What a 21st century civil war would look like

This article from 2020 by retired newspaper reporter Philip Ebersole, gives a clear indication of the squeeze the Americans have put on themselves.

The only major event he can think of in 1971 is the Nixon administration’s decision to go off the gold standard. From then, the U.S. dollar was redeemable not for gold or some other precious metal, but for U.S. Treasury bonds – in other words, IOUs.

Economist Michael Hudson has written books about how this decision allowed financiers and bankers to flourish and the U.S. military to finance its wars while the U.S. manufacturing economy faded away and living standards declined.

The decline of living standards has everywhere been the fertile ground for discontent and the emergence of extreme groups eager to rebel against the establishment.

The United States exercises financial and military power over the whole world, and as such may escape the consequences of government budget deficits and balance of trade deficits.

But over the years, the reduced purchasing power of the American citizen has weighed heavily and they have started to look for scapegoats, with the immigrant as the first and main culprit. Certain politicians were happy to take advantage of this and the hatred of ‘foreigners’ and refugees could only grow.

Days after the November 2020 election, with Biden clearly having won millions more votes than Trump but still not declared the winner, people in Europe could clearly see how wrong it had gone with Great America, and how it had become more of a failed state like Paul Krugman wrote,

“If we were looking at a foreign country with America’s level of political dysfunction, we would probably consider it on the edge of becoming a failed state — that is, a state whose government is no longer able to exert effective control.”

The losing side not willing to accept it as legitimate showed how weak that side was, but also how weak and divided the nation had become.

There were already signs lots of things could not go on like they did already for years, and as such Black Lives Matter originated as a non-violent protest movement to become a strong voice heard upto the Old World, where they are aware how easily non-violent protests could ignite a storm of other protests, but also of unseen interior battles (cfr. N. Ireland)

Flag of Confederate States of AmericaThird flag of the Confederate States of AmericaIn the States we can see the MAGA side, which loves the Confederate states and still lives in that world of segregation. We witnessed already the Confederate flags or Trump flags as they did the last three years in parades of pickup trucks and boats.
The mob which assaulted the Capitol in January 6, 2021 gave us already a taste of what America can expect. In a way that revolt or mutiny by Trump and his followers was already the start of a ‘civil war’.

Though nobody seems to be ready for the level of destruction that can be wrought by a civil war, the Americans should be very careful how to handle the different parties that came into life.

Trump lovers will not be afraid to join the right-wing militias and to pick up the weapons to give their cause more power. The weapon association they have already on their side, and most of them are already gun-lovers with a large armoury at home.

For them, it will only be a small step to armed resistance, against those who are against guns and against the restrictive laws of the Republicans.

For a short time now, the door has been ajar for those violent gangs who would not like to see Donald Trump not become their leader of their nation again.




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Phil Ebersole's Blog

Patriot Prayer rally. Source: US Defense Watch.

I think there is a real possibility of civil war in the United States—not all-out war as in 1861-1865, but an intermittent, continuing conflict like The Troubles in Northern Ireland in 1968-1998.

Whatever the outcome of the Presidential election, the losing side will not accept it as legitimate.  Democrats will point to illegal purging of voting rolls and other tampering with the election process.  Republicans will point to slanting and censorship of the news by big media and high-tech companies to favor Biden.

Many Democrats think President Trump is a puppet installed by Vladimir Putin to undermine the U.S.  Many Republicans believe the Q-anon story of a secret struggle against a conspiracy of pedophiles.

I’m not going to argue the relative merits of these beliefs.  The point is that they are widely held.  Democratic leaders didn’t accept the legitimacy of Trump’s 2016…

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2 Responses to What a 21st century civil war would look like

  1. Rob Alberts says:

    Instead of participating in democracy, to many people shout and fight against democracy.

    It makes me worried …

    Kind regards,


    • Marcus Ampe says:

      That is the serious reason why some people should dare to come forward and go against the current. Even if there is a lot of headwind, it is about waking up our society. It has dozed off behind the television and been dragged into the swamp in the dream of greed fuelled by capitalism.

      Now it is a question of getting enough voices to put the ladders over that swamp and pull people out of it. It can be done now, but if we are not careful, many will be pulled in too deep and see their heads submerged in the mud.

      Liked by 1 person

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