ISIS on the rise again as US troops are sent home

Since the American troups are leaving Iraq and Afghanistan all seems to come back to older times, with Islamic terrorist groups willing to have all the power again.

Regrouping Islamist groups

ISIS is starting to regroup and claim its terrorist place again. On Monday, it executed a suicide attack in the Iraqi capital, killing 30 and wounding over 50. The death toll could rise due to the critical condition of some injured people. The group is continuing to make a statement about its growth in Islamic countries. They use jihadism tactics to execute attacks to cause pain amongst people. The group lost its territory in Iraq in late 2017. However, it has been resurfacing from their hideouts in remote desert and mountain Iraq areas.

A report by the United Nations Security Council claimed that the leaders of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant-Khorasan are trying to make fresh recruitment by attracting Taliban fighters who have rejected the US and Afghan-Taliban peace deal.

The blacklisted militant group Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) still has around 6,000 trained fighters on the Afghan side of the border.

The 28th report by the United Nations Analytical Sanctions and Support Team also confirmed the presence of hundreds of anti-Beijing fighters near Afghanistan’s border with China.

From news messages from the Middle East and Africa, we hear disturbing news of several Islamic terrorist groups attacking villages or kidnapping schoolkids. Also between the many different Islamic groups there are mutual fights.

The report has presented to the UN Security Council this week under a UN mandate. It requires monitoring teams to periodically produce detailed reports on hostilities in different regions.

“Its leaders also hope to attract intransigent Taliban and other militants who reject the Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan between the United States of America and the Taliban and to recruit fighters from the Syrian Arab Republic, Iraq and other conflict zones,”

read the report.

As per one member state, there are 500-1,500 fighters while another unit said it could rise to as many as 10,000 over the medium term.

Holy War not finished yet

In the West we may not forget that ISIL-K continued to be ‘underground and clandestine’ and spread everywhere there are several small groups active and recruiting new members. Al Qaeda continues to maintain its presence in at least 15 Afghan provinces, primarily in the eastern, southern and south-eastern regions. For them, the Holy War is not finished yet and some voices claim that a turnaround will be coming soon.

200214-D-AP390-6147 (49673192251) (cropped).jpg

Afghan politician, academic, and economist, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, who was serving as President of Afghanistan for his second term.

The ultraconservative political and religious faction that emerged in Afghanistan in the mid-1990s following the withdrawal of Soviet troops, the collapse of Afghanistan’s communist regime, and the subsequent breakdown in civil order, the Taliban say that they do not want a monopoly on Afghanistan’s power, but at the same time, they have stressed that until a new government is formed in Kabul and President Ashraf Ghani is removed from office, peace is established in the country. In an interview with the Associated Press news agency, the current Taliban spokesman in Qatar office Suhail Shaheen clarified the Taliban’s stand regarding the future of Afghanistan.

Muslim holidays target days

Those Islamic terrorists seem to love bloodshed on or near Islamic holy days. The suicide attack in the Iraqi capital for example, happened in Wahailat Market, where people were preparing to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. Perhaps they took this “Festival of Sacrifice” as a good opportunity to make a lot of sacrifices. Eid al-Adha marks the culmination of the hajj (pilgrimage) rites at Minā, Saudi Arabia, near Mecca, where this year were only allowed people from Saudi Arabia, because of Covid. Even when people can not go to that important pilgrimage they love to celebrate it throughout the world. However, instead of celebrating, ISIS planned for them to cry and caused pain amongst families.

Children and women were among the dead and wounded, according to health and security officials. The attacker detonated his explosive vest in the Wahailat outdoor market in Sadr City, a predominantly Muslim Shia neighbourhood in the east of Baghdad.

Police officials said a number of shops and stores were also damaged in the blast.

Iraqis light candles at the site of the explosion in a popular market in the mostly Shiite neighbourhood of Sadr City, east of Baghdad, on July 19, 2021.

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