democrats could find such rosy polling assuring they would be the winners and giving them a US Senate majority, enlarging their edge in the US House of Representatives and taking control of a half dozen or more legislatures across the country — critical in a year when the states will be redrawing legislative and congressional maps for the next decade.

Nobody can ignore the many votes Trump once more could get behind his name. Unbelievable it sounds to us, how this could be possible after he made such a mess of the United States and got so many people killed by the coronavirus, which could be avoided. Trump received over 10 million more votes then received in 2016, dominating rural areas and small towns across large swaths of the country. Now with over 74 million votes, he wanted all those in favour of him to believe the election was one big fraud.
Republicans he dragged along in his wake diminished the Democratic advantage in the US House by at least 12 seats so far, captured control of two more state legislative chambers in New Hampshire and are favoured to maintain the majority in the US Senate, pending two critical run-off elections in Georgia on January 5.

Joe Biden won the support of more than 80 million Americans, marking the seventh time in eight elections that Democrats have claimed the national popular vote. He added five states Hillary Clinton lost in 2016, including two — Arizona and Georgia — where Democrats had not won at the presidential level since the 1990s.

People shall have to know that rebuilding a burned house and healing the wounds is not always something to be done easily, and making progress does not always go fast. The great problem for President-elect Joe Biden is that he inherits a deeply divided America. But we also must see that both political parties have cracks and wounds which go deep. Biden also inherits a Democratic Party that is divided on how to tackle a wide array of issues, from immigration to health care, criminal justice to defence.

This time the gap between the two main parties seems bigger than ever before which makes people doubt that those two parties could positively come together to confront a possible Republican Senate. Many question if it would be possible that they deliver on their mandate without further alienating the voters they lost.

Also a big problem for America is the fear for any social element that the Republicans have created, as if doing something good for another person is as the pest.
Trump’s anti-trade, anti-immigrant, anti-environmental, law-and-order jeremiads have found an audience in many American households, exploiting and inflaming a sense that Democrats are disdainful of their values and alien to their economic interests.
On one side the Republicans call the others Socialists and Communists, whilst others consider those Democrats as a coalition of economic and cultural elites and minorities — with little connection to the rest of the country. Danger is that the party may still win narrow national victories, as they did in 2020, but will struggle to win and maintain governing majorities.

As in previous elections and noticing how Bernie Sanders once again was pushed in the corner, we can see how a great bunch of Americans is most concerned about their own ego and self-enrichment, not interested in what might happen to others or to nature.
Lots of those plans expressed by the wing of Sanders are plans which should come into reality. Though now the democrats seriously have to think how they would be able to come so far to have the rest of the Americans come to see that would be in the interest of them all.
Like in Europe to safeguard the climate sometimes there have to be taken less popular measures in the interest of our environment.

Systemic racism is another brutal reality that millions of Americans confront in different ways on a daily basis. Trump made it possible that the State has gone backwards on that level. Black Americans have faced uniquely unconscionable hardships, brutality and withering economic barriers from the beginning of the republic to this day, but under Trump all the advances that were taken in the last two decades were turned back. Neo-Nazism and several Extreme Right groups could blossom again and shall not be easily shut down again.

In the struggling rural communities, there is a heightened drug problem and aging industrial towns are not running in line with expectations for a more profitable future. The CoViD-19 pandemic having brought more people out of work shall not make it easy for the new president to solve the problems of the coming unemployment and businesses in economic difficulties. Strangely enough lots of people who could use a more social righteous system do not see yet how the Democrats are fighting for them too, and shall be able to bring a solution which shall be good for them as well good for the nation.

Biden awaits not an easy task. He shall have to take over the ruins Trump made of the U.S.A. which he shall first have to unite again. Furthermore, he will have to prove to have the right people to help him fight the raging pandemic Trump so scornfully called the Chinese decease. That virus which was all over the world and wreaked havoc on many countries’ their economy shall have to be” tackle the coming half year, at the same time the Biden team shall have to work out a consistent plan to help the nation back on its legs.

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