11 Responses to Eyes on pages and messages on social media

  1. Hello, because I’m new to the workings of WordPress and a bit confused. I saw you link or something to my latest blog.
    Did I write anything wrong?
    Thank you for your time.


    • Marcus Ampe says:

      Dear Rochelle, getting linked in this case did not mean you wrote something wrong or that I would have commented on your text. In that last instance, the link would have been placed in the article itself with my commentary.

      At several of my websites you shall be able to find links to other articles and to websites by other writers. I do find it important that people get also other ideas to read or find other ideas than just mine. On the net, there is so much to read, that we as bloggers can help each other by selecting worthwhile articles or blogs that are interesting to be known, so that our readers can get acquainted with such interesting blogs.

      So, please do not worry, you did not write something wrong.

      God bless.


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