Should we organize a Belgian revolution?

The advantage of the Belgian electoral system is that it fairly first converts the number of seats to the number of votes, with the prime minister usually being chosen from the most winning party.

It is precisely the wide variety of parties that makes it more likely that people with different opinions can still choose their most favourite party somewhere without having to come across too many unwanted thoughts. It is almost impossible to charm or please the voter at all points.

The more varied political parties can be discussed and find a way to work together, the more the democratic system can work because everyone has to work towards a consensus.

What needs to be done even more to make it run completely democratically is that every citizen of the country who is undisturbed should be able to vote, be it for a Fleming, Walloon or German-speaking politician, and not be tied to local politicians.

For the European Union, too, every resident of that union should be entitled to vote for any candidate from that entire union, from any country.

As you propose a possible solution could be to organise an ‘internet pre-election’ and working from those winners to a second round, to eventually come to an election round to elect the president or prime minister.

Frederick Ronse

lately, I’m having the impression that we are living in a vicious circle.

We don’t have any political party that is big or strong enough to take the lead in Belgium. It looks like we will need new elections because we are not getting any further.

The problem with those new elections is that we know they will result in an even bigger fragmentation among the political parties = the situation will be worse than before.

Our politicians seem to like this situation and promote it; in this way nothing changes and they continue to get paid.

The only way out is a constitutional reform, but that is only possible after new elections where a clear winner comes out who is strong enough to take the lead on his own…get the picture ?

In a way we desperately need a revolution like in ‘the good old days’; throw all bullshit…

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