There is so much to do every day

What do you wish you could do more every day?

The present days seem to have exchanged their hours for minutes or seconds. At times, it is impossible to stop those hands of the clock or call the days to silence. Even if I leave the days of the tear-off calendar untouched, they are gone before I realise it.

It’s not exactly that I want to go back to my childhood where those days sometimes seemed like an eternity. Nor do I need to now. My perception of the time frame has obviously changed a lot.
Now home tasks are a lot different from in childhood, but now I escape less from a lot of tasks that are supposed to be done anyway. Even though I am blessed with a wonderful wife, she cannot give me extra time to do all the things I hope to do in a day.

No extra time is provided in my football match. I have to get it all done in the time that that clock keeps ticking on relentlessly.

When I look at my “shopping list” of all those things I still need to have in order to succeed in completing the tasks that still rest with me, my list does seem exogenously long and impracticable in the span of time that seems to be left to me.

I am simply short of hands to provide all my websites with the necessary articles and further do the preparatory work for my church community, where I provide texts and services in English and Dutch but also in French, the latter requiring some extra work. Not so much time and space has been left for the German-language texts and Spanish texts.

In any case, I won’t complain that I wouldn’t know what to do. I can more than fill my time with the many things I would love to get done.

Ideally, I would like to be able to accomplish a bit more for my ecclesia and further still publish some spiritual articles.


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