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A few days ago, on my iPad I got a notice that my old WordPress app had to be updated to a JetPack app.

WordPress is constantly working on new ways to improve its system. It can well be that with the present generation, there are lots of people working from their iPad or tablet. Probably they would prefer the Jetpack app with a block editor instead of the old classic editor, which I prefer to work with.

Though for on-the-go, the Jet Pack app seems to offer some interesting things. Yesterday, having come home after the English and the French church service I presided in Mons, I was so sick I went to lay down on the coach. Opening my iPad I saw that there were notices in WordPress, so went looking for who had offered me some likes, or given some reactions. This is a nice gadget, that I receive a notification of, which was not there in the WordPress app.

Trying to relax, I also saw that there was presented a “Daily Prompt”. So I could not resist having a go, though having to type it on the screen (not having a keyboard for my iPad + lying on my back or side). My first response was on Some View on the World, because I was looking at responses on that website. What I’ll do when receiving fantastic news rolled out of my hands. Too late, I noticed it was on the wrong website I was publishing. Still without a keyboard, keeping to my iPad, I wrote another “Daily Prompt” on this site. Questioning myself if it could be possible I would get “some magnificent great news” and what I would do on such an occasion: My first things I would do when receiving amazingly fantastic news

According JetPack “Daily blogging” prompts to help spark different content ideas. It reminded me of the tasks we got in class to write an essay, a long-forgotten writing task in parenting and education. I wonder how many of the younger generation would be interested to create regularly an analytic, interpretative, or critical literary composition usually much shorter and less systematic and formal than a dissertation or thesis and would like to tackle or deal with the given subject from a limited and often personal point of view. Checking on my computer, today, I notice there is no such prompt presented in the WordPress administration site. Perhaps in the future we also may see that appear next to the recent published posts and WordPress News.

The Daily Prompt by JetPack is an example of one recent feature they’re excited to continue iterating on. Looking at the tag in WordPress i came to see several bloggers just place the daily prompt on their site but do not add any idea. Though, there just lies the interesting bit in it, when several people just would do some philosophy and have their thought expressed on the given matter and get others to think about the matter too, perhaps even reacting on the written article.

It probably won’t be easy to elaborate on a particular point every day. Providing a blog article every day already requires a lot of time. And most bloggers will hopefully have something else to do to take care of their family’s income. As a retiree, I do have the luxury of more time to write. But my time is also very limited. I am just short of time all the time.

In addition, JetPack tells us we now can use the app to log into WordPress.com on our computer simply by scanning a QR code. (That is seemingly something too far away from my possibilities 😉  :-#.

To Blog or Not to Blog? seems for many a good question. One can also wonder what would really interest the blog reader. Having evolved from the MSN Groups we have seen a nice evolution with several bloggers really making a great effort to present very interesting articles, or others publishing such beautiful photographs that we too can enjoy the wonders their captured with their camera.

That’s the beauty of the internet that these days it offers a huge pallet of all kinds of forms of blogs so that everyone can find something to their liking.

What’s more, the app brings the tools you need to manage and grow your site right to your fingertips


What’s the difference between the WordPress and the Jetpack apps?

Your favourite Jetpack-powered features from the WordPress app – including Stats, Notifications, and the Reader – have a new home: the Jetpack app!

These features will soon be removed from the WordPress app so that its focus will be on essential user and publishing tools. With the Jetpack app, you can expect the same attention to core features like managing and editing content, as well as next-level tools to grow your audience on a trusted platform.

How do I migrate my data and settings from the WordPress app to the Jetpack app?

If you have the latest version of the WordPress app installed, your data and settings will be automatically transferred to the Jetpack app. Data that will be transferred includes locally stored content, saved posts, and other in-app preferences.

Simply download the Jetpack app and you’ll be “auto-magically” logged in with all your content in place.

Is there an additional cost?

The Jetpack app is free to download and you can continue to use the same features that you enjoy with the WordPress app, at no additional cost.

Why are there two apps, and which should I use?

WordPress comes in more than one flavour and serves a diverse range of site administration needs. After listening to a lot of feedback around varying expectations, we settled on creating two options for you to WordPress on the go:

  1. The WordPress app will focus on WordPress’ core functionality. If you’re looking for the essential tools you need to publish on the go, with support for offline editing and the ability to upload media straight from your phone’s camera roll, then this may be the app for you.
  1. The Jetpack app is the premium mobile publishing experience for WordPress super-connected world. With it, you’ll get all the essential tools that come with the WordPress app, plus a suite of features for growing your site.
    Track the performance of your content with Stats, get notified about comments and reactions with Notifications, and discover content and join communities with the Reader.
    Whether you’re new to publishing on the Internet or a seasoned veteran, have a WordPress site already or want to start a new one — download the Jetpack app today for a great set of tools to start or grow!

Either app is available for you to use. Once you’ve decided which app is best for you, please delete the other. Managing your site across both apps is currently unsupported and may lead to issues like data conflicts.



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The prompt for today 2023 February 13 is to “write about your dream home”  which resulted in writings such as> Prompt + I Live in It + Your Dream!? + Go Green Home: + #154 EN | About my Dream Home – Daily prompts by WordPressAll About My Dream HomeMy dream home is a condoWould be a place in the suburban area on top of the heel + everthing exist in my home

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  1. Rob Alberts says:

    I am ignoring everything about wordpress or jetpack.

    I do everything on a laptop and by the wordpress website.

    Kind regards,


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