Leeds leads European discussion on how cities can support migrant children

International Relations Leeds

Leeds joined with the city of Amsterdam and other cities from across Europe to discuss the important role local governments have to play in supporting the integration and inclusion of migrant children at a local level.

Speaking at a Eurocities event looking at the rights of migrant children, Cllr Fiona Venner, Executive Member for Adult and Children’s Social Care and Health Partnerships at Leeds City Council, introduced some of the projects in place in Leeds to support migrant children and the importance of working in partnership with other stakeholders across the city, such as schools, universities and the third sector. Cllr Venner also highlighted the important role of the Leeds Migration Partnership in supporting migrant children in Leeds which brings together a range of organisations from across the city to talk about issues faced by refugees, asylum seekers, and other migrant groups.

Both Cllr Venner and the Deputy Mayor of…

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