What is Fascism and who are today’s Fascists?

For some years now, we have been observing a very bad trend of growing nationalism and farright ideas in Europe.
It has even come to the point in the European Union that certain countries do not hesitate to disregard the laws of the European Union and to take a strong stance against foreigners and people who are different, so that some people hardly dare to show their true selves any more.

Anti-Semitism, homophobia and xenophobia have already become commonplace in several countries, but every sensible person who believes in God must oppose them. Even if we see many things from the 1930s coming back, we must make sure that that horrible period will not be repeated.


  1. Preceding
  2. Coming closer to the end of 2015 and the end for Donald Trump as presidential candidate
  3. Foreign workers and immigrants
  4. First sayings around the Brexit
  5. Pushing people in a corner danger for indoctrination and loss of democratic values
  6. Auschwitz survivors providing a warning of rising anti-Semitism and exclusion of free thinking
  7. An A-Z for a world which has to change.
  8. Human relations 2013
  9. Also you can use your voice to give a clear signal about Hungary and human rights
  10. Reactions against Hungary and UEFA
  11. A busy 2017 #3 Fake, gossip and real news
  12. America’s hidden agenda and detention of children
  13. To protect our democratic system #1 Danger of fake and malicious social media accounts
  14. Defeating populism in the EU by education of the young people
  15. 2019 was #3 a Year of much deceit in the News World
  16. Manipulated content on social media
  17. Here is the truth or the lie
  18. Hollowness of democracy
  19. Undermining security and democracy via the Internet
  20. Hitler and Christianity: Some Trends in Interpretation
  21. The German Christian Rally at Berlin’s Sportspalast, 28 February 1934: Reich Bishop Ludwig Müller, Dr. Christian Kinder Respond to the Kirchenkampf
  22. Hitler and Appeasement: Ideology or Opportunism?


Additional reading

  1. Symbolic move to scare people away
  2. Being European in a Post Brexit Britain
  3. Americans their stars, pretension, God, Allah and end of times signs #2 War on God’s Plan, Name and title
  4. Americans their stars, pretension, God, Allah and end of times signs #3 Cyberwars and prophesy
  5. Donald Trump after declining numbers of people victimised for their religion managed to increase the numbers again
  6. Shall the American again being put to the test
  7. U.S.A. Investment in a demagogue
  8. Fight against nationalism main struggle for feminists today
  9. My Multi-Cultural Childhood Could be the Answer to Racism & Xenophobia
  10. Xenophobia, sexism, and violence mixed together to distract people from the real problems
  11. The danger of having less than 25 000 Jews in Belgium
  12. Francis Fukuyama and ‘The End of History?’
  13. Helping against or causing more homophobia
  14. Safeguarding freedom of expression
  15. Expecting the E.U. to stand in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan
  16. Do Governments and Nations Lie?
  17. Facts: Why they matter and how to check them



  1. LR Podcast, S2 E21: Democracy vs. Freedom
  2. Fascism
  3. On Fascists & Aliens: Speculation, Theory and Evidence
  4. Nazis And Socialism
  5. Fascism is a mind-killer — and Trump’s version is destroying Americans’ grasp of reality
  6. It Can Happen Here…
  7. Fascist populism and the threat to democracy
  8. Holocaust survivor Bruno Zwass: “The beginning was humiliation and shrinking of their world, pushing them into ever more compact living sections… and then were liquidated….”
  9. Joseph Stalin on Social Democracy
  10. the state, the virus, the far right: how can anti-authoritarians intervene?
  11. GOP Growing Frustrated they Have To Keep Playing Politics with a Radical Left, And Are Unabled to Bring To Table Their Final, Absolute Law, ‘Trump Is Fuhrer’
  12. Fascism defined
  13. Quit making fun of the Cyber Ninjas’ Arizona “audit” — the fascists are still winning
  14. Social Media Censorship Violates First Amendment
  15. Joseph Stalin on Hitlerite imperialism
  16. America is amusing itself to death — and the media still can’t face the truth
  17. I wouldn’t start from here…
  18. 85 Years of Working Class People fighting Fascism!! – Joe Solo (Now we vote them in power!!)
  19. The Roman Catholic Church’s Divided Response to Francisco Franco
  20. Review – Allen, “The Nazi Seizure of Power”
  21. Norm Ornstein on the crisis of democracy: “This is the same roadmap we saw in Germany”
  22. Fascists attack Greek communists
  23. Peter Stefanovic Tells it as it is.
  24. Will Republicans really try to impeach Biden? Sure — he’s wounded, and they smell blood
  25. The Covidien Epoch
  26. Fascist smears: what they tell us
  27. Pastor Jeff Durbin: A Christian response to mandatory cookies
  28. Pressure mounts in Italy to dissolve neo-fascist group after no-vax riots
  29. Biden is using the optics of public health to push a fascist immigration policy

Ryan Buesnel

Presentation: Café of Dangerous Ideas, February 27th, 2021

Ryan Buesnel


In his 2018 book How Fascism Works, Jason Stanley offers an assessment of the state of American politics under the leadership of Donald Trump and suggests that there are troubling signs that fascism is on the rise in the United States.[1]He bases this on what he determines as the ‘10 pillars’ of fascist ideology which he saw as being revived under the Trump administration. Included in this list are appeals to a mythic past, propaganda, anti-intellectualism, unreality, hierarchy, victimhood, law and order, sexual anxiety, appeals to the heartland, and a dismantling of public welfare and unity. The presence of these elements, or some combination thereof, suggest that a movement has distinct fascist leanings, and the then President Trump is held as representing the strongest example in recent history of a return to classic fascist politics. Stanley concludes…

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A joint effort of several authors who do find that nobody can keep standing at the side and that “Everyone" must care about what is going on in today’s world. We are a bunch of people who do not mind that somebody has a totally different idea but is willing to share the ideas with others and to be Active and willing to let others understand how "today’s decisions will influence the future”. Therefore we would love to see many others to "Act today".
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