2021 in review #1 the most startling point

A Chinese or American disease

Though Corona had taken the world under its spell, the most important event for the year 2021 was not going to be this deadly disease, but a disease that should worry us even more, showing that democracy is only a very fragile matter easily broken.

The other pandemic that hit the world was started by a man who thought the very best of himself. He had no intention of giving up his position as the 45th president of America and was prepared to turn the people against the state, in which he miraculously succeeded.
Over the years, the man in question had succeeded in rallying the entire right-wing field of America, including a large proportion of conservative and evangelical American Christians, behind him.

That dangerous man even managed to get several newspaper writers and television channels behind him. His influence on certain Christians made it possible that the right-wing fundamentalist Christians came to dictate the U.S.A..

Fake news

The turning point getting a country into a stress-test could be 2019 where we got to the ultimate presentation of fake news and false messages which were even sent out into the world by the then residing president of the most powerful nation of the world which was weakened a lot by that same president.

Since 2018 we could see that the movement started at the end of the first decade of this century, started to have its first fruits, undermining democracy by the populist ideas that the world should belong again to the Caucasian race and to those who create the money for the country. In several countries, certain right-wing parties and politicians managed people to believe the foreigners, refugees and Jews were the problem of all matters and should be done away with. They also wanted to believe the police was the only right instrument to get rid of the bad guys and should be given all the power. Those popular politicians and in particular Donald Trump wanted people to believe the world was corrupted by the messages of the press which was trying to undermine the right political system to Make America Great Again (MAGA).

The MAGAs and the Man managed to have all around them to believe that the corrupted press was undermining the U.S.A..

Journalistic integrity

In the past, certain American journalists were considered to expose the wrongdoing in the American police force, even so that their work could be considered useful.

“The journalism of Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi and their exposure of the crimes of police, the military, and Wall Street have been of great benefit. But lately they’ve both spouted conservative hyperbole about the left.”

Duane Townsend of the Independent writes

Indeed, these two increasingly seem to identify the main danger as “deep state” Democratic Party “authoritarianism,” rather than the increasingly fascistic power grab by Trump and the Republican Party.

In the past two years, we could see that Greenwald and Taibibi are not alone and that they got followers in their camp. Others are lending their voices to an alarming chorus that fakes left but upon close examination objectively swings right.

Consider Taibb his take on one of Trump’s favourite “news” outlets:

“Fox [News] is one channel that no longer represents real institutional political influence in this country anymore,”

he said and continued:

“The financial/educational/political elite with all the power is on the other side, and I think they’re the people to be worrying about.”

Aiming for popularity

Probably what helped to get them to swing over is the gain of popularity they were feeling by rolling over to the other site and by having opportunities to get on those popular news shows.

Listen to what Greenwald has to say on Fox:

I would be on [Fox News] every day if I didn’t say no sometimes. Why is that happening? It’s bizarre. You look at any article on my work and it’s “far leftist Glenn Greenwald” and now I’m the most frequent guest on Tucker Carlson’s show. How did that happen? I think the reason is so many people on the left and on the right . . . have so much more in common in terms of their political views and their common enemies than either want to recognize. . . . Those old labels [left and right] don’t really tell us much anymore.

And that is one of the dangers in our society, many people not daring to have a strong opinion and keeping to their own views, willing to go strongly for them. Some even dared to create an averse vision of certain political ideas, telling the others are the fascists.
For Greenwald, the Democratic Party is “the epitome of fascism.” The struggle against Trump then, in his view, is a distraction. For him it seems to be clear that people should not worry about Trump et al., supposedly now marginalised by the “global elites” on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley. This despite the fact that 70% of Republicans believe the election was stolen.

Russia and America

Caleb Maupin, who writes in a popular style, for the Russian news agency RT and the grouping around the Center for Political Innovation. Maupin who speaks glowingly of the history of the Communist Party USA in the 1930s and ’40s, has spoken out in solidarity with Venezuela and Cuba, and defended the Russian Revolution against detractors. In his video appearance of 2018 at the Anti-Globalization Conference with Aleksandr Dugin, a Russian “intellectual” (whom many have called a neo-fascist), Maupin claims to have once been a Marxist but now claims a newfound “populism.”

What we also can see is that several writers who are for Putin and the present Russian state, are in favour for seeing that alliance Trump holding power, like their Russian counterpart master dictator.

During the 2000s and early 2010s, Maupin was a figure in the Workers World Party and a regular fixture at anti-imperialist conferences and events. In his current writings and reporting for RT, he still talks a lot of the same language he picked up in those days. Given this history, the notions of uniting the far right and the left that Maupin espouses might well be given a hearing among those new to left politics, particularly those not yet taking consistent working-class positions.

A too leftist candidate

For lots of American citizens, Bernie Sanders seemed to be a leftist danger. His social reforms they considered “communist”.
A fringe of the Bernie Sanders movement, after his defeat in the Democratic primary, refused to call for a vote against Trump in the general election. Indeed, some even voted for Trump. Even now, they dismiss the danger of the continuing Trumpist Republican power grab and echo GOP talking points in identifying the Democratic Party and a “deep state” as the main danger we face today.

We may not overlook the reaction among sections of the progressive movement to the big business media and Democratic Party–led “Russiagate” campaign, which scapegoats Russia for Trump’s election. This led some elements, in the name of fighting U.S. imperialism, to believe that Russia was not in any way consorting with Trump — fertile ground for those promoting notions of an anti-imperialist left/right convergence.

Strangely enough, several Americans at the same time are afraid for those “leftist democrats” but at the same time also for the “liberals” and “liberal democrats”. In their view, liberal policy softens the blows of big capital and helps promote illusions among the working class. But GOP rule takes off the velvet glove, increasing exploitation and thus driving the mass movement towards anti-capitalist conclusions.

Wokes and Deep state enemy

Maupin and Dugin identify the main enemy as a “deep state” “liberalism” rooted in the Democratic Party, behind whom stand big business and the “woke left.” In his book We Are City Builders, Maupin writes:

“The United States is, overall, dealing with a crisis of liberalism.”

Since the Black Lives Matter protests and the election of Biden, both increasingly concentrate their fire on the supposed “cancel culture” of the left, including everything from Democratic leadership to BLM, while saying nothing about the cancel culture of the right.

By railing against left “wokeness,” they throw the baby out with the bathwater. The bathwater is the excess of some on the left — the eagerness and self-righteousness of “cancel culture” — but the baby is the struggle against racism, sexism, and gender equality, in other words, the broader fight for democracy. These struggles diminish, if not disappear, from their talking points.

With the mob called upon by Trump to storm the Capitol, we could see how American democracy is now hanging by a very thin thread.
Throughout his years as President of America, that man has succeeded in gaining many supporters and blinding a large number of Americans with fear by constantly sending out false news and telling others that the opposing parties are the ones spreading false news.

The fact that a large proportion of Americans felt prepared to go along with the reporting by Trump and his associates, this has disrupted the whole of American society.

This made Trump’s attitude and the storming of the Capitol the most important feat for 2021 sat should give us further cause for concern, as this man and his supporters have no intention of giving up.



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